Friday, 18 January 2013

wilted and faded, somewhere in Hollywood.


so, I last left you with my inspiring moves to an eighties classic. Since then I have:

  • Read loads of posts on Tavi's blog from when she was my age.
  • Searched for cool Doc Martens that don't cost a bagillion dollars and fit my teeny, majorly annoying foot. 
  • watched glee
  • practiced my Italian mafia voice
  • wished i was in Glee
  • written about contortionists in 24 hour diners
  • read Archie 
  • had a sudden urge to be a geography teacher/science teacher in some high school in the 70's. 
  • danced around in my undies to Celebrity Skin.
Here's what's been inspiring me lately.

for some odd reason it is this weird mix of dinosaurs, geography teachers, the jungle, the desert, national geographic, agent 99 and glinda the good witch.

Here is a magazine type thing I have started to make that revolves around this theme I have in my head. I am trying to get my brother to contribute something. I'm don't think i will make this an online thing where people can submit stuff, even though that's cool. But I really like the idea of getting people who live around me to contribute something, but as far as I'm concerned there is no one that cool where i live.

That sounds bratty and insensitive of me, but it's what I think.

   AND here is an outfit, it kind of started by mood of geography teachers and dinosaurs. And then it kind of grew into more jungleish and desertish exploration nature type stuff.

flower crown-made by me
bow-made by me
dinosaur necklace- made by me
cat dress (my brother says it looks like possums) - Salvation Army , by far the coolest thing I have found i my local salvos, I would like to meet whoever it belonged to.
bracelets-childhood tackiness
book- scored from my cousin, too special to use for school. I will use it as a writing book. 

I am going on choir camp tomorrow, wish me luck with some intensive singing. I will only be gone for a day.


ps: I bought this wicked sick awesome lunchbox on etsy and I will use it for school. Since we have uniforms, one's lunchbox is one of the few measly glimmers of hope for self expression and coolness.

I will show it here soon.


  1. these pictures are great, especially the one from friends. i want your cat dress so bad. and YOUR HAIR UGH so perfff.

  2. I seriously feel on occasion that what you post is in sync with what I've been thinking about lately. LIKE ARCHIE. Not enough people know Archie and the gang. And I totally, definitely, utterly agree with you about the lunch box thing.

  3. You have a lot of inspiration girl, maybe we can follow each other and look at my blog for write a letter maybe you would like that?