Saturday, 31 August 2013

if i had a million dollars i would go around having experiences.

one thing I like about reading less sophisticated, fancy pants blogs is that I like getting a little slice of what someone's life is like. You know when you're on the train and you see someone with interesting socks or reading a weird book or wearing large grandmaish glasses and you want to follow them around and see what shops they go into. You want to go see what their room looks like and the playlists on their ipod, you want to hear them sing or see them draw, because you are convinced that in a sea of "normal" people going to their office this person must have an interesting life. You know, a life you could write a novel about.

Sometimes when I am on the train and I am wearing interesting socks I wonder if anyone wants to know about my life. I wonder if they think I do extraordinary things and ride my bmx to school and decorate my hair with flowers. Because my life is not that interesting, like, its cool because it's my life, but it wouldn't make a good novel or comic book. This isn't a feel sorry for me, "of course your life is interesting" sort of thing, what I am trying to say is that what if every person who we see on the train and think about in order to have something to imagine and aspire to or to get away from our normal suburb isn't interesting at all??

Another thing I do on the train is imagine I am somewhere else. I love the train because I listen to music and I pretend to be someone else and somewhere else. Not that I don't like me, or the place I live in. I just like imagining I'm in New York and I am taking the subway to go sit in a park and draw pictures. And that gives me something to look forward to, because on a Monday morning when I'm like: EW SCHOOL, I just think about the future and how I'm going to live in New York and take the subway and draw pictures and it will be magical. But what happens if it is only magic because it's unknown.

What happens if I save my money and go to the airport and pretend I'm in a movie and go live in New York and listen to sparkly music and start to imagine living in Paris and how magical that would be?

What if really, I never need to go anywhere because imagining it is enough? Maybe that's where real happiness and excitement is found, inside yourself. And big cities or forests or mountains don't matter because you can imagine it in your head anywhere.

I get dressed every weekend thinking about how to look interesting which makes me happy. I do not get dressed every weekend in whatever clothes I want and look interesting anyway because I am naturally interesting. Is that pretending? It's being myself, but then again its not.



Today is the first day of spring. I am listening to this bbc recording of Joni Mitchell and James Taylor and its really cool because they talk in between about their songs. I have exams tomorrow, I feel weird cause I don't even feel worried. Like, I am actually worried from how calm I am. Not that they matter, I'm in year nine. 

I took some photos with my brother today. We had this weird spurt of creativity together that was completely spontaneous and awesome. here is what happened:

Some photos I took myself. The backpack I put together today, my family doesn't get the magic of transparent plastic, but I think it is excellent.


 stuff in room:
the colours on this wall have been inspiring me so much lately. that sounds sort of weird, but all those national geographic sort of colours ohmygawd. Is it legal to marry colours because seriously??!!

SO this wall I stuck stuff on is not just making me fall in love with these colours, but its like there is this whole secret world behind the colours. What I mean is I see all the orangy colours and browns and I think of Gold Dust Woman by Fleetwood Mac and I think of California by Joni Mitchell and I think of the Leaves That Are Green by Simon and Garfunkle. I think about Galaxie 500's album Today and think of cacti and mandarins and PLANTS OHGMYGOD PLANTSSSSSSSSSS.

yep, feeling super inspired by plants lately. like, not sure what I can DO with that.

also, this is a map of Rome my uncle gave me. In about two weeks my family and I are travelling to Paris, Rome, Florence, Venice and Milan. I am so excited I can't evenudgweiddcjfgwedpif2. so, if anyone live in those cities we should either meet or like creepily stare at eachother or something. I haven't been overseas except for fiji, so I am super super super duper excited to go be smart and chic AND STUFF.

also, this map has perfect colours and it makes me want to travel, just like looking at it I want to eat it. 
AND: me being stupid and weird with my hair:

In other news, THIS HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i wrote this massive thing about tavi and everything, i might post it. 

but really all you need to know is she is even more perfect in real life than on the ~internet~
ps: i made her that TAVI for president thing. she liked it.

also, on that epic TAVI weekend I got photographed for this street style website and it was really cool.