Sunday, 28 July 2013

*groovy fuits*

i finally got inspired to actually write words on this here blog.
here are some things that have been inspiring me lately, even though i haven't gotten dressed in an exciting way for a very long time. but, never fear, the staleness is gone, oh tumblr, saint like, godly, pure, you have saved me from my poop phase. not that i was in a poop mood, more my creativity was hibernating or frozen or something.

so now i am inspired and once the weekend comes i will be able to get dressed in an exciting way once again. the beige has disapparated from my life, the old fuzzy carpet vanished and new metaphors are starting to erupt from the pavement. 


there is something so clean and inspirational about fruit, i am not even joking send me fruit so i can be inspired and then customs in Australia will get pissed at you.


corporate tangerines, london, 2013
Osma Harvilahti

(*refreshing noise*)

  another reason i am very excited is that TAVI is coming to Australia and i have tickets to see her and i am so happy ohmygod. i actually don't know what to do and can`t even imagine what i will wear not that anybody cares.


Budapest by Marcin Mazurkiewicz
  all these photos are from my tumblr, and hopefully if you click the picture you can find the source. 

if i could marry my tumblr i would. 
seriously, it is so beautiful. 
 i just love it so much, all the pictures from different corners of tumblr mould together to create something awesome, without even trying.

 ps:my new url is: 
  the other one was yucky
(you: yeah?? and poop soup is not yucky?!?!)
(me: correct)

and tumblr =


  1. Ugh, feeling stale & uninspired is the absolute worst, I'm glad you're coming out of it! Your tumblr is awesome, by the way.

  2. yay we get to see Tavi! :D

  3. The fruit pictures are so cool!