Saturday, 19 May 2012

Let the Seasons begin

My new goal in life is being able to blow a bubble with bubblegum, this american lady, who had just been to USA foods, (which in my opinion, having never been to the US, is like a shining paradise filled with overpriced sugar that we don't otherwise eat in australia.) So if you guys know how to blow a bubble, please tell me your tips. I am desperate to blow a massive bubble bigger that my face.

Anyway, today I will show you some photos that me and my friend took at my brothers soccer. She has an ownage app which makes the photos look well, good, and apparently I am very photogenic (yeah right!), that or I am good at staring wistfully into the distance. I just wish I was wearing something more amazingish.  Mixed in is also some random photos of our fun with a box.

 This is meant to be "the Oracle":

I don't have much else to say really, except to show you people this awesome song, by an awesome band that rocks my socks.

Oh and and and my YARN BOMBING!!!!!

I really want to put my knitting on someones house or my school, a massive piece of knitting that says: YOU'VE BEEN YARN BOMBED. How cool would that be??

A list of songs I have been listening to:

Hollywood- Angus and Julia Stone

Substitute-The who

Ghost Town- First Aid Kit

Oxford Comma- Vampire Weekend

Cosmic Love- Florence and the Machine (thanks Ella:)

Dedicated follower of fashion- The kinks

What songs have you been listening to?

How do you blow a bubble from bubblegum, oh bubble master?


Friday, 11 May 2012

Scary Scientist MAN

Today I have some photos for you. They are just some random things that I have taken over the last week or so. READY? OKAY!!
A mess on my floor

Patches I sewed onto my jeans, that typewritten stuff on the yellow is a haiku I made up because I like 17 syllable poems.

A picture my cousin took of me

Vintage Camera!!!!!! (ahem, app.)

Outfit last saturday, the photo isn't very good, don't ask what I was doing with the wool, i was just in a knitting mood.
Which reminds me........

I finally put up my yarn bombing. Yes it's on my fence, which kind of defeats the purpose of illegal knitting art, but oh well. And I also learnt how to knit words into stuff, so I'm going to write RELEASE YOUR INNER GRANDMA in my next piece.  Also I have been on Etsy a lot lately and found a lot of stuff that I will probably never buy. My friend just got some floral Doc Martens and I am soooooo jealous!

Here is a list, because I feel like it:


  • I brought my ukulele to school because we are writing and performing ballads for English and I'm going to sing ours.
  • Everyone seemed to enjoy my ukulele and I even taught my english teacher some chords
  • I learning somewhere over the rainbow and big jet plane now
  • I think my yarn bombing will cause some interest in my suburb, hip hip hooray!
  • me and my brother are cooking dinner tonight
  • (voluntarily)
  • I am hoping it goes well, our dessert is called Caramel Rocky Road Ice-Cream Wafer Sandwiches!!!
  • And our "restaurant" is called Soot Gremlins

  • I can't do the school musical anymore because I am going to the Great barrier Reef during "VERY IMPORTANT HOLIDAY REHEARSALS"
  • And I made a dinosaur brooch, which was awesome and yellow, but it broke.
  • Apparently glue isn't very glueish anymore, as my dinosaur, lets call him Shirley, lasted less than 48 hours:(
Here is my outfit today, complete with velvet pants and a star wars brooch (just picture it with a wicked yellow dinosaur brooch, Shirley, too.) I was going for a palentologist grandma type person, in case you couldn't tell:)


Friday, 4 May 2012

do you know how lovely you are, in the moonlight, in the moonlight of my heart.

I've been thinking about it a bit, and the fact I'm a redhead could potientally kill me one day. Hair racism fascinates me a bit, about how hair colours have developed sterotypical traits. So much so I made a section in my inspiration book about redheads. I wrote all the things that people have said to me (that I can remeber.) and I also copied some interesting facts, quotes and famous redheads (like Chuck Norris and Ginger Rogers) from an article in Frankie.

This isn't a feel sorry for me thing, because to tell the truth, no one really mentions it much and if they do it doesn't hurt me. What amazes me is the fact that people think it is a massive deal. They act like comparing me and my fellow redheads to orangutans and talking about us starting fires is clever. And yes I am proud to be a ranga, because there is less than 2% of redheads in Australia and less than 1% in asia and africa. So when you think about it I could be like royalty in asia. But then I was thinking about how like in world war two, the Jews were the people that the Germans wanted to get rid of. And I know religion is a way more serious and problem causing issue, but the colour of people's hair could possibly be the cause of a war one day. Imagine if all the blondes decided that redheads were weird and shouldn't be allowed to live with them and then they got their hands on some nuclear weapons and BOOM, theres world war three. What I also wonder is how blondes got the reputation to be dumb, and reheads agro and brunettes boring. Because of course its not true and all that, but who decided it all??

Okay I just looked it up and according to wikipedia, blondes were the more beautiful people, you know with blue eyes, so apparently they didn't have to use their intelligence to get ahead in life because they had looks. Another theory is about this French lady in the 1700's who was acting in a play and paused for ages before her lines, so she was not only stupid but dumb as in mute. And I  also noticed that blonde jokes are only about girls. There are also Redhead jokes and brunette jokes, but as hard as I tried I have never seen a black hair joke.

Anyway sorry if those post was really random.Here are some more random photos I have taken in the last week.
At the beach. Played some lemon in the dark.

Some awesome face paint my best friend did for me:)
I promise next time I will post an outfit. I have had a very busy week, involving seeing two plays on the weekend, Macbeth and Invisible Friends. Both were excellent, I especially liked the way I could hardly understand anything they said in macbeth. I also liked the witches.

ps: in a hair colour war, who would win??