Thursday, 28 August 2014

the egg is me

so yo,
I have decided to start (fart) this blog again, which probably means writing this and then camouflage with a rock for 5 months until the urge arises once again. As you can see, if you even care, I have not changed since I last wrote on here. 

Things that have changed/the transformation of Carla (march edition) to Carla (august edition)
-I got contacts.
-I don't eat yogurt as much 

honestly, I think this photo sums up my growth as a human being in the past few months:

Apart from that here are some photos that make my life look less like how it is and more like Dawson's Creek. (actually not really)

(taken by my friend)

 (yes they are loom bands pls help)

(my knees look so scary here)

So yeah I'll keep you posted on my yogurt eating habits.
gracias, carla.