Wednesday, 26 December 2012

I WANT YOU. to leave me alone

here is a movie i made yesterday. it is a little bit weird, but totally makes sense in my own head. Even if you hate it, it still shows off some of my christmas presents. My brand new, awesome ukulele, my socks and skirt. 


i am currently suffering a little bit from post christmas depression, but it is kind of mixed with a tingle of excitement.


 i am dressed head to toe in christmas gifts, except my glasses and my face of course, which I ALREADY owned.

top- emily the strange, just the sort of icy coldness I need, even though it is summer.
skirt- american apparell baby! I was told it was a fun summer print.
socks- socks


Friday, 21 December 2012

i want to be some one else


i have spent the past few days trying my hardest to participate.

i saw the perk of being a wallflower again with my friends. It ripped me apart again and will probably continue to do that every time I see it. My friend and I had several deep conversations on our way to get food. It seemed we were in some kind of melancholic trance, and I kind of felt like I should be doing more things and like I haven't been living the full "teenage" experience and it made me sad. But then we ate some maxibons and caught the train back home and watched friends for the rest of the day.

This same friend and I are planning a TOTALLY EPIC FRIENDS MARATHON BRO!!! if I get permission, we are splitting the show into two parts (44 hours each) and watching each half over three days, with 4 one hour power naps inbetween.

ANYWAYS: here is this designer I stumbled upon whilst on my voyages in the great depths of the internet.

his name is jeremy scott and I wish he was related to me.

these people are like gangster, disco, mario-playing, time travellers of the internet.

i think that is all.

and just for the record, I knew about the smiths before I saw the perks of being a wallflower.


Friday, 14 December 2012


played around with editing today, am starting to get obsessed.

wearing my TAVI SHIRT!!!

feeling inspired by pop art, comic books and kitchens.

while listening to a playlist called "mushroom people" on 8tracks.

trying to work out how this could be.

the end.


i'm not even hungry.


in the summer air

i have been in the most foresty mood today.

it all began once upon a time when late last night i was reading the HOME section of rookie yearbook and then I played this mumford and sons song on ukulele and it was raining and magical and WOW!

so here is some stuffffff:

I want to get Trapped in a Faerie Ring
We could dance for hours endlessly
Time would freeze
We’d circle around the mushroom rings
Our neighbors would be elfs, gnomes and pixies 
The forest our home 
Each color would bloom flowers of luminous
shades of beauty
The spectrum of the rainbow
You could have any color hair you would like
A powdered snow white
or a shocking electric blue
We would eat rose petals
our vision would be like being on psychedelics forever and then we would drink lots of sparkling tea
If we stayed long enough, 
we would sprout wings of gold
We could travel the infinite cosmos
Carrying us off to far and distant worlds of magical wonders
there would be no pavement, no rust, no metal
everything would be made naturally
And when you get tired from dancing you could rest in a tree,
The winds would whisper songs of harmonium to help you sleep
The moonlight would leave glitter on the trees
And the Sun would cause our immortal skin to grow
The sky would make paintings inside the clouds
And the stars would tell us stories 
We’d make friends easily
there would be no violence or cruelty 
just pure love, euphoria
and happiness

 a crown i whipped up today

fake flowers are soooooo overpriced.
one day I will sell them free to all my friends!
 i was trying to be lana del rey a little bit here, I must admit it.

and finally a video.

N i know there is no better place for judging than the grand internet, so you might as well knock yourselves out, if you wish. 

in other news:

I sung at this pub thing as part of my singing lessons. I sung "there's a light that never goes out" by the legendary SMITHS! although my family were slightly disturbed by the lyrics, even though I tried to explain that they were kind of peaceful and happy, they said it was very nice all the same.

I also song this song I made up, it is called "thanks mr.dickens" and includes all kind of metaphors that are way to subtle. But it is pretty catchy all the same, if I don't say so myself.

All the same, my cousin said I was the best dressed there, probably cause I glued googly eyes on to one of my shirts.

AND in other, other news I am reading The Catcher in the Rye.

It is extremely good, and I have a feeling I have told you guys before. Nothing really important happens, but it is so interesting and entertaining and magic. He says goddam in every sentence, which makes me love it even more for some reason. It does get you a bit depressed when he gets depressed, but I am glad I am reading it now ( same with The Perks of being a wallflower) cause it seems like I need it now.

if anyone else has good books that are similar to this tell me. 

And in other other other news, my birthday party is on sunday, it is a hippie dress up scavenger hunt in the city, which should be pretty good if you ask me. 

more posts soon

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

and the forests will echo with laughter

hello. I have finally finished year eight!
woop woop woop woop!
here is what I wore on my first day of freedom!
crown-rookie yearbook
badges- scored from friends
skirt- salvos
this skirt was the best  kris kringle present EVER!!!!!!!
it kind of reminds me of that prada collection:
WHAT????!!!!! same print bro???????????????????!!!!
from now on I'm telling everyone my skirt is prada.
do you like my wall????

I had more pictures, but i can't find them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rookie still hasn't replied.

i'll put the photos on here if they don't
the end.

Friday, 7 December 2012

is it real now, when two people become one?


So.... last night I watched romeo and juliet. As in the leonardo di caprio one. As in the 1996 one. As in the TOTALLY WICKED SICK ONE!!!! seriously, it absolutely blew my mind bro!!!!! Not the story, because frankly, I didn't really know what they were really talking about half the time. And I'm sure this is not the best film to do proper justice to shakespeare blah blah blah, but what absolutely amazed me was how awesome the world was.

You couldn't even accurately describe it with words. It was like all this stuff from the universe mashed together to create pure awesomeness. Like it mixed the mafia with kind of tropical stuff and filthy urban landscape and religious kitschy neon crosses and it made everything so cool!!!!!!!

source for romeo and juliet photos


I have just discovered seapunk. I am not entirely sure of the definition, but I know it is so awesome.

AND....... I sent in some photos for rookie today. Obviously they are around the theme of faith. Now that I think about it am pretty sure the movie influenced me in how I edited them.

Here is a preview, I will post the rest if they don't get onto the website.

love carla

here is a song I love: