Saturday, 20 April 2013

;;;;;;;;;;;; in which carla is in a coma because of the awesomeness. ;;;;;;;;

its been quite a productive morning, yes indeedy doody. 
This morning I was sad because i realised I have school tomorrow, which is pretty much the WORST REALISATION POSSIBLE, just under if you wake up and realise you are the last human alive and no internet has survived. 

I also realised its TAVI's BIRTHDAY today!!!!!! If this information is incorrect I will feel rather idiotic considering the ahem, video I made. 

Upon the billionth time of making this video, a realisation dawned on me that:
a) I may not be pronouncing Tavi's name right. So, in the song I say, Tah-vi and then Tav-ee. So there is a strong possiblity her name is complteley unrecognisable when I say it.
b) this song sounds like I found Tavi on a dating website and now I think about her all the time, WHICH IS COMPLETELY UNTRUE, OKAY????

In other news, I dressed today for a RAINBOW HIPPIE PARTY. I will be the oldest person there but by far the:
a) most likely to win at limbo
b) best dressed baby!

 this is a dinosaur excerise book I do writing in, I found it at my aunties house it is amaizng and I want to shout DINOSAUR PARTAY!!!!!!

in this picture I am wearing the AWESOME AND SKILLED Enid from ghost world  patch Antonia sent me, it looks really weird on ma bum, i just didn't know where to put it. 
 my butt looks massive here, its just the overalls, but I MAY SIT ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!

 trying to be cute. 

I am wearing: 
flower crown-by me
shirt- multicolores fiesta BABY!! I got it at my school fair $2.
alien badge- me
dafodill badge-found in my room.


I was getting super inspired last night over TOYKO FASHION WEEK! I am not usually one to actually:
a) know tokyo fashion week existed
b) know when it was

I was casually surfing to see if I could find these BETSY JOHNSON GUMBOOTS I scored yesterday, for free may I add. 

I was looking at all these japanese desingers with cool names and I found one of the coolest collections ever that I just have to share with you because it makes me want to: 
(are you getting sick of this yet?)
a) wear this to do actual excerise (!) ina super cute way
b) go live in tokyo and just steal peoples clothes. 

its called Mercibeaucoup. 

 the designer. 

its like, cute pirate ganster schoolgirl eskimo!!!! 

I found the photos of street style during tokyo fashion week and I almost had a heart attack and fell off the couch and then wanted to dye my hair and move to japan and make friends with all these people. 


As soon as I can, I want to get my hands on FRUiTs, because it looks amazing. 

I am going to stop writing now because everything I say is nothing in comparison to these outfits!!!



  1. okay the stupid video is not working WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN!!!!!!!

  2. This is such a great post!! I swear I just saved like every single one of those photos to my computer haha, plus those are the cutest overalls! They are amazing :) xxx

  3. YAY. I am birthday twins with Tavi (((((: also you look awesome and I love your flowercrown xxxx

  4. I love Tokyo and Japanese style, that collection looks AMAZING! I also love your outfit and the flowers and you and everything so yes you are awesome have a nice day

  5. OH MY GOD COOLNESS! I love Tokoyo street style I always find it so much more imaginative and interesting than other cities style, and I am lovin you outfit, especially the flower crown! xxxx

  6. That patch looks cool on your dungarees! And man I get what you mean about japanese fashion.. they all look so cool 0.0

  7. DYING. TOO. MUCH. AWESOMENESS. I love love love japanese fashion so much! I have these phases where I try to be as cool as those people and after ten seconds I lay down in my bed with a lot of ice cream, being super frustrated as I don't live there and still haven't dyed my hair peach.

    also you are the cutest person ever! <33

  8. love these pictures a lot!!


  9. you are so awesome! love your flower crown and dungarees :) those streetstyle pics are too cool xo

  10. I tagged you for the Liebster Blog Award! :D :D

  11. you're cuuuuute! lovely blog.


  12. Wow, Japanese street style is amazing! Your overalls are gorgeous-so quirky! I've been loving pinafores/dungarees at the moment! xx

  13. your overalls are epic! I would love to go to Japan one day<3