Saturday, 20 October 2012

there's a light in the darkness that never goes out

since i submitted my get well soon card for Malala late. Here it is:

the post on rookie nearly made me cry. It was so inspirational to see everyone support her and say such nice things. The girl power was like bursting out of the computer screen.



  1. me and my best buddy sent a card to rookie. I really hope Malala is better soon. She's an hero.

  2. I sent one too. #141. Yours is awesome Carla! Yeah, it almost made me cry too. When I saw it on TV I like went hysterical. She is a very inspirational girl.

  3. Your card is beautiful! I cried too, the whole gallery was both incredibly wonderful and incredibly sad at the same time. Mine's #180. Malala is amazing.

  4. so awesome! It really was so inspiring seeing girls come together in they way!

  5. Gosh, your card is lovely!! I love the colors and the rabbit... It's really sad that we still live in a world where young girls are attacked for speaking out against oppression... It's heart breaking that at such a young age she already has death wishes from people... BUT she also has a lot of support and I REALLY hope she makes a full recovery and gets back to doing the amazing, inspirational things she does and stands for.