Tuesday, 28 February 2012

ØH no! I'm made out of glue!

Today me and my friend did an epic air guitar/drum solo to a song called The End is Coming. Then we had to compete with the girls singing One Direction with our Simon and Garfunkle. I think that sums up my day/ the schools of Australia. What do you think of boy bands? Do you like to worship them? or does the word Boyzone cause you to scream, run into a wall and turn up Rainbow Chan really loud on your IPod.

In the holidays I started to attempt to make a kind of book/magazine type thing called Harold. here are the photos I took for the front, they are a bit random and didn't really fulfil my vision, but I think they're kinda cool.

Radomness will follow:

Maybe one day I will actually finish it. Soon, maybe.....

And here quickly are some photos from a brand called ChrØNICLES ØF NEVER, they are Australian and have ownage O's and why is the font like this???? 
thay have cool places like this:
 And symbols like this:
 And have super black clothes like this!

There is this ownage photo I saw in this fashion book that reminds me of where the wild things are, but I can't find it!!!!
Anyway....Check them out!

Love Carla:)
Wait!! A song:

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Flowers may wilt when we walk past

We went to high tea on Sunday which was extremely enjoyable, especially since I was speaking all posh calling my brother Edgar and saying ravishing a lot. The waitress even offered be half a glass of champagne, which I respectfully declined as i had school the next day. Here are some photos I/my brother took in the fancy hotel's garden while trying not to look to amteurish and more like we go to high tea all the time.
This is my Harry Wragg dress, which I bought for $15. It is gloriously grandmaish, except my mum didn't let me wear long socks.

i wish I could've gotten better photos, but my brother's priorities were all mixed up, and he cared more about the scones than taking pictures of me. After tea, we watched the wedding photos in the park, there were some guys with flags and very loud singing and also a bride with no groom. curiouser and curiouser.

And now a poem I wrote:
Ode to the hot glue gun:

Oh, hot glue gun 
how you squeeze
out drops of glue
that stick to me.

Yay for adhesives, you guys rock!

Oh, hot glue gun.
How you stick
things together 
that and this.

Clouds to sky.
Leaves to tree.
And my glued up hand,
to my knee.

Oh, hot glue gun 
how you smell.
Stink of plastic
and burning as well.

Open a window, 
turn on a fan.
Totally pongy,
gross out man.

Oh, hot glue gun
How you burn.
Burn my finger
and my hand.

Giving me blisters.
Painful pain too.
Irritating adhesives.
Shame on you

-a poem my Carla, who is absolutely sure glued up is an acceptable phrase.

Now a song: 
(wow what's next, a dance number? herds of elephants prancing around unicorns?)

From CARLA:)

Thursday, 16 February 2012

You know constellations in the stars, I'm happy I don't know what they are

I have received my first ever award ever. It is the versatile blogger award.


2. look up versatile

3.Party a tinsy bit more.

Thank you chazzehhh at Contriving Fashion for awarding me this grand award.


  • thank the person who nominated you for the award and give a shout out and link to their blog on your blog. 
  • share 7 random facts about yourself
  • pass the award on to other bloggers who you like.
Seven random facts about me:

1. I find it difficult to eat meat without thinking too much about where it's come from and get freaked out.

2. I sing almost nonstop at home, just ask my brother

3. I wish I looked more Italian. My maths teacher said "I've never seen an Italian with red hair." Not that I don't like my hair.

4. I hate it when people talk about how Santa isn't real and start analysing the evidence of why his isn't, I just want people to shut up and believe, same with the Easter Bunny. Tooth Fairy, forget about it, do adults think we're stupid.

5. I do not understand the big deal about maxi dresses.

6. I also do not understand why the most romantic movie of all time is named after a piece of stationary. (the notebook.)

7. The movie Troy made me cry. So did West Side Story.

Thanks for reading.
And i present this award to Cess from the flowered fashion.


warning: any comments about santa/easter bunny and whether they exist will be hunted down and possibly wedgied.


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

I said be careful his bow tie is really a camera

Here is my asian style dress that I got from Retro Star sale. I attempted to do my hair in those cute little bun thingys but in my opinion they look more like sticky out bulbs. For some reason my face is serious in these photos. pretend I am a politician or something.


It is really fun to wear, which sounds weird but it's true. And the buttons take like three hours to do up and undo. Well I should go as I have homework. But on the weekend we are going to high tea, because we are fancy pantses and I can show you my Harry Wragg dress.

Ciao choucho bellos (bye, beautiful donkeys)

Saturday, 11 February 2012

let them eat cake

During an english spelling test my teacher had to use unfashionable in a sentence:
"Unfashionable. Jeggings are very unfashionable. Unfashionable."

Probably the highlight of the day.

On Friday night we watched Marie Anotionette. I have never before wanted to pile my hair on the very top of my head, wait thats what I do every day. But one day I aim to turn this...
into this:

Even though the point of view of this motion picture is debatable, as in we view Marie Antoinette as inoocent, I believe the costume was fantastic as were the desserts.
(that sounded so professional.)
Here are photos:

and things that remind me of this movie:
Internet yummy noises

Meadham Kirchoff spring 2012

And while we are on the Frenchy theme. Did you know in the sewers of Paris they found an orangutan skeleton? I wonder how it got there. That would make a really good story. YES! I'll write one and put it one here along with my hot glue gun poem:)

And finally here is a song:

Her name is Pomplamousse, it means grapefruit in French.

hope this hasn't been a bad post, randomly looking at big hair and talking about sewers.

Stay french, even if your not (like me),Love CARLA

Saturday, 4 February 2012

orangutans are skeptical of changes in their cages

First of all, thanks for your kindly words with that last post. I think I will try to post more and I kind of want to learn about designers and all that jazz. I already learnt about fibres in textiles at school. SO HA!

Last night I went to my cousins 16th. Happy birthday jazcav (we got him nutella, how skilled are we??) and YAY lee.

Anyway, more importantly ME! On the last day of the holidays I went gallivanting (which is a cool word) around the city with my auntie and bro. I finally learnt the basic layout of Melbourne. After probably 20 minutes of jumping up and down in the frustration of mixing up Swanston street and Flinders street at the tram stop, I kind of got it. So now I can totally navigate as long as I'm paying attention instead of looking at all the cool people around me and marvelling at random stuff. Anyway these photos are from City Square (most of you probably have no idea what I'm talking about, which makes me feel more melbournish, but honestly I didn't even know there was a place called city sqaure before tuesday.)

This knitting art on the trees is called Yarn Bombing. And I think it is beautiful how amongst the grey buildings there are splashes of creativity and colour. Like yesterday I saw these people painting a bus stop.

Oh and please notice my ownage jumper (hand me down, don't you wish you had cousins as cool as me?)

WHAT? is that how my hair looked at the back?!

And here are some knits photos from DeviantART:

Also, yesterday I went to a Retro Star sale, everything (except two random bikes) was $10 or less! But it was 31 degrees, so I was boiling in my knee high socks, brogues and free blue shift dress from my auntie. I got two cool things (that was the limit according to my mum) which I will show you later. I found this yellow jumper with a clown and balloons of it, I decided to leave it half beacuse dad said it reminded him of Sideshow Bob from the Simpsons, and I don't want to be wearing that.

There were so many awesome dressed people at this sale. Like a guy in orange jeans and a girl with sparkling platforms, a bowler hat and lacy tights. I should have taken photos. would you have taken photos? stalkerish or otherwise.

So now I'll just show you a song by RAINBOW CHAN (possibly the coolest name ever.) Who I discovered via a magazine. She is really cool and remeber you heard about her from me:)

Thanks for reading. LOVE CARLA:)

PS: dear two certain cousins,
I hope you are happy I mentioned you.
love carla.