Tuesday, 11 March 2014


I totally discovered the egg emoji which is by far the most life changing thing that has happened to me since i last wrote on here. which is obviously the reason I haven't been writing on here.

This weekend was a glowing pile of films, which was entertaining and surprisingly educational. so much so, I don't think school (more like stools if you know what i mean) is even necessary anymore.
here is an example of the myriad of useful knowledge I gained in just one weekend!

De Vrais Mensonges- Reading subtitles makes you feel intelligent. Also, french hairdressers are significantly more entertaining that others.

the Big Lebowski- I need to say fuck more. In addition, bowling is the most gangster sport that exists. Period.

the September Issue- I can now aspire, with the investment of a suitably expensive pair of sunglasses of course, to be editor of Vogue.

Taking Woodstock- How unfortunate it is that I missed out on Woodstock. My mum probably wouldn't let me go anyway.

When Bjork met David Attenborough- How crystals are like songs. Also: BJORK IS A BEEPING ICELANDIC ALIEN PRINCESS. Seriously, where did she even come from?

 (apart from the discovery of the egg emoji, which in my opinion, will now be used as a measure of time: eg: "this event occurred 5 minutes BE (before egg)" )

 Went traveling on Google Maps:
(My new aspiration, besides the ten million other things, is to be the person who goes to the parts of the world where street view isn't currently possible. I mean, who cares about physics homework? I WANT TO WALK AROUND IN BLOODY MADAGASCAR)


Found a ghost at Ponte Vecchio:

 Spontaneously purchased some fake POMs earrings, they lady in the shop called me "my love" and the lady at the frozen yoghurt place told me I "worked those earrings."

The dress belongs to New York City Girl Scouts, yeah, I was rather excited too.

 "Are you trying to be Japanese?" -Mum

 Purchased TOMMY HILFIGER OVERALLS. All I need now is a greasy rat tail!!

Went to see Sticky Fingers at the St Kilda Festival. Some guy took my hat, but never fear I retrieved it after the girl got off his shoulders.