Saturday, 19 October 2013

let me forget about today until tomorrow

so i'm back from the great land that is europe. i will try to construct a post consisting of photos of me IN europe, instead of actual famous and historical monuments because HEY! you can google those.

 realizations about europe:

1. there are a lot of churches. and when i say a lot. i don't mean some, a few, i mean mate, there are more churches than mcdonalds what is the world coming to??!

 2. I really, REALLY, REALLY like photos of myself. bonus points if another human organism actually takes one of me instead of marathonning around trying to take selfies with fleeing family members.

sometimes i legitimately worry about how high my self esteem is.


3. if you want to fit in with the super groovy people in paris:
all you need is:
a) some cigarettes
b) black clothes
d) the ability to have approximately 50,000000000000000000000000000 pre-dinner drinks and post dinner drinks WITHOUT actually ever eating dinner.
e) a dog, with whom you visit fancy shops with and no one says anything.
f) glasses. really tiny tiny ones that cover 1/64 of your eyes are ideal OR super massive huge whoa mamma big ones.
g) the ability to speak french.

 people looked at me in paris. i'm not just saying that to be all: "oh yeah i'm so weird and people just don't understand the aesthetic and philosophy of my clothes."
BUT SERIOUSLY, i was the most brightly colored person i saw and people looked at me like i had two BUMS on my head instead of two BUNS. a consonant makes a world of difference.

 4. most art in europe is old.
and if its not old it looks old, or old people like it. europe is just an old place.

5. europe has magic energies which give your hair SUPER POWERS! 
seriously, if i had to chose one thing to thank europe for teaching me, it would be the potential and awesomeness of my hair and hairstyles. i simply thought, hey, i can do whatever i want and wear whatever i want here because HEY its a foreign country and who cares if my hair looks like a small rodent pooped on it!

either that or it's abundance of  pretty languages that are a magical and melodious change from the usual YEEEEEEEEEAAAH MAAAAAAAAATE AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSSIE OHHHHHHYEEEEEEEAAAH. i hear back home.
(just joking australians don't talk like that.)

 my hair seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 6.  soft drink is better in europe. when you drink it you don't get diabetes straight away.

i'm not going to lie sometimes i was like, WHERE ARE ALL THE PRETTY CLOTHES.
but then i found this coat and my life changed and then i went on oprah to talk about it.

also, my shirt is like an autumn leaf and i love it.

i saw this super groovy girl with a CLOUD coat and knee socks and i was like: I need to take a stalkerish photo of you, feat. random statue.


So, with all that out of the way,  here are my glorious europe purchases all laid out nicely like i have been wanting to do for so long:

 so, if anyone cares:
an andy warhol tshirt from the guggenheim museum in venice, a vintage mickey mouse tshirt from venice, a JESUS LOVES PARIS tshirt from paris. a keith haring notebook from Milan, a beautiful "fur" coat from Florence (we all know its not fur.) some socks from venice, some vintage postcards from this amazing half closed flea market in venice, and an andy warhol colouring book from the Pompidou centre in Paris!!

i just i bought more, but whatever.
 photos i took today:

 a page from my new Andy Warhol colouring book. so obsessed with him after reading  the very classy looking book: THE philosophy of Andy Warhol, which is hilariously entertaining and also very deep.

 new religious bracelets I bought. the top one is from the vatican, which was super cool.
just from writing this i have remembered SO MANY THINGS which i would like to write about on here. for example, some groovalicious artists i discovered while overseas, Andy Warhol, The Bling Ring (no i haven't seen it yet, i am reading the book) and cultural appropriation which i have been thinking about and discussing A LOT lately and may have some newly formed unpopular opinions.

AND last but not least yeah probably least actually:
the travel journal i kept while in europe, which is simultaneously very bad, but also maybe slightly meaningful in a farting way.

the end peace out.

PS: just casually:
he was going incognito in a fancy milan shopping centre. i wish i had of said: "IS THAT YOUR GRANDMA'S COAT?" and he would have been like: "YEAH, HEY YOU CAN BE IN MY NEW MUSIC VIDEO BECAUSE YOU ARE COOL."

the end.


  1. You look fabulous in all of these pictures, that coat is INCREDIBLE.

  2. Awww Carla I love your style!! And Paris is so cool, isn't it! I was there this summer and loved every second of it! (Minus the hoards of people and the heat) Also your purchases look super rad wow!

  3. I love this post! And I want that Mickey Mouse t-shirt right now! Haha x

  4. Love the pictures! :D (Especially the one with you and the fountain). You're so cute!!! Seriously, you're like the epitome of quirky indie movie characters.

  5. aah carla i'm so in love with you!! your sweaters are more wonderful than life juss sayin

  6. Everything in this post is perfect! You are life.