Monday, 7 January 2013

hesitate to die, look around, around, the second drummer's drowned

today I went on a grand search for Doc martens. Because that is all I really want out of life, just to be a cool kid, with the fancy yellow kicks bro. I will probably end up getting mary janes though, just to be EVEN CUTER than I already am. Just because my shortness and freckles don't scream I'M SUCH A CUTIE, as loud as I would like.

But first, let me take you through the magical path I trekked across today whilst on the inspiring journey of getting dressed.

1. sing in shower. this motivates me....... not to embrace life and all its opportunities, no no no. Just to, you know, run away and jin the cast of wicked or something. todays songs: defying gravity and don't you forget about me.

2. travel to bedroom, where you are (usually) safe to walk around half naked and try on EVERY possible combination of clothes.

3. This step, is the rough patch. The chapter of the journey that is hard going. AND you are not sure if you will make it all the way through to the end of the book (that was a metaphor, aren't I a fancy pants in need of a stroke worthy beard.)  Yes indeed, step three is where you decide you have nothing interesting to wear, and you are just sitting there in your underwear, on the verge of a break down. And even youir underwear looks boring. And you are in grave danger of walking downstairs in a blanket, snivelling and ready to have a Glee marathon.

4. NEVER FEAR! step four is here. If you made it through step three and didn't give in to the tempting, tear worthy ballads of Finn and Rachel, their beckoning melodies so perfect, then you are ALMOST there. This is the most inspiring step. The bit that would have its own Oprah show.
This is where you glance across your wardrobe and see a beacon of light in the darkness. Perhaps, that one pair of socks. Their frills smelling of a bright future, their intricately woven wool singing sweet love songs to you.

5. Slowly, and rockily, you will manage to scrape together an outfit that doesn't make your mirror vomit and then bash you up.

6. The LOooooooooooooooooooooooongggggggg indesicive road down stairs and into the eyes of the public. Sure, you were safe in the santcuary of your bedroom, where you can sing bad 80's songs and no one really minds. It will take all of your willpower not to rush upstairs and throw on some jeans and a shirt that screams DO NOT NOTICE ME, I HAVE NOTHING COOL TO GIVE YOU. sure, that is fine somedays, when you feel like morphing into a couch potato, but sometimes you know you want to be a creative carrot and explode the world with your awesomeness.

7. I hope you had a meaningful journey. I bet you can't wait for tommorrow!!! Maybe, tommorrow you will decide to wear your pjyamas and give in to the inspiring, powerful and alltogether fist-pump-worthy sounds of "don't stop believing."

here is the outfit I wore today. I was feeling a tad moonrise kingdomy and just a little bit cute. Someone even asked me if I was a girl scout or something.

I used my brothers super duper fancy camera, which has a self timer so is pretty much the love of my life!
 hat- vintage, from my auntie's high school and apparently small cranium days
scarf-vintage market
t shirt- cotton on, forced to buy this from the mens section when I had to return some bras/tinsy scraps of material that squish everything up (if you know what I'm saying. YES CARLA, you scream, we know exactly what you're saying. Its Abby Road, in case you can't see.
badges- alien, i love NY and Maths Association of Victoria.
necklace- SHIRLEY! my dinosaur
skirt- market,
socks- cotton on.

 contrary to popular belief, I am not asleep, or trying to look asleep in this picture.

the book is from a second hand book market and it is from 1937


AND: here are some pictures of my room. That i recently cleaned, sooooo is should be looking quite acceptable, as there are not yet fake flowers and gross hot glue blobs everywhere.

my slightly creepy, but awesome cross.

 type writer and new york watercolour I did.


zines. I don't know if they count i made all of them except two. Please note: Antonia's AWESOME tavi gevinson zine, which I love very much.

NOW, what I listened to while writing this:

Please pleaase please stay tuned for a pretty awesome BREAKFAST CLUB post. I recently watched the movie and loved it and now want to be molly ringwald.


ps: also look three posts down, for some photos you can actually see.

pss: happy getting dressed.

psss: on thursday i am seeing a wonder woman/ riot grrrl/feminist movement exhibition! very exciting!


  1. hahahaha you are just so hilarious and extremely relatable, ohmygod :')
    that outfit is PERF! very moonrise kingdom-esque, you pulled it off so well!
    i love the dino necklace and your rad beatles shirt.
    cool zines, we should swap one time :) xx

  2. I would like to read those zines ! they seem cool

  3. OHMYYYGOOOD IT'S MY ZINE! I feel so honored you are so cute!

    and I will get dressed now and yaa I feel so inspired! Thank you! I always have to smile when I read you post and gosh you made my day which was pretty hard today. this post was amazing and I love love love your outfit! I love how you are able to pair stuff, I am not. <33

    PS: I may turn into dobby if your letter doesn't arrive this week.

    1. And thank you so much for your supercute comment! You are soooooo nice! I am living for your blog, you always make my day! I am so glad we are friends! Aaand also, don't worry I think this dream should come true NOW. And I dreamt about our letter lately - I came home and I got your letter but something went wrong and it was my letter "return to sender" and I didn't write your address but an essay about a book on it. weird...

  4. Oh my god this is my life


    and i like the dino necklace :)


  5. wow, i make that journey every weekend! thank god for school uniform or I'd be late everyday.. OMG you look like you stepped off the set of moonrise kingdom. PERFECT

  6. You totally remind me of a girl scout in those pics, but a lot more colourful! I really like that dino necklace, did you make it yourself?

  7. Loved your post, your outfit, the adorably angry purple cloud, everything! :D BTW, I mentioned you on my blog. Take a look! :D

  8. Love your post, outfit, adorably angry purple cloud, everything! :D BTW, I mentioned you on my blog. Take a look! :D

  9. Haha you are very funny!! I love your outfit, very moonrise kingdomish!! And OMG lumpy space princess!!!! too cool! Can't wait for your breakfast club post! I love John Hughes!

  10. i love the girl scout camera! i have one, but mine's black and not nearly as cool.

  11. The narrative is the best- and the Wes Anderson character vibes were easily picked up with the Sam Shakusky ascot worming it's way into there. I nominated you for the Liebster Award, the link is on my blog here:
    Hope to see you posting again soon!

  12. I just found your blog, and started reading, and you are awesome!