Monday, 14 January 2013

and the new song that we heard on the radio, is just a melody lost in time.


As promised, here is a video of me dancing to a little bit of "don't you forget about me." by Simple Minds. Which was basically the theme song of the Breakfast Club.

I would have made it longer, but I thought the grooooovy moves and passionate lip syncing would be too intense for some of you. 

and also, it was too big to mail to myself.

So, without further ado, here it is.................

okay, some ado, just letting you know I am not being serious here, not matter how believable my facial expressions. 



wasn't that........ exciting.

also, for you deeper beings, who are not entertained immensely by groin thrusts and spirit fingers, here is something I wrote today. yes ladies and gentlemen, in between intense zumba classes, I do enjoy some simple poem writing.

tits my new years resolution to write every day, I am going off this list i found on the big, wide, world of the internet. Todays topic was MUSIC.

I was lazy, so its short.....

I woke up to the sound of music.
Melodies curling inside my ears.
Swirling voices trickling like urine down a wall.
Incomprehensible lyrics, incoherent babble, the most beautiful babble possible.
The high notes we like coloured streamers careening in the sky.
The low notes, silky moles burrowing through the earth.
Everything soared like a pyramid rising from the dirt.
It fastigated to such an inconceivable height of beauty and Utopian perfection,
that it gave knocked God out of the sky and gave all the angels concussion.

LOOOOVE carla, your grroooovy friend.


  1. I love this! Carla, you are so awesome!

  2. oh carla ! <33 this video is so grooooovy and cool! :)

    and I may get fat from chocolate if your letter doesn't arrive today. this evil mean post office lady!

    and I also really love your writing.<3


  3. I loved that you're quirky and you accept it. You're awesome. You should be an actress. That was a very good performance. XD ;)