Sunday, 17 March 2013

and Jesus drives to Mexico to get her prescription filled.

yesterday I had a rather excellent day. I normally dread socialising and paying way too much for mediocre lolly bags, but I actually had a suprisingly fun time at my school fair. Although the rides nauseated me, and my docs were like sadistic murderers lasserating my heels and I had to sing solo and sang lots of wrong notes, it was quite fantastic!

 Here are some photos I took today, when the weather was so freezing and kind of travels through your body and makes you from the inside.
here is some perfection I bought for two dollars!! The candy hearts taste like medicine, but gee do they look perfect. Really, I bought it for the unicorn stickers.

I was feeling slightly inspired by the anime movies my brother likes so much, also by the rides at my school fair. hence the socks.

no one gets the dinosaur. You've got to understand, Shirley's not a metaphor for anything, she just is.
this jumper has developed a reputation of not even matching itself. I love it.
 being quizzical.
loving the juxtaposition here.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Juliet is up in heaven, a pocket full of pills

Do you know when its so hot and you just want get all the icypoles in the universe and melt them into one massive pool and swim around?

yesterday was one of those days laides and gentlemen.

You try to escape the hotness, but no matter how few clothes you wear or how much you slip and you slop and you slap, the sun seems to be this evil genius stroking you evilly like you're his cat.

it was 36 degrees celcius, i think. who knows, the days just morph into one parade of sunburn and overpriced ice creams. 
I just converted that its 96.8 fareheit.

so, here are some photos from this Melbounre festival thing called Moomba. We went their yesterday, despite the UNFAIRLY HOT WEATHER and the fact IT ISNT EVEN SUMMER ANYMORE. It was fun except that I WANTED TO STRANGLE GLOBAL WARMING.

here are some photos I tried to artisically edit but just made a big poop mess of:

gave up editing here

  me trying to smile.

but failing

better posts coming.