Tuesday, 11 March 2014


I totally discovered the egg emoji which is by far the most life changing thing that has happened to me since i last wrote on here. which is obviously the reason I haven't been writing on here.

This weekend was a glowing pile of films, which was entertaining and surprisingly educational. so much so, I don't think school (more like stools if you know what i mean) is even necessary anymore.
here is an example of the myriad of useful knowledge I gained in just one weekend!

De Vrais Mensonges- Reading subtitles makes you feel intelligent. Also, french hairdressers are significantly more entertaining that others.

the Big Lebowski- I need to say fuck more. In addition, bowling is the most gangster sport that exists. Period.

the September Issue- I can now aspire, with the investment of a suitably expensive pair of sunglasses of course, to be editor of Vogue.

Taking Woodstock- How unfortunate it is that I missed out on Woodstock. My mum probably wouldn't let me go anyway.

When Bjork met David Attenborough- How crystals are like songs. Also: BJORK IS A BEEPING ICELANDIC ALIEN PRINCESS. Seriously, where did she even come from?

 (apart from the discovery of the egg emoji, which in my opinion, will now be used as a measure of time: eg: "this event occurred 5 minutes BE (before egg)" )

 Went traveling on Google Maps:
(My new aspiration, besides the ten million other things, is to be the person who goes to the parts of the world where street view isn't currently possible. I mean, who cares about physics homework? I WANT TO WALK AROUND IN BLOODY MADAGASCAR)


Found a ghost at Ponte Vecchio:

 Spontaneously purchased some fake POMs earrings, they lady in the shop called me "my love" and the lady at the frozen yoghurt place told me I "worked those earrings."

The dress belongs to New York City Girl Scouts, yeah, I was rather excited too.

 "Are you trying to be Japanese?" -Mum

 Purchased TOMMY HILFIGER OVERALLS. All I need now is a greasy rat tail!!

Went to see Sticky Fingers at the St Kilda Festival. Some guy took my hat, but never fear I retrieved it after the girl got off his shoulders.



  1. You look like you walked off the set of moonrise kingdom in the first outfit! Im obsessed with those overalls im dying to find a pair of my own! Cool post :)


  2. I love your green dress!


  3. Woah! I never aspired to be a Girl Scout, but that dress....I have, however, aspired to own a cute Girl Scout uniform!


  4. Haha, I used to do the Streetview Traveling myself as well :D Now it's more like "I'm home-sick, I'll go "take a walk" on my home street now".
    The overalls tho, girl, so cool!