Thursday, 6 December 2012

a little slice of paradise

here is a piece of writing I found in a box called Carla's special things. Amongst the horribly written songs and birthday cards and ratings of people in my class I found this little slice of year 6 wisdom.
try to not pee your pants as you read about that "childish spark."
go on, I dare you.
Chewing gum happiness:
Oblivious and chewing gum. That's where I'd love to be right now. Making repeated chewing movements with my mouth, sitting at the bus stop, happy. You know happiness. That weird feeling where everything's okay. That no one seems to experience nowadays. I used to be like that. As in happy. And I was oblivious to the world around me. Most people think that's a bad thing, but it's not. What's bad about not noticing poverty and hunger and broken hearts and crushed dreams? And to be chewing gum at the same time. Now that would be great. Gum is life. It's a little slice of paradise that anyone can buy for a couple of bucks at the corner shop.

But eventually you grow up. That's when everything flies out the window. When your happiness, ignorance and needency to chew gum all dies. Around the same time you lose your baby chub and your cute little smile and start worrying about money and how many friends you have on facebook. Some time or other you lose the spark. The childish spark. And then you start being suspicious of everyone and become selfish and stop being happy and chewing gum. That is sad. That everyone you pass in the cold, lifeless street has lost their happiness or in this case, gum.
better posts coming.
don't loose that little spark.


  1. I bet we were telephatic friends around the globus. We have been exactly the same weird kiddies. I love this and your blog and YOU (in a friend-esque way, okay? :DD)

  2. That is so sweet and nostalgic. I have a similar poem that i wrote called "The days of fishsticks" :) Love the daria GIF too :)

  3. I loved that! And the Daria GIF couldn't be more fitting. ;)