Friday, 30 November 2012

being infinite and stuuuuuuuuuuuufff


Last night I saw The perks of being a wallflower. It was less amazing than the book, but super duper amazing all the same. My favourite was Patrick, he was the most amazing. I cried so much, pretty much the whole time. The book made me fell sad all the way through, but happy at the same time. So I was left with a warm kind of melancholia that would only go away by watching New Zealands next top model.

SO. I have some outfits to show you. Some of them eh, not so exciting, bit whatevs brah!!

my friend's faerie party:

 horror movies for school:
(I was the villian and I scared myself. I am also now scared of showers, the song ring-a-ring-a-rosy and playgrounds.)

new dress:
(sunday afternoon)

outfit (ignore mega creepoid expression)


detail on vintage shirt:

what I wore to perks of being a wallflower:
beanie: knitted especially for me
face: borrowed
shiva and jade necklaces: gift
shirt: scored it from my friend
shorts: stole them off a clown.

me singing video games at school:

just look at the adoring crowd.

 being the president of creepoville:
shorts: dangerfield
wall: mine
socks: sportsgirl

 I tried on doc martens today.

truly truly inspiring. I could write a symphony for these shoes, and I will once I pay 160 bucks for them.

bracelets: childhood
tshirt:dangerfield (its molly ringwald!)
necklace: my little yellow dinosaur Shirley.
badge: market
 skirt: trying to be vintage but really just kidding itself as it was made in 2004.
 pentacle at a church near my house.
 print on my super cool new leggings.

totally scored at dangerfield sales today. Got a Tavi shirt/dress. Now I can finally wear her face!!!!1

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

and all my vena cava can muster up to say

I haven't posted in ages because I didn't want to.
Here are some pictures from Fiji.

ps; I will start posting more soon
d 0 0 b

Monday, 12 November 2012


i have been mildly busy lately with my dance concert and stuff. But here are some photos I scanned from a very random looking but not so random inside my actual head zine I made last weekend.

from my journal. pages I submitted to rookie:

randomness from my computer:

ta da 

the end

Friday, 2 November 2012

we'll call her Nebraska, Nebraska Jones, she'll have your nose, just so you know.


I am officially 14 baby!!!!!
hopefully with age comes wiseness and correct grammar.

here is what I wore today:
the orange headphones are one of my birthday presents, I have come to the conclusion they are magical.

 Hat-vintage, from my aunties high school days.
Face- mine, I believe
shirt-vintage i guess, from another auntie
skirt-dress up box
socks-stolen from my mum's drawer of daggy (the latin word pertaining to AWESOME!)

I am a creepo.

 in the background you can see the letter and playlist Mary (birdie wears a tie) made for me along with her AWESOME zine!!!!!

so, I am dancing for a lot of them, to truly understand you just have to imagine Little Miss Pipedream (the wombats) playing in my head.

I may do a proper post with my birthday presents, just like I will do a post one day of my trip to fiji:)


CARLA, offically 14 and one 365th.

addictive song:
cover by city and colour for triple j's like a version:)