Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Hello there!

So, last post I was talking about the super cool awesome kind of suburbish and pastelish inspiration I had at the moment.

WELL, I have just finished writing a piece, which is for school, but is wicked sick all the same. It took a lot of discipline to actually write because I kept procrastinating and avoiding the fact that it was due TOMORROW, so it might be nice if I had something written down on the page.

I think if I can bring myself to be not lazy, I would like to make a whole story out of it and in that case what I am about to show you would just be the first chapter.



Rags hung off her thin frame and feathers drifted in the wind behind her. Flowers entwined in her hair, their stems knotted in the black jumble that sat haphazardly on her head. Her feet were bare and slapped themselves against the warm pavement. Soaking up the sunshine from every inch of the universe. The sky was straight out of a story book. Almost sickeningly blue. The pastel coloured houses were a Goth's worst nightmare, their colours as pink as babies. The whole town smelled of daisies and rainbows and unicorns. The air tasted of faerie dust and almost every person had a strange quality about them. A quality that could only be described as a sparkling aura. A feeling that engulfed you as soon as you walked past the sign that said "Welcome to Sommerville! Population 999."

So it was an incredibly sweet town, tucked into a haven between forests, hidden from the highway. You half expected munchkins to jump out singing and tap dancing. Sommerville was so sweet, in fact, it was almost certain that it had some dark secret. Something hidden between the neat rows of sunflowers. A little bit of darkness underneath every pastel clad child's angelic exterior.


The more days Dahlia spent in high school, the more days she spent not wanting to go. The locker lined walls and the cafeteria and the mystery meat smell that meandered into every corner of the vomit coloured hallways. It was a educational prison, that held her back from everything she wanted to do. The windows were little opportunities of hope, and sometimes when the sun shone in and danced along the desks Dahlia thanked the gods of suburbia that she had landed in Sommerville. But then her Geography teacher called on her, annoyingly, his expectant face and receding hairline staring down at her. And this, she reminded herself, was what life was.

The bell was the sound of freedom. Dahlia ran past immature boys and girls comparing waxing horror stories. Her feet flapped about on the concrete as she ran down the street and into the place she'd rather be. Where the pastel died out and damp, woody odours drifted in and out of the misty trees. Where her friends hung around all day. They didn't go to school. Structured curriculum just didn't fit into their existences. Art and music and poetry fit into their existences and flooded their minds with the sprawling creativity that Dahlia wished could flood hers too. After school Dahlia sat around on tree stumps with them and carved secret things into wood that only the birds and the forest would read. Sometimes they had picnics, and played old records from the good old days.  Tonight someone had brought a Ouija board. They had all seen the horror movies, the stories of sleepover parties involving some supposedly harmless ghost interference , and then the brutal haunting and murder of five innocent girls in their pyjamas. They all knew very well that there was the possibility of haunting and yes perhaps a brutal forest murder, but that was the thrill of life. And the chance to meet spirits was too intriguing to turn away.

The hours that followed were enchanting. Dahlia felt the spirit's presence. The secrets it whispered, about their town and its sweet disguise. Its thoughts coursing through her veins. Like the forest's history merged into her. The forest and Dahlia became the same. Everything it felt, she felt. And after that, nothing in Sommerville would be the same.

As Dahlia walked back through the street,  her vision of Sommerville was suddenly clear. Her whole childhood had been a distorted daydream, she had lived something fake. Something manufactured and tweaked for most perfect outcome. But now, with the whisperings of forest sprites playing around and around in her head like a creaky old carousel, Dahlia saw Sommerville as it truly was. The pastel colours and sweet atmosphere were crumbling down around her. She had to expose to everyone all that she had heard from the forest. There were 998 people who believed in a lie.

She ran back through the forest. The trees whipping past. She heard murmurs of encouragement coming from hiding places no one else knew about. The energy of the trees crackled into her fingertips, power surged within her.  She climbed to the tallest tree of all. Everything could be seen from here. Well, everything that was supposed to be seen anyway. Splinters punctured her skin, and leaves latched onto her. But this was the moment. This is the reason the gods of suburbia had placed her in Sommerville.

From the ground everyone could see her. The popular girls from her high school gossiped loudly into each other's ears.  The chewing of their gum could be heard from a mile away and the tapping of their fingernails clicked through the air as they frantically texted away at what the weird girl was doing. Dahlia began ripping up the sky. She tore and tore away at everything the town had thought to be true. Shards of perfect blue floated to the ground. They landed at the feet of the stunned towns people. For once everyone was speechless.

And then a very curious thing happened. Various signs from around the town started drifting into the sky. Letters from the supermarket shopfront and the school and the stationary store levitating in the midst of the shredded sky. Neon letters and old rusty signs gathered and began spelling out words. Words that, for some reason, everyone knew was the truth. As if a message from the gods of suburbia, who Dahlia now knew didn't exist. Everyone held their breath as the final words were being formed. Nothing else mattered to them than what the words would say. Suddenly Dahlia let out a shrill cry of pain. And everyone looked towards her.

Her heart was pierced. The blood dripping excruciatingly slowly.

And then the words in the sky lit up. And what they said made no sense to the residents of Sommerville. Why would it after all? The meaning of  any words formed in the sky was baffling. But these were extremely puzzling, especially since they said: SUBURBIA IS A LIE.

And no one really knew what to do then. Their whole belief system was ruined.

WOW! that was long. i'm sure my English teacher will have fun reading that. Thats what he gets for setting NO WORD LIMIT!!!! which is basically heaven for me. SO what do you people think? I know it's a bit random and might seem all puzzling at the moment, but I really think if I ever finish it it will be full of SUPER AWESOME OWNAGENESS.
Anyway. I will just finish with showing some pictures that make me inspired:

All images I got from google images and pinterest. Except for the last one, which is a picture from my journal. These lyrics is what inspired me for the end of the story.


Please tell me what you think about the story. What do you think will happen next???


Friday, 27 July 2012

Cause I am afraid of the light if you know what I mean

Hello There!

Today I am going to show you some EXCELLENT photos I took in Queensland these holidays just gone.

They are pastellish and leafyish and fantastic.

I liked how the colour of this house looked against the sky:

This is my absolute favourite photo, because Shangri-La is suposed to be this utopia and everything looks so perfect and suburbanish. And I also love that random guy sitting there causually in my photo:)

 This photo kind of sucks because of the quality, (I took all of these from the car.)

I loved how McDonald emerged from the lush greenery, its like commercialism growing out of nature.

Now that I think about it these photo intertwine with the story I am writing at the moment for English. Its set in a tinsy pastel coloured suburban town. Where the air smells of daisys and rainbows and unicorns. And you can taste the faerie dust. But then something dark and sinister is going on.

You know. its kind of cliche and you've probably all seen and heard stuff like it before. But honestly I was just glad to get something written on the page.

Here are some random pictures that are kind of inspiring me:

photos 1: google images
photo 2; edward scissorhands
photo 3: Tavi's blog
photo 4: picnic at hanging rock
photo 5: eat sleep draw
photo 6: google images

Also. Please please please everyone answer this question.

I want to buy a zine on etsy or something. Does anyone have some good ones you recommend that are filled with awesomeness????


Sunday, 22 July 2012

and their tears are filling up their glasses


Today me and mum went to Camberwell markets.

Think of it like this:
All of the old people you know invite 50 of their friends to bring basically everything they have ever owned/wore/looked at in their grand old long lives and you can begin to imagine how completely awesome this was.

My mum said Camberwell is fancy and conservative, but seriously their were some awesome people there. It's nice to know that inbetween normal people there are always people that are like an explosion of colour and creativity and pure awesomeness. And it may sound wierd but sometimes I feel like I have a secret, telepathic connection with other people equally (and often beyond) my excellentness levels. Some may call this borderline stalkerish creeponess. But I still enjoy sending secret brain messages to people, even if they don't completely receive the message.

Plus for the first time EVER!!! I got the courage to ask these people if I could take a photo of them. It was scary but strangely exhilirating. Here is a picture of them, they reminded me of circus people in a 100% fantastic way!
I'm afraid the photo doesn't quite do justice to how awesome they actually WERE. But still, next time I see cool people I will ask for their picture. And if they say no I'll take a really sneaky photo of them.
Stalkerish? YES!
Creeponess? YOU BETCHA!
Still legal? LET'S HOPE SO!

So, here's what I wore today:
 AND there's my new bag from Queensland. Excuse the creepo smile.

And there's me doing some creepo dancing. I have developed a liking for butt shaking.

One of things that majorly annoys me is the fact that:

1. I have to wear school uniform.
2. Even though I love my clothes and my mum is very generous in buying new ones for me, I never really can get my feelings and ideas and inspiration into what i wear. Yeah sometimes I just put on stuff that looks pretty damn cool. But in the rare occasion I can gather all the sprawling randomness from my mind together, I can't seem to bring in across in my outfits.

I know dressing up is meant to be about fun and expressing yourself. And I enjoy being crazy, but sometimes I look at other people and people's blog and it seems like they are actually portraying a character or you can clearly see the inspiration they had. An obvious example of course is Tavi. Who I think is amazing in the way she organises all the stuff and can sum it up in an outfit. That's what I really want to start doing is actually expressing what stuff I am thinking about.

Anyway. In other news I am writing a speech on being a redhead and if anyone has crazy stories/facts/rumors about red hair please do tell.

for example: redheads gain a freckle for every soul they steal. (man, I must steal loads of souls:)

Also I really want to buy a zine online, so I would love some suggestions from my experienced zine reader superiors.

AND: I am writing a letter to Paul Simon to ask him what Mrs Robinson is about and tell him how awesome he is. Do you people reckon I should be non-lazy and buy these international reply coupons and wait 3+ months for a reply?

FINALLY: here is a song from a guy busking at the market today, I wish I had bought his cd, because google isn't letting me DOWNLOAD HIS SONG!!!! it is really annoying.

he's called eating unicorns:

now I am going to go and obsess over stuff and be carlaish.


Friday, 20 July 2012

we were born with sun in our teeth and in our hair

Okay. I just realised I didn't put mine own questions into the last post. So what I am going to do is tag three people this post and put the same questions for all six people.

Today I am going to answer Nell's questions and in the process try not to curl up into a ball to shield myself from random fact sabotages about myself. I'm not sure if that makes sense, but ha ha it's my blog.

So by now you probably all know the rules, but just in case you've been oblivious to this INSANE TAGGING AWESOMENESS, here they are:

1.Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and then write eleven things about yourself.
3. Answer the questions for you in the original post.
4. Create eleven new questions and then tag three people to answer them.
5. Go to their blogs and tell them you have tagged them


WARNING: as i have said many times these facts may be ultra random, because I have exhausted all the normal facts about myself.

  1. I am currently listening to Nantes by beirut.
  2. Last night I started learning Elephant Gun by beirut, Mad world by Gary Jules and Yellow Brick Road by Angus and Julia Stone on the ukulele.
  3. After this I will probably make myself a peanut butter sandwich.
  4. In music yesterday I played the triangle.
  5. I am pretty skilled at it, and my friend and I contemplated starting a all triangle band.
  6. Chickens seem like cool animals. I like the noise they make.
  7. I have just finished reading Emily the Strange and have started reading Ghost Child (for school)
  8. I am desperately trying to think of something to write for a writing comp that closes in 10 days. PLEASE! I BEG YOU GIVE ME IDEAS!!!!!!
  9. I am a little obsessed with punctuation at the moment. I am drawing this picture of a guy being attacked by question marks, I will call it PUNCTUATION CONFRONTATION.
  10. Moonrise Kingdom doesn't come out till August in Australia, I want to go see it when it does though.
  11. On the weekends I live in beanies.

AND here questions from the very awesome Nell:

1. Favourite bird?
I would say a toucan cause they are awesome and colourful and seem like they would be good dancers.

2. Favourite item of clothing?

3. What is the thing you're most embarassed about, in terms of your body parts? (If anyone's wondering, mine is my feet)
This is a hard one, I know that sounds a bit braggingish and stuff. Wait, okay! My hands. They are all boyish and stubby and not at all graceful. Unlike my brother who is a BOY and has prettier hands than me, he doesn't even appreciate their POWER and AWESOMENESS. He seriously needs to look into a career of hand modelling.

4. Favourite fashion designer, if you have one? Doesn't have to be super famous. 
To be honest I not really up with the latest designers and all that. I cannot understand how all you guys keep up with fashion shows and bands and blogs and books and movies and all at the same time eating and sleeping and GOING TO SCHOOL!!!
But I do really like Meadham Kirchhoff or Jenny Kee (who is awesome and Australian.) And Romance was Born ( also aussie:)

5. What would you do if you were stranded on an island with only potato chips, peanut butter, a box of matches, and a red parachute with your best friend? 
We would create a peanut butter tribe and we would be the queens. And our humble servants would worship us with gifts of endless Reese's peanut butter cups and elegant fashions made from the red parachute.

6. What do you treasure most?
Um, my overalls. 
No, probably creativity and uniqueness.

7. What do you hate more than anything?
Nell, that is a very hard question.
I'd have to say when people try to force their views on religion or something onto you. And also when everyone takes things too seriously and can't have fun and just forget about what ever drama just occured.
That, or jeggings:)

8. What do you wish you could change about yourself?
I wish I could not care what people think more. And also being more confident that people will like me and will want to be friends.

9. Do you like strawberry ice cream? If you do, we can be friends. If you don't...I'll consider you still. 
I love all ice-cream, except gross flavours like coffee. So yes, I do like strawberry ice cream, but would probably prefer peanut butter flavour.

10. Do you have any cool scar stories? Can you take a picture of your scar to show us if you do?
Sadly no. The worst injury I have had didn't even take me to hospital. 

11. What is your favourite household appliance?
I'd probably say a vacuum cleaner, because they're fun to dance around with and they scare young children. 

Eleven questions of my own:

  1. Favourite onomatopoeia?
  2. Favourite superhero? (doesn't have to be a really popular one)
  3. Do you play any instruments? What are they? If you don't what would you like to play?
  4. If you had a band, what would you call it and what kind of music would it be?
  5. Do you get that complete confusion bubble up inside you when you hear someone say "I don't really read."?
  6. Favourite Harry Potter character? 
  7. What is your favourite smell? 
  8. What concerns you most about the world?
  9. Who would you make queen/king of the world if you could? They can be dead if you want. (it can't be yourself, it may, however be me.)
  10. What is your biggest regret?
  11. What is your favourite decade?

I am tagging:


IF you don't want to do this that's cool.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012



There have been many tags lately and awards and tagging back. I dream of a tag free world when the word will not haunt my vocabulary. No not really, they are very fun to do, but I think I am running out of facts to write about myself. Seriously people, how much random information do you think I remember about myself?!

I was tagged my the very excellent indeed gwen. SOOOOO...here are the rules followed by the last unnecessary blobs of information I can excrete from my tired brain. (ha, hope I grossed you all out by using the word excreeeete:) So i must apologise if I accidentally say facts i've already said in other tags.

1.Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and then write eleven things about yourself.
3. Answer the questions for you in the original post.
4. Create eleven new questions and then tag three people to answer them.
5. Go to their blogs and tell them you have tagged them

Eleven bits of randomness:
  1. I am scared of the dark
  2.  I dislike sappiness. which i think might be a problem later in life. at my wedding for example, during the vows: "Carla, when i first saw you your eyes sparkled like the moonlight and your sweet kind voice was like a soothing melody that whisked all my problems away, it was then I knew-"    and i'd be like: "YEAH YEAH YEAH GET ON WITH IT MATE! JEEZ!"
  3. I find ears absolutely baffling. I mean WHY ARE THEY SO STRANGE?? seriously they're all curly and sticky outy.
  4. My phone is very old and not very snazzy, I kind of like it, my ringtone is the mexican hat dance.
  5. I can crack my wrists, fingers, ankles, toes, neck and sometimes back. Which majorly grosses some people out.
  6. I like the smell of petrol
  7. Knives scare me. Recently my friend nearly killed me with one at a market. And NOT accidentally. She actually enjoys making me scared. Need I mention the QUAIL incident??!
  8. I have no middle name, I wish I did. My dad says I can have one if I want, but that would be WAY too hard to choose. If I ever have a baby I will take AGES to figure out a name. I like the name Azalea Dawn, but I'm not sure if thats too embarassing/skulduggery plesantish
  9. I am starting to scare myself with the FREAKISH amount of capital letters I am using.  They are beginning to become extremely addictive and I DON'T know if I will be able to stop.
  10. I told my table tennis teacher that I will dedicate my first novel to him.
  11. Sometimes when I read a book I get shivers and feel all weird when I read certain sentences from certain books. That sounds cheesy, but it actually happens. Does this happen to you, or am I just strange? 

OKAY now here are gwen's questions 

1. What do you like on pasta?

2. Where is your dream home? What is it like? Describe in detail.
i don't know where this dream home will be, but it shall have two storeys and should be squashy. I will paint the outside yellow and have awesome decorations in each room. My bedroom with be painted bright orange, which is the colour I want to paint my room now but am not allowed to. I would also plaster my bathroom with typewritten scraps so that the whole room is engulfed in words and you can have some entertainment while on the toilet. i would also have a pet llama called Harold and a pet unicorn, whose name is yet to be decided.

3. What do you think is the SILLIEST animal?

One of these fellas:

4. COPYCAT QUESTION: What is your favorite color combination?

Mustard and aqua. 

5. What does your hair look like at this exact moment?

I have taken my hair out from the ponytail i had it in at school. And now it is complete puffiness attack. Bordering on a afro.

6. What are your favorite words?

I like dramatic words like abyss and engulf, and also words no one uses like hornswaggle (you've got to be hornswaggling me, dude!) And also cute words like bulbous and gnome and moustache. There are more but I am too lazy/busy wondering why I think of a moustache as cute to think of them.

7. What are your LEAST favorite words?

All words are my friends.

8. Are you a member of a fan group? ex. Are you a potterhead (YES!), nerdfighter, starkid(!), hunger um gamer(?), *cough* twihard, Jane Austin...er, Catcher in the Ryeeerrer? If so, explain. ALSO! It doesn't have to be based on a book. For example, I was in a pickle club last year. We ate pickles a lot. And on a special day we all wore green.

My brother and I have attempted clubs, but ended up with three people cramped up in our shed trying to be a spy club, so no, not exactly magical famous five sort of stuff. 
I really love Harry Potter though, but my fanage is dwarfed in comparison to those DIE HARD potterheads who can like quote words and the exact page they are used. But I am working on it.

9. What do you think is a really cool skill that you do not possess?

I can't whistle. When attempting I look like a fairly odd person producing no sounds remotely close to a whistle. I also can't blow bubbles with bubble gum, which pretty much decreases my chances of being a cool rebel school girl who chews really loudly. 

10. What do you think is a really cool skill that you DO possess?

I can make this super awesome face that no one except my brother and dad can do. Many people including my dad himself, have remarked that it makes them want to slap me. I think it's excellent that I have the power to drive people to the edge of their sanity. Here is a photo:
If you can make this face I will be very excited and we can start a club. 

11. What makes you laugh?

The word lock used to make me laugh. yes as in "take Carla outside and lock the door so she never returns."

I am tagging:



Wednesday, 4 July 2012

There were always golden rocks to throw at those who admit defeat too late.

The holidays have been welcomed with open arms into my house. So far I have done lots of fun things including going to a ukulele shop, playing some Mario, being a grandpa and doing some interpretive dance. My cousin came to stay at our house for a couple of days, and during her stay she read me some of her physics books which were very interesting, let me do crystal healng on her and also showed me a Very Potter Musical which I find insanely addictive. 

Here are some outfits from the days when I could force someone (mum, brother) to take a photo of me (usually by bribes, pleading or brute force.)

 The day I wore this was incredibly cold. We went to a market, it was freezing and we only stayed about 20 minutes because most of the stuff was for old people (and not in a cool way) so we went shopping at Dangerfield instead.

 Mum bought me this coat from Dangerfield, which warmed me up sucessfully. The ladies in Dangerfield thought I was pretty cool, I think, but mum says they were just being nice. They nearly accidentally charged us $50 for a pair of gloves instead of $4 and mum almost nearly left her credit card in the store.

 This was the first time I tried that mismatched tights thing. I thought it was excellent!! (even if it did make my bum look a bit bulgy because of the tights wrapped around. My mum thought one colour tights would be much more elegant, but I think whoever came up with this idea is pure awesomeness and should be worshipped.
Beanie-knittted for me by an old lady who lived near us when we lived in units.
Shirt- from that vintage market I talked about.
Tights- myer
Brogues- Salvos
Necklace- A random key I found that is actually a key to my cousins house (but sssshhh they don't know that.)

AND.... here is another outfit I wore to go see a wallace and gromit thing at scienceworks. It was really fun and I sung karaoke in the shower with my mum.

 I was going for grandpa style mixed with the circus. So maybe a grandpa who used to be a circus performer and still practices juggling with oranges when no ones looking.
beanie- handmedown
shirt- from finders keepers market
suspenders- (yes I finally got some charli!) dangerfield
Pants- dangerfield
Boots- don't remember
jumper( seen in other picture)- dad's
brooch- mum's

I will be back with more stuff. Because I am going shopping with my friends tommorrow at retro star.

Oh and I started writing a poem called PUNCTUATION CELEBRATION! (you should look forward to reading it)

What is your favourite piece of punctuation? (mines a semi colon:)
Favourite word?
Least favourite word?