Tuesday, 30 October 2012

he wasn't talking about space travel, it's a metaphor for beauty


thanks to everyone who commented on that last post with their wisdom and awesomeness. I must admit, if anything, your comments have made me more confused about what I believe in because they were all so smart.

it seems so weird not knowing what you believe in, but I  don't what to make a decision and then go WAIT, NO I take that back! If I was a politician I wouldn't be a good politician.


ITS TOTALLY MY BIRTHDAY ON FRIDAY!!!!!!! just saying. It's mega awesome and one of my friends has the same birthday as me and shes awesome and woo hoo!

so, here are some photos from my okayish weekend. I only just realised they don't show the SUPER WICKED AWESOME bow I made in about 10 seconds burning myself in the process. You know the tutorial on rookie? yeah, mine didn't really look as good as that.

 So this is an early birthday present I, ahem, bought myself with, ahem, some of my mums money.

Don't you wish you could eat it.

this is something I saw on my day in the city. I thought it was cool, I also saw a massive zombie parade/nerf gun battle, it was really scary and cool but mostly scary.



 sources unknown.



also, how to you people feel about me putting videos of me actually singing?? 

reluctant, yes yes I thought so

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Friday, 26 October 2012

the tethers holding her together, are lost to the wind, long lost


here is an outfit from last weekend.

these are some cool superhero clown shorts I got for $10 at an op shop.


my shiva pendant and ohm necklace:


look at those frown lines. WHOA! small creatures could live in there.

so.... my glasses.
they are red.

I kind of feel like they have super powers because they're red and everyone knows red goes faster and is way more powerful than any other colour.

now, prepare yourself, I am about to write big, long thing. i just need to expreeeeeeeeeeeesssssssss myself.

so, the other day my brother and mum and me were talking about being a vegetarian. And my bro was like: "carla, you do know that you being a vegetarian doesn't help the animal's life at all." and then I was like, 0 0
and then we were talking about abortion and stem cells and being vegetarian and all this stuff and my brain was all wbhfoufuwfvgweuyfvwe and my morals were being questioned. Because if you are a feminist, you believe in equal rights and that people can live life how ever they want. This means you should be, in theory, pro abortion, which I am. But then I was like, well, I am a vegetarian. And I am a vegetarian partly because I think it is cruel to eat living things and partly because the fact what I am eating once had a face and walked around and stuff really FREAKS ME OUT.

Soooooo, if I don't believe in killing living things, but I believe in abortion, doesn't that make me kind of a hypocrite???? But I am sure there are plently of vegetarians who are also feminists. so how does that work????!!

I am not even sure about stem cells, because frankly I haven't really made up my mind about when a human life begins and ends. And now I feel all confused about what I believ in a stuffffffffff.

so, what do you guys think????



Tuesday, 23 October 2012

super duper cute


here is a video I made on the weekend.

That's my bro's arm in the background.
He does some singing along sometimes like the supercute child he is.

don't judge.

he likes me
actually i think he likes me
you shop at old navy
at least its not salvation army
you wish you were indie,
I go to real school
boys don't like tall girls
you're FAT!

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Saturday, 20 October 2012

there's a light in the darkness that never goes out

since i submitted my get well soon card for Malala late. Here it is:

the post on rookie nearly made me cry. It was so inspirational to see everyone support her and say such nice things. The girl power was like bursting out of the computer screen.


Tuesday, 16 October 2012


next chapter baby:

chapter 3

(there were times when I could've murdered her, but I'd hate anything to happen to her.)

Life had continued in its usual fashion in Sommerville. Except for the fact that EVERYBODY WAS COMPLETELY FREAKING OUT!

There was an extremely dense feeling of anticipation and confusion in the atmosphere. It was almost warm, like cheap cotton candy left out on a summer's afternoon. Its stickiness melted over the whole town like puss oozing out of a bulging pimple.

And no one in the whole of Sommerville was brave enough to acknowledge it.

The population, all 998 of them moved as one sluggish, hesitant group of pretenders. Everyone was silently urging someone else to do something. It seemed as if the answer was right there, just a block away, floating around casually, waiting for someone, anyone, to stumble upon it.

But no one had, and instead they all continued to make polite conversation about haircuts and golf tournaments and other things no one really needs to know about.

Dahlia's death still flickered in their minds, it tossed and turned and slithered into the small ridges between their logical thought.

The words still slowly flashed in their minds. Like a neon sign at the end of the night.


It made a clunky nagging sound at the back of their consciousness. A whinging child, pestering, pestering, pestering for some attention.

Of course, although it seemed the residents of Sommerville were more absorbed by the new IKEA catalogue, the recent baffling events had not gone completely unacknowledged.

The gaping hole in the sky still remained. Its shaggy blue edges gently dancing in the breeze.

And the day afterward the local newspaper had released a total of three items of relevance to the whole fiasco.

The first was an obituary for Dahlia. It was one page 7. Now, you must understand, page 7 rarely existed in the Sommerville Chronicle. In fact, the editor, Mr (insert name here) normally had trouble filling up the six pages that did exist with hard hitting journalism. He usually had to resort to making the writing size 16 on his computer. Or, if he was really desperate, he would allow his wife, Mrs (insert name here) to waffle on for about two pages and just label it EDITORIAL because no one ever read those anyway.

So, the town was pleasantly surprised to see a page seven in the Chronicle that morning, (even if that had to reschedule their badminton games and hedge pruning in order to read it.)

Because, the truth was, that no one really knew who Dahlia was. To them she was just a walking mess of op shop rags and flowers and wild hair.

And frankly they all just assumed she was smoking marijuana.

If anyone had bothered to think about it, it was rather sad that Dahlia had to be publically murdered by unexplained floating sharp objects before she could be taken notice of.

The obituary went as follows:

Dahlia Skog was an upstanding member of the Sommerville community. She was an quiet girl who attended Sommerville High and maintained good grades as she spent the rest of her energies on her co-curricular activities, such as swing dancing, lacrosse, Indonesian classes and still life drawing.

Her parents were immensely proud of her when she was awarded chess captain within school and also won the science fair with her fascinating diorama on the digestive system. Dahlia was a lovable daughter and sister to her parents Glen and Doreen and younger sister Babara. The Skog's lived right in the centre of town, across the road from the 24 hour Shirley Temple memorabilia store and attended church every Sunday.

Dahlia will be greatly missed by her family and friends. A memorial service will be held in the church on Sunday and a black arm band will be worn in her honour in the next lacrosse game.

Everyone who knew Dahlia said she was quite an angelic child and regret losing her to drugs.

Next week, look out for your free 8 page, coloured photo album on Dave and Rhonda's (of 3 Clover Avenue) wedding!

This of course was completely made up, except for the photo album bit.

Sommerville High didn't have a lacrosse team.

Who even played lacrosse?


 not sure this is very good.
I just realised that I think i am better at writing dramatic things where nothing much happens, and I am a bit scared to actually write like, action scenes and stuff without making them sound all dull and b grade movieish.  (in case you didn't notice, that was a useless revelation that none of you really needed to know about.)
Also, I may attempt to so that write a novel in november thing, cause my english teacher mentioned it today and I swear he was sending me telepathic messages and telling me to do it.
or maybe I just want to do it.
probably the telepathic thing.
also,also, there is this new kid at my school. even though i have, ahem, not yet talked to him, he looks super cool and my friends told me his yotube channel. I had a look and he is definitely as cool as he looks, and I was so annoyed to see people putting such poohheadconstipationfacebumheadface comments on it. i may just make a youtube account to tell him how wicked he is.
i just realised that is kind of creepy.
well, i'm a creepy sort of person.
the end
ps: mary, I am ACTUALLY going to curl up on the floor and wither to dust if your zine doesn't arrive soon, I nEEEEEED to see it to medicate me through school.


Thursday, 11 October 2012

and somehow it stings, cause I know its the end

hello theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere.
 I have been feeling a bit unispired with what I wear lately due to the horrible fact I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR.  which probably, maybe isn't true. But I still get crazy jealous that all you guys have NO SCHOOL UNIFORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
anyway, today I would like to show you the next chapter, a very short chapter, of Suburbia is a lie. Yes folks, for once I haven't given up on a story and have actually written 4 chapters in total (woo hoo party noises.)
here we go.
(its a work in progress, okay?)
chapter 2 (silence like a cancer grows)

In a place that is the definition of vagueness there sat seven people.

This place is unlike reality. It is a blur, it is isolation, it is like Antarctica hit puberty and stuck in a bad mood swing for eternity.

Silence dripped from every corner of the room. It trickled down the walls and formed a puddle around the people. Soon it would flood the room, a sea of silence would murder them all.  All of them slaughtered mercilessly.

 Anyone could tell these seven people were incredibly important, (at least one of them had had some surgical operation or other to make them more so.) But nevertheless, awkwardness was practically emanating off them. In fact, if you listened closely, you could hear tiny, articulate voices chanting it. "Awkward. Awkward. Awkward. Awkward."

It had almost been 17 minutes. The awkwardness was more potent than ever and the immense silence was on the brink of becoming deadly. Then, a man walked into the room. He was the most important. Everybody knew it. The seven awkward, but important people knew it, the silence knew it, even the tiny, articulate voices knew it. They all straightened up, as if being ironed by an ex navy cleaning lady.

His ego filled up the room, squishing the awkwardness and the silence up against the white walls. He carried with him a single 2B pencil and a strong cup of coffee. It was one of those ridiculous coffees, not only was it a low fat extra cream monstrosity, he had also added precisely 3/17 's more milk that he usually did, because today was a Tuesday. And Tuesday was the day he liked to mix it up. All of these seemingly useless facts were noted as soon as the man walked in.

He laid down his coffee and his 2B pencil and began pacing. Pacing is a sign of being important.

"Sommerville knows." The man announced.

 did you guys hear that??? SOMMERVILLE KNOWS, dah dah daaaaaaaaaaaaah.
so, I hoped you like it. AND i will be putting on more as I write them, and hopefully i don;t give up, if I do you have permission to internet kill me or something of that nature.
also. here are some grrroooooooooovy photos I took while messing around with plasticky jewels.
okay, apparently they arent loading. so here is a video that I made. It is kind of random but i like it. don't judge me (yeah, carla, put something on the internet and then tell everyone not to judge you.)
YAY! the pictures loaded.
they were only experiments, and I am planning to do more professional ones.

in other news:
my mum found my yellow dinosaur. SHIRLEY!!!!!!!!!!
tell me what you think. about everything:)
especially the story
have a semi colonish day

Monday, 8 October 2012

let me whisper my last goodbyes, I know it's serious.


holidays are crushing down on me

today I made some collages and finished to kill a mockingbird. I love it when nothingness fills my days.

 I also decorated my dolls house to make it halloweeny, I will put photos on later. I was extremely disapointed I couldn't find the fake cobwebs. And I was also disapointed that I left the plastic babies in the my nativity scene.

Anyway, here are some awesome things:

this is a book my friend ella let me borrow when we were cleaning out her room. I also scored a wicked aeroplane brooch, two tiny dog statues, some giant post it notes and some of ella's drawings of an icy pole.

anyway, this book is so interesting.

and mystical
 it has awesome pages like this:
sorry for the bad quality
and here is a little extract of the story that made me shiver because of it's awesomeness.

and here are the collages I made:
the writing is from a book about kites that I found under the stairs along with a calander from 1985 that will work for next year and posters from the island my nonno is from.

this is a collage representing my love for the smiths. Don't ask me why it's mona lisa there, but there are the lyrics of william in the background.

 this is made from the kite book and my celestial journeys calander.

 and these are ella's feet, she was going out and wore her school shoes because they looked so very awesome.

yesterday I saw an old man in the supermarket with nothing but 27 cans of cat food.

it made me sad.

and finally, here is some ufoish stuff that has been inspiring me kind of in the last 17 minutes.

all from tumblr

have a semi colonish day;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
(i don't even know)

Friday, 5 October 2012

I don't dream about anyone except myself


Well, I got back from fiji, which was like THE MOST PONAGE ZONEAGE OWNAGE week EVER!

I will do a great photo post of the awesomeness that is fiji later.

But for now, all I would like to announce issssssssssssss:

I am very excited!!!
because after gluey fingers, hot glue gun smell infesting my room and an excellent mess on my floor it is completed.

AND AND AND i am also very excited because I get to swap it with Birdie, so someone will actually like READ IT!
yeah, I know wicked sick awesome.

here's some drawings I did last night.

and also.......

my suburb got YARN BOMBED!!

I like to think it was my fence that inspired whoever it was.

But it was obviously the councils doing, because no one is cool enough to do it illegally here.