Friday, 11 January 2013

don't you forget about me. don't don't don't don't.


sometimes I wish I lived in the eighties. everyone seemed to be pretty cool back then.

don't get me wrong, I have had a lot of fun in my existence is this era, but there is a kind of nagging thought at the veeeeeeeerrrry back of my mind. All these movies, they make me feel like I am not living the full teenage experience. I don't mean being popular, because I don't really mind about that. I mean being all independent and super fancy and going round to your friends house spontaneously and staying up all night. But, so far, I'm not really feeling it man. 

My worst fear in the world, besides probably swallowing a moth, is growing up and kind of missing out on being a teenager. In a way, I am a little bit like Charlie, from The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Except that I'm not, because even though he didn't "participate" for most of the book, his life was kind of romantic in  a way because of his super cool friends and his mix tapes and all that.

Also, most teenagers you read about and watch movies about hate their parents a little bit. It s almost like if you have no problems with your parents, you're kind of missing out on slamming the door and complaining to your friends about life and listening to angsty music. now, thats just stupid. I mean why would you change your life to make things worse for yourself, just to feel included??????

But, nevertheless, I cannot shake the horrible fear of not living alive enough, if you know what I mean. There is kind of a war between being happy and being happy and sad and angry and teenagerish, and it is pulling me apart. 

Anyway, this post is about the Breakfast Club. yes, yes, yes I have only seen it once, but what can i say, it changed my life forever. I won't go on about how the character were so relatable and all that. Because, honestly, they weren't. I mean, they would be to some people. But I can't relate to having pressure from your parents, or wanting to kill yourself, or your parents hating you or ignoring you. Or having no friends. 

BUT IT WAS STILL AWESOME!!!!!!!! i still wanted to be them, i still got a fuzzy feeling at the end. They are just the coolest kids. I know, i know its a movie. Maybe that's kind of the point, we all aspire to be like them, and think everyone else's lives are already like this, but maybe everyone else already thinks that. So really in the end, we are all feeling a bit weird and like we're missing out, but we just don't know everyone else is feeling that way.

There was this one magical day last week, where I dressed like a character from the Breakfast club. Kind of a bit rebel, but super cute all the same. My brother let me borrow his camera again (woo hoo) so I got some cool pictures. 

 on a completely unrelated note, here are some cd's I bought:

 I cannot explain how much I love it. I make me so sad and so happy at the same time. i know it is super cliche, and probably everyone goes through that bit where they're like "oh my god! Molly Ringwald is me, I am Molly Ringwald, no one has ever felt this way before, this movie is my life!!!!"

i only wish I could have seen it at the movies when it came out. i could ride there on my motorbike and wear a leather jacket and be listening to awesome music, not on my ipod, no no no, on my walkman!!!

Here is a shrine I made in my room. It is supposed to honour not only Molly Ringwald and the Breakfast Club, but all coming of age books and movies. 

I figure when school starts again, and I am feeling all yuck and scared about year nine, I will think about the 80's and know that if they survived this all, so can I. I will also get by on the though that 80's music was pretty bad, but it was pretty good too. 

A collage type thing I made:

A playlist I made, I know, I know, not all these songs are from the eighties. 
But I thought they all kind of captured the tumultuous experiences of teenagehood.

 I often have trouble properly writing down my feelings. So I hope you kind of got where I am coming from. 

Later, I will make a post and you can all see me dancing to "don't you forget about me." It will be pretty groovy. Just you kids wait:)

i'm off to watch pretty in pink.


ps; please tell me what you think about all this


  1. Uh I love Molly Ringwald she is perf. And is that picture of her from Frankie magazine by any chance??

  2. this is so perfect. It's funny because just like, 7 minutes before i read this I was thinking about ditching school sometime soon just to be a little teenage BADASS (even though its not really that badass...but for me hahahaha) but I was actually thinking of telling my parents like "hey I"m going to ditch school really soon as an experience so when the school calls you don't freak out k?" but then I guess it doesn't count?

    anywayyyyyssss I love you r playlist too, but listening to This is What makes us girls always makes me tear up just because I feel like I need to go break into pools and drink by bonfires and make out with random guys. Marina and the Diamonds "Teen Idol" is sorta like that too, but she's like I'm gonna be in 10 years- wishing i would've lived it up as a teen. But it's never gonna happen I'm to goody good for that.

    Oh well.

    You're shrine and journal are really cute too!



    what I wanted to say is, I exactly know this feeling. Sometimes, when I spent the whole day doing nothing, I wonder if I wasted this day. It's a awful feeling. And I am so depressed now I won't write this again, but be sure I will do that tomorrow, or in a letter to you.

    YOUR OUTFIT IS PERFECT. I seriously love it so much, it so cute and great and summer-eque (oh how I miss it). I adore your sense od style, it's incredible. You always look so amazing and perfect. your bracelets are kinda virgin-suicides-like and you are so perfect.

    Love you so much (weirdo alert, sorry.)

  4. THIS IS SO CUTE. i love this post! your badges and leggings are perfection and your shrine is the BEST :3 also, molly ringwald.

  5. catcher in the rye in like my favourite book EVAAAR. the breakfast club is such a great movie as well, and i have to agree its pretty sad how we dont live in the 80s :( or even the 90s were better than now. somedays i just hate everything about our society and everything is so different nowadays

    it kinda sucks

    love genie
    ps your leggings are perfection

    i don't usually fight with my parents, but I have been feeling super angsty and angry lately, and today I came home and had a yell-rant to my mom about my art teacher (DON'T ASK) and pretty much every other teacher and all of the stupid work and UGHHHH

    also, i don't know about you but I get a LOT of homework and I get frustrated that I am missing my teanagehood doing schoolwork. A lot of days I get home and do homework until I go to bed and how much does that suck??



  7. This post is perfection. You win a metaphorical trophy (but you deserve a real one!)


  8. This is utter perfection!

  9. those photos are really great, inspire me, awesome blog!

    check out my blog :) : (follow me, i will follow u back ;) )

    Luna :*

  10. My favorite John Hughes movie is probably "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" and then "The Breakfast Club."
    Anyways, love your blog and your girl scout outfit from below!

  11. yeah i totally get what you're saying here and i love ur shrine!!

  12. Okay to start off this amazing comment, I have to say: I think we need to be friends. For reals. Your shrine to The Breakfast Club and all things youthful (like Molly Ringwald and The Catcher in the Rye) is amazing. I'm so incredibly jealous of it! Also your outfit is very cute. I think it's so cool how you think hating your parents isn't worth feeling included because I agree. I have a great relationship with both of my parents and I have a great group of friends who are the same way. Hating your parents DOES NOT equal teenagehood. Teenagehood is more about self-discovery and angst, and angst can come from SO MANY THINGS! So don't feel too bad. Also, life isn't like the movies so don't feel like you're missing out on anything because teenagehood is definitely romanticized in the movies and it makes the rest of us feel like we are missing out on some great big experience, and the truth is that we're not. We each experience different things, so just enjoy the experience you are having! :)

    Keep posting great stuff! Your blog is one of my absolute favorites! :D


  13. You are too freaking awesome. I love your look and this rad playlist. x

    <3 Melissa

  14. i really love your glasses and this post at all!
    i also think that you write in cool way:)