Monday, 21 January 2013

my world is turning pages, while I'm just sitting here.


I just finished reading the Fault in Our Stars. i was crying from about page 222 till the end. I kept making all these gross facial expressions and doing weird stuff with my lips because it just seemed appropriate considering how COMPLETELY TRAGIC it was.

I also saw Les Miserables (said in a devilish french accent.) I find it hilarious how people always correct others ignorant to the marvellousness when they say :"Les Miserables" instead of "Lay Mis-er-rabjdkfhdkfuwf."

It's Leviosa, not leviosahhh.

Anyway, life has left me quite content lately. Even though my new school books arrived the other day, which is like this sign that it is mandatory to start FREAKING OUT and perhaps throwing hard objects and cats at the TV when it advertises Back to School Sales. It is acceptable to at lest consider blowing up the TV when it advertises BACK 2 SCHOOL SALES.

MY plan for surviving school this year is to listen to that Breakfast Club playlist, pretending I am Molly Ringwald, watching this video and faking sick days.

anyway, here are two outfits:

 I glued eyeballs onto my socks.

while I was taking these my brother was practicing the harmonica. We plan to start a band called "CELESTIAL EYEBROW" it shall be awesome, and the genre is physchadelic folk. kind of like Tame Impala mixed with Mumford and Sons and tiny bit of Vegetarian rage (not a band, a genre we made up.)


Grimes interview from Yen on my wall, yes, i ripped it straight out of the magazine, rebellious, no? No.

I look extremely scared here, self timers intimidate me immensely. 

what I am wearing:

dress-Harry Wragg-vintage
socks-Mum's, but since I "destroyed/beautified" them they are now MINE!!


shirt-cotton on
tights-some market

So, I hope you have a ravishing day.


  1. Ugh I love your eclectic style- the googly eyes on your socks are super cute I'll need to try them myself instead of gemstones ;)

    I emailed you a few days ago, but it must not have sent or I got the wrong email or something.
    My email is ""
    I'll try and send you the original email again but i deleted that comment >_<

  2. this pop-art comic tights- I love them! to tell the truth, I love your style at all- so airy and fresh!

    your mintirgin

  3. i love that book soooo much! It's so beautiful, right?!?!?
    Also, I am insanely in love with your tights.

  4. FREAKING COOL. I love your tights and your shirt and everything.

  5. Love the outfits!!! "It's Leviosa, not leviosahhh." hahah so great! Also, Celestial Eyebrow is a great name for a band! I think I'd listen to you guys! :)

  6. DIS IS HELLA AWESOME. your shirt and bow tie and leggings/tights are amazing :3

  7. oh my god oh my god i laughed through this whole post

  8. i nominated you for the liebster award <3333

  9. Dude, you like look awesome. like rad... AND CAN WE PLEASE MAKE A VEGETARIAN RAGE BAND (together w/ gwen??)??!!?!?!? Cool... thanks! cuz that would just be... gawd... amazing... really...

  10. this comment is fab, your blog is fab, you are fab, so i nominated you for the liebster award!
    have a spectacular day :)

  11. *oops i meant 'post', not comment

  12. I love those tights! and your hair is just perfff

  13. oohh vegetarian rage can't wait to hear some demos! I like grimes hair xx