Wednesday, 26 September 2012

I don't care if Monday's black, Tuesday, Wednesday heart attack


me and my bestie tried these flower eyes today. We were just practicing and ran out of time because we were eating pizza and watching funny x factor auditions:)

BUT coming soon will be some completely awesome and flowery photos.

here is some excellent mess on my floor. I think it looks very nice and photo worthy.

also, what do you think of these glasses. They are my nonna and nonno's, but I might get new glasses.
Bigger glasses......

 i know, i know, my eyes are terrifyingly massive.
and finally, here is some writing I did a few nights ago:

I want to write these words.

Let them free.

Let them roam the walls, infest between the cracks in the floor.

But it is painful, there is a tragedy that comes with every letter. Every stroke on the page wrenches and twists my heart until it explodes.

A bloody mess of greif.

My arteries flopping over the white floors, slowly crawling away, abandoning me once again. Their crawl is reluctant but inevitable.

And the rest of my body is left.

A lifeless prison. My pale skin stretched unwillingly, pinned to my fragile bones. My organs piled inside me, a pre ordered, organised life. My guts dribble out, oozing through crevices and miniscule holes.

They sprawl across the desolate floor.

It is cold, but a better life than inside a bleak carcass.

Where the shrill wind screeches and wails and begs for an escape, where meaning is lost in an ominous blackness.

don't ask me to explain it.

I don't even know.

see you in a week:)

Friday, 21 September 2012


It came:

it came. it came. it came.
ps: in other news:
it is holidays, yay!
I am going to fiji soon, double yay!
Working extremely hard on my zine
wearing orange socks
getting suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper obsessed with grimes
expanding my love for semicolons

Monday, 17 September 2012

pop goooooooeeeesssss the weeeeeeeeeeeeeeasel

the sickly sweet wallpaper peeled off the walls and the faint stench of perfume meandered the rooms. Carrie wandered the rooms, running her finger absent minded along the frail walls. She checked her phone. Seven minutes past three. It had been a lazy afternoon. Perfect and sunny. She waltzed into the bathroom. Checking her reflection in the clouded mirror, smiling charmingly to herself.

Then she heard her name, being whispered. But it surrounded her.


she turned one way and saw no one.

"caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrie" the voice whined

Carrie shot her head in every direction, searching desperately for the whisperer. The words filled up her head. Gnawing through her from the inside out, mining away at her flesh and bones until nothing was left but a limp pile of pale skin.

"murder" the voice taunted.

"muuuuuurder" the room itself seemed like it was alive. She could almost hear the walls breathing, almost smell the rotting odour that seemed to fume and billow out of every corner.

Then something willed her to do something. Something that she would regret for a long time.

This something would cause her to lay awake at night, her eyes frozen open, staring into the void of darkness, for seven years. Listening for voices.

She opened the bathroom cabinet. It was one of those cabinets hidden behind the mirror. One that was there for dramatic 70's housewives to tear open and spill pills all over the floor in desperate times.

There, cramped up in a bundle, tied together with rope that cut into her porcelain skin, was her next door neighbour. July.

Her eyes were dreamy as if watching a play no one else could see. Her head was tilted to the side. Carrie could just see a very thin precise crimson line that ran around her pale neck. A single hole was burrowed into her chest. Crusty blood dried around it, like sticky jam smeared around a child's mouth. But it look as if hardly any blood had spurted out. The cabinet and pale white floors remained clean.

Pop goes the weasel rang out through the pastel coloured bathroom, slicing the sweet air. It rang and rang and rang, like an eerie kind of celebration. A weary, but triumphant salute.

Carrie slowly picked up her phone and looked at the screen.

It was 17 minutes past 3.

It was July calling.

What do you do when a dead girl calls you?

Carrie could see July's phone. It had fallen to the ground. The screen told her it was calling Carrie.

Then for the second time that innocent Summer's day Carrie did another thing she would regret.

she answered the phone.

"hello" carrie stammered, her voice like a ferris wheel stuck midair, swinging slightly in the breeze.

"hello Carrie. I'm not dead." July's voice whispered.

Then the phone hung up.

And July, still staring wistfully at Carrie, looked as murdered as ever. A text message flashed onto carrie's screen. The square letters would haunt Carrie forever. Even on her death bed, these words would crowd around her and scrape the insides of her brain.

The would taunt and tease and mock her whenever she was alone, and she would never escape them.

feeling creepy.

that was a story I wrote in literature. When I finished, my teacher was like "wow, we have a really dark class don't we?"

now, looking back, I realise how much better I could make this. I love to write, I really really do. but I always get freaked out about the plot line, so always just write thousands of beginnings of stories.

camp was good.

I got wet.

I discovered I like thermals.

a lot.

singing was good.

apparently I was loud.

holidays in 4 days.

love carla.

Saturday, 8 September 2012








salvador dali


feeling mystical today.
wishing I could read tarot cards.
drawing moons and stars and planets.
I got kind of inspired by the books susie reads in moonrise kingdom, they are kind of outer spacey
and have people with supernatural powers.
Have started making another zine, this one I am pretty excited about.
its called how to be weird. gosh, I hope I spelt weird right!
wierd, weird, wierd, weird.


and, here is a mysticallish drawing of a sun i did, because rookie gave me this idea

i have my singing recital in about three hours. I am starting to get nervous.
here is the song I am singing with my uke
boy and bear also do a cool cover
wish me luck and sparkles
ps: i will be on camp for a week, out in the wilderness, no technology.
see you in a week

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


SAW MOONRISE KINGDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it is so completely excellent and made me so very sad.

I don't know why.

And I was getting majorly peeved at all the annoying adults behind me, who seemed extremely excited to be seeing a quirky film. That they felt the desperate desire to laugh at every single thing that came onto the screen. HA HA HA HA a record player. HA HA HA HA (hysterical laughter) children thinking for themselves HA HA HA HA (now in tears from how very hilarious indeed that notion is.)

Well. The movie, even though I thought it was amazing from the very first scene, made me in a grumpy mood. WHY WHY WHY??? now I am really interested and minorly obsessed with a movie's ability to make me feel like that.

oh well. maybe I'm getting my period or something.

Continuing on from the eerie spring vibes from last time. I have some excellent photos that, to me, fit in perfectly with everything that has been inspiring me lately.

First, are the photos my bro took of me a while ago. When I very kindly forced  him to. (also, I have adopted a new method for photos. I take a video with my ipod of myself and then take screenshots to TA DA! get snazzy "high definition" photo (sarcasm)

 (being a creepo)

 (corny photo effects)
 (attempted wistfullness)

(after my brother refused to take anymore photos of me)

AND. although they were not eerie at all (I really need a new word. Thesarus AHOYH!)

OKay. Although those photos were not spectral, phantasmal, ghostly or haunting. Here are some photos which probably don't seem eerie any of those things, but trust me, I was TOTALLY FREAKED OUT MAN when we were there.

Yes. For father's day my dad decided to go for a "drive in the country" (something which contrary to my belief, actually requires you to get out of the car, despite the misleading title.)

SO we went to HANGING ROCK!!! Your probably all unamazed, but seriously, even though I have NEVER EVEN SEEN THE MOVIE, I have read a synopsis on wikipedia, which is basically the same thing, except FREAKIER because wikipedia makes everything sound all scary.

So without further ado, here are the excellent (sarcasm) photos I took on Sunday:

Oh my gosh! It's 8:13 right now!!! How creepy is that????

 (look at my wild shadowy hair)
(can't you feel the creepy aura eminating through the screen??)

 (ohhhhh, memorial crosss. Not pastellish pink enough for me)
 (super duper edited photo alert)

 (a super cool hippie girl we saw hula hooping on the side of the road. This was a veeeeeerrrry sneaky photo Seriously I would be a great stalker.)

(a book I got from a second hand book shop. Book shops reeeeeaaaaalllly make me need to pee for some reason. by the time we got home I was dangerously close to exploding)

Well. Now that you've seen all those super duper professional photos (sarcasm), now might be an appropriate time to tell you....

We didn't actually go to hanging rock.

I was too scared.

We just kind of mushed around the mountains around hanging rock. I did a great Man vs Wild impression on a bushwalk we took though.


anyway, you had to pay 15 bucks to get into hanging rock.

I'm not paying $15 to dissapear.

How do you spell disapear???