Wednesday, 6 February 2013

I've been creeping around town, because, well, creeping's just my way.

Stop the world.
Stop it spinning.
Stop gravity for a minute, would you.
I want to walk over
The blanket of impossibility.
The waves holding hands and saving eachother
From a nomadic existence.
They do not want to be water droplets.
We do not want to be small.
Everyone wants to be a tempestuous ocean.
Moving through existence in one infinite fluid motion.
I need you to press the pause button.
And then the moments will be suspended.
On a muffled TV set,
In you living room.

general stuff somehow describing my mood:
also: I now have tumblr because I enjoy having multiple methods of procrastination,
please follow, not that I don't enjoy having 6 followers, really I am just asking for your sake. Trust me, you deserve to bask in awesomeness.

I made this collage on a day when Pink Floyd was being more legend that usual. I submitted it to Eva's tumblr: the wandering collective .

in my case, I do have a goooooooooooorgeous face and impeccable taste.

AND now: some old pictures that I have found and decided to post:

smile too yuck to show on internet.

So, yeppppp. I wish I had more stuff to say. I will on the weekend.

ps: and now a message to Antonia:
I am currently rewriting my leter for you because it was really bad and messy and what can I say, I am a mediocrist! So, sorry for the wait, but I will send it as soon as I am finished.

pss: to my fellow vegetarian ragers:
I have got a tune, a verse and a chorus for Anemic and Proud, looking forward to showing it on here when the masterpiece is completed.

the end.

seriously, stop reading.


  1. beautiful post! inspiring

  2. ARRRGH So awesome. <3 You know, these pictures are so cool (pizza...) and I love love love love your writing. I love love love love love it. And your star wars button waah!

    Um, and that's no problem! But don't be afraid of messy letters, because when I wrote yours I was tired and I am sure my english was really crappy. I am looking forward to it so much!

    ALSO. PINK FLOYD! I recently were at a friends house and she has a phonograph and we listened to old pink floyd records and aww.


  3. That Pink Floyd collage rules- also the lace top you're wearing in the last frame <3

  4. Lovin da vibbbbbbbbbbbbes! I nominated you for the Liebster award on da blog!

  5. Holden Caufeild thinks you're a phony. I think I might start following you just for that.