Tuesday, 12 February 2013

its you that I adore, though I make the boys fall like dominos.


long time no see.
nothing much has happened.
life's alright.

wow, thats boring.

here is some inspiration, most of it is from my tumblr. 

I've been getting super inspired by kind James Bond and Charlies Angels and Valley of the Dolls (even though I've never seen it, but you know, I've seen pictures.) And mostly all mystery/detective stories/spies. I borrowed this James Bond book from the library, Dr.No, its pretty awesome. And i love borrowing oldish books because it makes the librarians love me even more. I feel like the fact I am glasses make me look like I read books and instantly makes me loved by librarians.

 Other stuff though:

I realise I was so used to being the only kind of weird person (that I knew of) in my school. And that was cool but pretty annoying. So recently we were talking about music and I found out a few people like Pink Floyd, and part of me was like : "AWESOME WICKED SICK!!!" and the other (unfortunately larger) part was like "no, pink floyd is mine, I liked it first and you're not suposed to be cool, don't you dare talking about bricks in walls or green fields or shining diamonds.!!!"

you know that feeling??

stolen from Eva's blog.

no idea.....

in other news, I got into Eva and Dayzee's new online magazine, Outsider. I am super excited and yayayayayaya!!!!

so, thats all, I could write more actually, I want to, but its a school night and yogurt is  calling me from the fridge saying :

"caaaaaarla, caaaaaaarla, eatttt meeeee. its a schoooool night so you can't have icecream sucker!!!."

and I can never say no to yogurt. 



  1. I love all the pics! My favourite is probably the flower bowl one! You have a tumblr??? That's awesome! I'm followin' you!!! I love it!

  2. your blog is great. I love it. lucyx

  3. dude, i can't get into the cigarettes. valley of the dolls is cool. i own the book, and i did a blog post about it years ago. pink floyd can be for everyone. ;)