Thursday, 16 January 2014

%two thousand and fourteen%

1.i can breath for the first time.
2.and some other stuff that i will detail in this post.

(i totally organized all my best photos from this summer into sections based on i dunno the asethetic or colours or memory or something.)
(yep i'm so sophisticated now)

 tennis court-lorde
california-mazzy star

new shoes-topshop


2. art/kanye west/frida kahlo biography/clean//////////////////////

white teeth teens-lorde
 blood on the leaves-kanye west
army of me-bjork
omanko-sky ferreira

a good part of my wall. that's a east china air sick bag, unused, yeah i kind of went to china.

ngv melbourne now exhibition

my best friend's glorious room


3. wood/country/brown/on the road by jack kerouac/////////////////

sim sala bim-fleet foxes
pototype-tame impala
where can i go-laura marling
loretta's flowers-swearin'


lay you down-matt corby
snaggletooth-vance joy
eddy's song-sticky fingers

5. micellaneous/adventure/////

buzzcut season-lorde
do i wanna know-arctic monkeys
forest gump- frank ocean

6. lame edits
a nativity scene skirt i half made (my auntie actually made it) for christmas.


wat i've accomplished:
(in no particular order)
found out there's only one r in erection.
watched sherlock season 3 (ohmygoddddddddddd)
watched the carrie diaries (it's shitty but addictive)
read franny and zooey
read on the road
reading a frida kahlo biography
did some butt exercises
made some friends
(not really)
watched some good movies like american beauty.
watched the godfather and therefore have decided i my future needs to involve campaigning for gender equality in the world of organized crime.
painted with watercolours
marvelled at the genius of kanye west and how bound 2 is actually a religious experience (i'm not even being sarcastic)
writing A LOT in my super groovy keith haring journal
high self esteem
low self esteem
found a dead moth
high self esteem
went to the art gallery
went to china
peed in the ocean
peed in people's pools
trespassed in my mum's old high school
felt no christmas spirit
talked for 71 minutes on the phone to my grounded best friend
took heaps of paint samples from bunnings
spent way too much time on tumblr
wrote this incredibly pointless list which demonstrates how much of my time i waste and how when school starts again in a week i would have accomplished nothing.
i hate school
ate eating yoghurt


=      =