Wednesday, 21 November 2012

and all my vena cava can muster up to say

I haven't posted in ages because I didn't want to.
Here are some pictures from Fiji.

ps; I will start posting more soon
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  1. ahhhh those pictures look so PERFECT. I want to go there!!!

    A friend and I thought of our perfect future lately. We will live in a giant pink teapot on our lovely island somewhere in Fidji, because we couldn't think of any place further away (uh that sounds really wrong, sorry.). All of our friends will live there too, so, do you want to join? We will have a huge forest which is even more amazing than the jungle book, we will build a HUUUUGE treehouse and once a year, there will be the biggest and most awesome treehouse party ever. The beach will be incredibly beautiful, and we'll have a big big big garden which looks like Princess Lillifee (google her name, ya'll see what I mean.). There will be sheep and cows and huge turtles. We will have a whole floor in our teapot only for being creative, and there will be THOUSANDS of little fairies flying around and glittering everything. It will be TOTALLY MAGIC!!! We will eat pancakes everyday, and fruit salad with unknown fruits. AND there'll be a huge slide from the top of our teapot through the forest right into the warm and clear water. Did I mentioned the oh-so-cute dolphins? And we will eat S'mores till we throw up (oh wait, you can't be ill there. HUH!)
    But. Still. I didn't said the best thing. THERE'LL BE A HERD OF UNICORNS!!! UNICORNS! Got that, UNICORNS!
    wanna join our future? :))

  2. Awesome pics! I love them all! You're so lucky!

  3. woah this is so VIBEZEY i love it! Especially the little row of houses and the henna. gorgeous.