Monday, 25 February 2013

I left my homework in the launderette, I gotta letter from my mamma which my stupid dog has ate.

i have just experienced one of the best weekends ever to be. This one may even get me through the monotonous poop pile that is Thursday. 

On Sunday, I went to a very tiny MELBOURNE ROOKIE MEETUP!!!!!!!!
there were nine people including myself, but it was awesome. We drank Sunkist and ate some lollies and melted in the hotness and made some bracelets. It was really fun and I hope I can find all the lovely people I met on tumblr. 

The one to the left of the yellow bag is Adele from Secret Hipster .

On Saturday I went to this wicked sick vintage market ALL BY MYSELF. I must say all this has made me feel extremely grown up and independant and kind of like I should be interested in philiosophy and maybe have a moustache.

At the market I got this SWEEEEEEEEEEET AS PLAYSUIT!!!!!! I had to try it on over my clothes at the market and so I didn't realise it would almost amputate one side of my groyne from the OTHER side of my groyn. It's super cute though, so whatever bro.

i will add more photos I took with my brothers fancy as camera later, because they are on the laptop and it is occupied by him to actually do schoolwork, now seriously, what is THAT all about???

 this is what I wore to the rookie meetup:
and yes, I am standing on the bath.

and behold.....the most modellish photo ever taken of me.

the reason I am standing like that is an attempt to look presentable while preventing my privates from being massacred!!

and here is a dress I almost bought, but didn't have enough money because LIFE SUCKSSSSSS.

stay grooovy, 


  1. I think it was awkward on different accounts, cos I bumped into one girl at the uni library and yep that was strange.
    You look really good with your hair down :)

  2. you look adorable ... and I totally love your outfits <3

  3. Carla you are so coooooool. I love love love your outfits and your red docs are so cute!

  4. Aww, I wanna go to a rookie meet up! I bet everyone was awsome.
    The playsuit looks great.

  5. ahh im so jealous that looks so fun

  6. awww cute!!!!!!!! I saw this on Rookie actually like the convo