Friday, 7 December 2012

is it real now, when two people become one?


So.... last night I watched romeo and juliet. As in the leonardo di caprio one. As in the 1996 one. As in the TOTALLY WICKED SICK ONE!!!! seriously, it absolutely blew my mind bro!!!!! Not the story, because frankly, I didn't really know what they were really talking about half the time. And I'm sure this is not the best film to do proper justice to shakespeare blah blah blah, but what absolutely amazed me was how awesome the world was.

You couldn't even accurately describe it with words. It was like all this stuff from the universe mashed together to create pure awesomeness. Like it mixed the mafia with kind of tropical stuff and filthy urban landscape and religious kitschy neon crosses and it made everything so cool!!!!!!!

source for romeo and juliet photos


I have just discovered seapunk. I am not entirely sure of the definition, but I know it is so awesome.

AND....... I sent in some photos for rookie today. Obviously they are around the theme of faith. Now that I think about it am pretty sure the movie influenced me in how I edited them.

Here is a preview, I will post the rest if they don't get onto the website.

love carla

here is a song I love:


  1. This is one of my favourite movies of all time!!!! I studied Romeo and Juliet last year at school and loved it, and I'm assuming there's a good chance you will too because most high schools do it at some point. I recommend watching this movie again after you study the play, because then it will make so much more sense and blow your mind even more in an incredible way (yes, it's possible!)
    Romeo and Juliet is just the most rad thing ever and and and ugh I think I have to watch it again tonight.
    Needless to say (but obviously I'm going to anyway), wonderful post <3

  2. Seems like the bes movie ever. need to watch it NOW <33

    awesome post, awesome girl! <3

  3. ok 1) THOSE PHOTOS ARE KILLING ME the vibesss seem soooo cool and i have to see this movie asap!!!
    2) your photo that you took is like i mean like i don't know... no words? FABULOUS. ABSOLUTELY. I have no doubts it'll end up on rookie :)


  4. OK I REALLY WANT TO SEE THIS MOVIEEE! Also, your pictue looks awesome. They most definetly will post it!

  5. Ahh, kitschy neon crosses and seapunk. What could be better?