Saturday, 6 April 2013

time to take a ride, time to take it in a midnight eye.

I finally watched Ghost World last night, it was awesome in a mega depressing way and made me want  to dye my hair green. First of All: ENID'S CLOTHES AND ROOM OHMAHGAWD!!!!!!!

second of all: It made me super super super sad, not in the way moonrise Kingdom made me sad (mainly because everything was way too perfect and pretty and awesome), but in the way a suburban food court makes you sad. I think something I like about the city is that no matter rich or poor people at least seem to have a purpose, they know where they are going, they know which trains to catch and what they want. 

But in this movie it just seemed as if everyone was suspended in this world of mediocrity and boredom. Yeah, the suburbs are sometimes super cool in their daggyness and manicured lawns and stuff. And I absolutely loved how Enid and Rebecca were so free and followed people if they wanted and were confident with their personalities. But apart from that it was just like they were all on this un-picturesque highway that ended in  a dead end. It made me scared of leaving high school, even though I have a while to go. It made me scared to one day wake up and I'm 40 and bored and none of my sparkly dreams are reality. 

Anyway, it was extremely entertaining. The whole Seymour and Enid in love thing creeped me out majorly. i know that seems mean, but I am being honest. Enid peeved me off slightly, because she always seemed to make promises just for the hell of it, but then everyone else was annoying for kind of forcing her to go to college or get a job. 

The one thing that can be learned from this is GREEEN HAIR ROCKS MAN! seriously, wowowowowwowow. 

 And, my lovely best blogger friend Antonia sent me these lovely gifts:

you will notice among them, AN ENID PATCH and BADGE!!!!!!!!!

I also started watching, dah dah dah daaaaaaaaaa:
okay, I'm so lucky its on youtube, because the video shop would NOT have it and I have no idea whatsoever how to illegally download stuffff, apart from music. I mean, nooo, I buy ALL my music, yes definitely, stop lying. 

SO, i only watched two episodes because my darling brother wanted to do some trivia with me, and how could I refuse. (I whipped out my southern accent for reading the questions, i am getting quite experienced in the y'all department, if i don't say so myself.)

NO ONE DARE TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS IN FREAKS AND GEEKS. DON'T DON'T DON'T. SKYFALL GOT RUINED, HARRY POTTER GOT RUINED. seriously though, who goes and just says:             " DUMBLEDORE DIES." oh, what you didn't know that already, sorry.belive it or not there are people that exist who don't know dumbledore dies. 

SO far, I absolutely HATE kim and I love everyone else and I don't know why everyones so mean to that girl who plays the piano, Milly I think. ahhhh, its so good.
When Sam danced with that girl at Homecoming I was like:
This expression was necessary for many other moments during the show. 

Apart from that, here is an outfit, not amazing, but the top is new. 
I love docs because they make me look taller and whenever I walk in them I feel like I'm in a movie. 

The other day I had this old school hat on, and my face looked unimpressed and I was just imagining explosions behind me.

i'm not gonna lie, it was awesome. 


my new ukulele, well I got it for chistmas, but isn't it preeeeeeetyy.

 In other breaking new I got a new beanie. 


ps: tell me your interoretation of the bus symbolism in Ghost world. 

go on, it'll make me feel smart. 


  1. Great post! I've never seen ghost world, but I know exactly what you mean about cities/suburbs. I have a ukulele, too, but mine's not so pretty. :)

  2. I feel ya about the waking-up-to-be-a-depressed-middle-aged-person-and-being-bored-with-life thing. It's so terrifying.

    AND FREAKS AND GEEKS YAYYYYYY <3 <3 <3 It just keeps getting more perfect as you watch it more. Sam Weir is *such* a babe. Also, I love your docs and your molly ringwald shirt!

  3. the bus symbolized so many things like hope and escape. believing it will come or it will happen even if everyone else tells you it won't, there is no bus. it was this waiting, and anticipation. it could also be if you don't want to wait for something you can find another way. it doesn't have to be a bus.

    i adore freaks and geeks. it's still funny and valid, after all these years. i wished they'd made more episodes. it's like my so-called life in that way, but maybe that is why they are both good because you don't know what will happen next to the people, just like real life.

  4. I love Ghost World and Freaks and Geeks so so so much. I watched Freaks and Geeks when I was thirteen, but I watched it again at Christmas and I just felt that it applied to me so much more than two years ago. Anyways, enough about me. I love your docs so much and your ukulele is much shinier and newer looking than mine and I like the colours. Also, I love your dress.

  5. Yay ukuleles! I love mine. I've never seen Ghost World, but I need to.

  6. I love Ghost World! It's one of my favourite films ever, although I do usually end up feeling a bit weird at the end, not like depressed or anything, but just kind of sad about mediocre lives!

    Charlotte Adele

  7. Did I just spy a Molly Ringwald T-shirt??? Oh yes I most certainly did--100 cool points for you! Ah yes, Ghost world; good comic and good film. I adore her green hair, oh how I wish I could get away with such a fantastic color at my age. Le sigh, growing up sucks in that regard. Nonetheless, you've got great style and rad interests...just saying :) *lives vicariously through other bloggers*

  8. Ughh I really need to see Ghost World! And YAY FREAKS AND GEEKS! I have only watched the first one (its a process...) but it is the most beautiful cliqued thing ever... much love for your coolness!