Wednesday, 5 December 2012

stuck in a cosmic trance

my head is filled with moondust
a nebula repeatedly flickering
like a tragic neon sign.
and it scares me
to think of the gaseous pillars
enveloping us.
engulfing life
but it's kind of peaceful to be in this cosmic trance
so maybe i'll stay here
for a lightyear or two

here are some drawings I did.

This one was inspired by Maya from a fidelity of fashion
 this one is upside down:

I am obsessed with drawing lips at the moment, I drew some massive ones on my RE book, it is surprising no one has commented on the drawings in my books. 
It makes me wonder if my teachers know who the smiths are. Or else they would've thought i was planning to serenade a boy called William after geography.


And here is a playlist I have made.
It was extremely fun to make, because while deep in the celestial depths of you tube I found pink floyd, which I'd heard of, but never listened to. I also looked up stairway to heaven by Led Zepplin (which I am ashamed to not have listened to before.) 

I can feel some major obsession/crying approaching.

the scanner stuffed up and I don't know how to rotate pictures!!!!!! &%@#!$!!!!

The songs are 

wish you were here- pink floyd
cosmic love- florence and the machine
sunship balloons-the flaming lips
asleep-the smiths
apocalypse dreams-tame impala
star picking-rainbow chan
clouds- deep time
little black submarines- the black keys
superstar-sonic youth

have a good day, 


  1. Your playlist is sooo pretty! I love it!

  2. I will print this text out now. It's incredibly perfect.

    Seriously, your life and your style and your brain seems unbelievably amazing to me! <3

    Love you,

  3. I love the starting poem! And your drawings are awesome :)! Good playlist too!!

  4. Your poem is gorgeous! I love the last 3 lines especially. And holy shit - Grimes, Pink Floyd and Florence in one playlist?? So much awesomeness! If you haven't listened to Floyd's album Animals (which happens to be on YouTube in full), I highly recommend it. It's life-changing. ;)