Friday, 25 October 2013

glad i didn't die b4 i met u

 i have officially decided i love eggs. like yeah they taste good, but i mean just to look at them! they are so wierd and kinda gross if you think about them too much, like they are so gooey and i mean, they're orange, whhaaaaaat? but they are just cool, they are like the most groovy food out.

so, therefore, with my new found love of eggs, i have decided the first tattoo i get will be an egg, because i mean, EGGS!!! hey, its sort of the same as an infinity sign because an uncraked egg is neverending. but the only difference is infinty sign tattoos kind of suck, egg tattoos kind of rule and also, Charlie never said: "and in that moment i swear we were eggy."

another excellent thing about eggs is they are a great way to distinguish potential friends from mean people. when in situations where you do not know anyone, start a conversation by saying "hey, i want to get an egg tattoo when i'm legal, thoughts?' and whatever follows will determines whether this person is worth your friendship.

anway, so this happened:

i feel like such a movie star with this coat on, my mum hates me wearing it around the house because "coats are to be worn only when one leaves the house for some occasion or other"

EX-CA-UUUSE ME mother dearest i wasn't aware we were living in like, the 17th century, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth. maybe back in ur day it was forbidden to wear coats at home or smthing because cavemen might mistake you for a mammoth to kill and use for their thursday night bridge club dinner.

thanks to my mum for taking this photo. 

so, in other news, like you know, besides from the ground breaking discovery that eggs are cool, i re-decorated my ipad case (for the third time) to suit some of the vibes i have been feeling of late. 

pls note: the rocky horror picture show lips, because i finally watched it with two of my friends and wow and/or eeeeeeeee. the show is coming to melbourne next year and i can't wait to see it with them.

pls also note: the eggs.

 this skirt i got at salvos ages ago. i thought the skirt was too tight back then (poo poo 2009 carla) so my mum made them into shorts which were cool, but then my bum got bigger and so this morning i unpicked the stitches to unleash the skirt power.

necklace: venice
top: vintage, venice
skirt: salvos
socks: they have hamburgers (!) venice. 
 the other side of my ipad case. i think i like this side better.

in other other news, i have been drawing a lot lately while listening to Bright Eyes album I'm Wide Awake, it's Morning. here's what happened:

i googled nothing.
i feel there is a hole in the internet



  1. Hey man! First of all you look supa rad. Like that skirt is just... idk dude. it is really cool!! I am so glad you are still bloggin cuz like Gwen and Ben and Nell all stopped so they obvs suck but I guess this means youre cool! YAY COOL?

  2. this piece about your love for eggs is very cute.

  3. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! More informations:

  4. i love your skirt ♥