Friday, 27 April 2012

let england shake

This photo was taken by my cousin at the vintage/handmade ownageness market last Saturday. As you can tell it was very sunny and I was waiting exhausted from all the shopping, waiting for someone to bring me a cupcake. Everyone was dressed pretty cool there and I saw many brogues and many many nerd glasses. All this made me think about how all the arty type people are kind of in a different universe to others. And then at school we were talking about ordinary worlds, and if we like that idea of being comfortable and having a routine. Or if we think it's boring.

When someone says ordinary world, I immediately think of the perfect, perfect suburbs you see on TV. As in the perfect green grass and the same houses and all those mums who do pilates and stuff. Like stereotypical suburbian stuff. And even though i live in the suburbs, i think you can always find small things, if you look, that are a bit different. And that's why I like the idea of yarn bombing, because in such a conservative, comfortable place, I think it would be excellent to give the people a bit of excitement with some illegal knitting art. So in this class discussion I said that I think if i didn't have the weekends, my life would be too ordinary and that when I finish school I can do everything I want to do. And then my teacher asked me what that stuff was so of course I told him about buying a kombi and going around Australia and buying a "squashy house" in fitzroy and painting my room orange.

But then someone mentioned getting a job and how your going to need to do stuff you don't want to, so you can live. At this point in my life, working sounds fun and life is ahead of me and all that. But then I think about parents, who probably used to have dreams like mine, and then pushed them down because "they weren't sensible" or "they had to concentrate on their serious careers." Which I think is a bit sad, because its like your missing out. And I hate missing out, that's what I'd be scared of. Not having enough time, or wasting time. Like watching Friends for example, is it wasting time if it makes you happy while you do it?

Do you people think that when your an adult you stop thinking about all the cool stuff kids think about now? Do you think you try and live normal lives?

Anyway. I'll just show you some photos from my inspiration book. They don't have much to do with anything in paticular, but they're cool. Also, I set up a sewing/typewriter table in my room, so now I can feel like a proper writer.

Wow, these are really bad quality! sorry.

And....... I think I may be getting blinder, because even with my glasses on I mistook the word crystal for dynamite. I couldn't understand why in science, where we were studying rocks (yay!) a boy in my class was looking up dynamite. So maybe some new glasses for me soon. BIGGER!!


Tuesday, 24 April 2012

all the little people

It is absolutely freezing today, which pretty much goes against the rest of the world's idea of Australia. I really wish we had snow, instead of just rain, then maybe school could be cancelled, or at least we could make snowmen at lunchtime. I have never seen snow, only ice, I tried tasting it, let me tell you, NOT a good idea, it tasted like everyones shoes who had stepped on it. Anyway, I went to a market on the weekend and my cousin took some ownage photos of me, you know, lying on the grass and looking wise and thoughtful, but I don't have them yet. So I will show you some slightly random photos of these little guys I made with my hot glue gun. I think they kind of need a story to go with them, but it might be fun for you to make one up in your head. Maybe I'll make a comic type thing one day. I took them on my vintage camera (app.)So that's why they're all oldish., except for the old man, he was already old before I took the photo.

This old man has wicked suspenders.
He's on my pencil case that I made for school

Sadly this guys head fell off...

this pirate is also on my pencil case.

A little book of things that will make you smile. Things include, wearing mismatched socks and creating creepy little books such as this.

I didn't make this, as you can probably tell

hello there

 Tommorrow is a day off from school, because its ANZAC day, which is only in Australia and New Zealand to remember all the soldies that fought in the first world war. We had a one minute of silence today, which is pretty impressive.
Also I auditioned for the school musical, I just have to wait for call backs now.

In the comments please tell me about snow, I feel in a snowy mood, even though I don't even know what it TASTES LIKE!!!!!!

Oh, i just remembered I have reached 50 followers. YAY!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

But my words, like silent raindrops fell

I don't have much to say today. I just wanted to show some photos of some stuff in my room and also some other randomness. I have no outfits, as I am now confined in the boundaries of winter school uniform, which leaves no room for creativity except for hair styling. We had a skirt length check today, which makes our school sound really strict, but it fails because all the girls roll them up the minute the check is over.

I have stopped rolling up my skirt this year. It made me think about why short skirts are so good. Someone said they don't want to look like a nun. One day if I am brave enough I should pull my socks up, wear my skirt as long as possible and do the very top button of my shirt up, I may even venture far enough to wear the school vest, just to annoy everyone. And today in science we were talking about how hippies used to use granite as deoderant and not shave their armpits and legs, and this boy made some sarcastic remark about how "thats a turn on." I guess he didn't think about how he doesn't shave his armpits or legs, and he still thinks of himself as a perfectly normal no repulsive boy. So then everything made me think about are the girls putting effort into their appearence for boys, or does it just make them feel pretty? And if I was to not shave my legs and armpits, and make them look like forests, would I feel like I am making a good point, or that I need to shave all this uglyness off immdiately? I know people shouldn't dress a certain way just because other people would want them to dress that way. But I still feel good when I look at my forest free legs and think "wow, they look pretty nice."

Anyway, it looks like I do have a lot to say. I know you've probably heard that argument ten billion times. Here are some pictures:

Why are people so unkind to redheads????? That is another discussion for maybe my next post.

And here are some photos by this Paris photography guy called Robert Doisneau. I found them very comical and now I want a little rabbit to walk around.

LOVE carla:)

Friday, 13 April 2012

rock on gold dust woman

today is the second last day of holidays and while I remain by usual relaxed, super cool self, I am freaking out just a little bit about the musical auditions. The musical is thouroghly modern millie and it's set in the 20's in new york. I've seen the movie. But if I am going to do an American accent (which I don't think we have to ) I will risk sounding like a like totally chiuaua beverly hills person, when really the part I'm reading is all shy and stuff.

Anyway, I don't have any outfit photos today, but I thought I'd show you some photos from Papier Mache, which is a magazine I bought at the art gallery shop in the city. I want to get a different magazine every second month, so if you know any cool ones that aren't a million dollars and very heavy, please tell me. Papier Mache has no pictures of adults and most of the kids are younger than me.I guess its for groovy parents.

 and also here is a big drawing thing I did for my desk:
That black thing with the speech bubble is supposed to be a dust gremlin from the movie Totoro.

And one more thing. If you are just hanging around at home for the day and no human contact is anticipated, what do you wear?? Do you make an effort to wear something ownage or do you just hang around in your pjyamas, eating easter eggs and watching Friends?


Tuesday, 10 April 2012

let the morning time drop all its petals on me

Easter is over. three of my eggs were dropped and I think the dog got high on the spray paint I used to spray my easter stick branch things.
Today me, my brother and my best friend went to take our temporary dog for a walk. We went into some alleyways, and then it started to rain and it was like we were in a movie. You know like Little Rascals or something, where everyone has grazed knees and has secret handshakes. Or like Fantastic Five by Enid Blyton. Here are some photos I took in the alley. There is some graffitti, nothing really amazing, but still and there's also a old house, that is all sterotypical haunted house, but it kind of nice in some way.The little dog is called Sofia, she is very cute but isn't toilet trained.

Yesterday I spent all day knitting, with no toilet breaks and brownies, a peant butter sandwich and some salad for sustaniance. My cousin repared her Alannah Hill dress and my auntie helped us and sorted her massive amounts of buttons. She has 10 sewing machines, endless buttons and two crates of wool that she gave me for knitting. I am planning to put some knitting art around my suburb and people will be like 'WOW, ART!!!!" If you have no idea what I'm talking about look here.

I don't have much else to say. Holidays are over in 5 days and when I go back to school I'm auditioning for a musical, I am really scared, wish me lots of luck.

Do you like my ukulele?

Thursday, 5 April 2012


After many hours of Easter preparation, after which I never want to see an egg again (unless chocolate or incorporated into a cake.) For the third year in a row I blew out the contents of 12 eggs and then painted them. I may have cheated this year and used a bike pump, but blowing, even with a curly straw really hurts your head and throat. Here are some photos of my sharpie decorated eggs:

So yay yay yay I have some stuff to show you. First is my outfit a couple of days ago, taken by my brother through a window that was so clean you couldn't even tell their was a window there (which could be excellent for walking into.)

And also a book my mamma bought for me at a book fair. It is from 1933 and is full of old school girl power.

 And finally here is a picture of my hand knitted legwarmers. They will transport me to the 80's someday, which most adults I know have blocked out but I think are pretty entertaining. One night my loving family and I watched Footloose and Flashdance (because I forced them to.) In case you don't remember Jumpback is what Kevin Bacon says when he finds out dancing is banned. I may attempt to casually slip it into daily conversations.