Friday, 26 October 2012

the tethers holding her together, are lost to the wind, long lost


here is an outfit from last weekend.

these are some cool superhero clown shorts I got for $10 at an op shop.


my shiva pendant and ohm necklace:


look at those frown lines. WHOA! small creatures could live in there.

so.... my glasses.
they are red.

I kind of feel like they have super powers because they're red and everyone knows red goes faster and is way more powerful than any other colour.

now, prepare yourself, I am about to write big, long thing. i just need to expreeeeeeeeeeeesssssssss myself.

so, the other day my brother and mum and me were talking about being a vegetarian. And my bro was like: "carla, you do know that you being a vegetarian doesn't help the animal's life at all." and then I was like, 0 0
and then we were talking about abortion and stem cells and being vegetarian and all this stuff and my brain was all wbhfoufuwfvgweuyfvwe and my morals were being questioned. Because if you are a feminist, you believe in equal rights and that people can live life how ever they want. This means you should be, in theory, pro abortion, which I am. But then I was like, well, I am a vegetarian. And I am a vegetarian partly because I think it is cruel to eat living things and partly because the fact what I am eating once had a face and walked around and stuff really FREAKS ME OUT.

Soooooo, if I don't believe in killing living things, but I believe in abortion, doesn't that make me kind of a hypocrite???? But I am sure there are plently of vegetarians who are also feminists. so how does that work????!!

I am not even sure about stem cells, because frankly I haven't really made up my mind about when a human life begins and ends. And now I feel all confused about what I believ in a stuffffffffff.

so, what do you guys think????




  1. ah those pictures aren't loading. but I am so sure your outfit is super trouper awesome!
    I think it is a hard decision. I am vegetarian, too, and a half-time feminist. I think abortion isn't real good - it actually IS murdering, because here, in Germany you can do it till the 13. week of being pregnant - the first time when the child begins use his brain. But I think it starts feeling earlier. There are still options, adopting and stuff. Abortion can be neccessary, though, if the mother will die while giving birth or the child or both. It is a difficult decision, and it's important to know much about those things.

  2. There is a lot to talk about when it comes to abortion and technically where I stand is called "pro choice", which means that you're not into the whole idea of "terminating a baby" but believe the mother of said child is allowed to choose. There's a lot to consider and it's a tricky matter, which of course makes the politicians (mostly old white men) think that they are the ones who have a right to decide (this blows my mind!!). That's why I believe it should be up to the mother (maybe even the father). Ugh. Such a private matter being handled so publicly with all these elections going on.

    Anyway, sorry for all the babble. Like I said, lots to discuss. It's okay to be confused...believe me, I am too, so lets be confused all together. Yay!

  3. I think the first thing for me is that I believe in rights in general.
    For the case of eating animals, I don't see the wrong in it. It is part of the food chain, I mean are you going to tell animals in the wild to stop eating each other because it's wrong to kill something that lives? No. However, having said that, I am very against inhumane killing of animals. If I am going to eat an animal, fine, but I don't want it to have suffered. Food in general is a really tricky thing because there is a lot we don't know about the food industry. I watched this really amazing documentary (I actually wrote about it on my blog because I felt it was so important - and it made me think about so much. I really recommend you watch it!!!
    For the case of abortion: this is a very difficult topic. I wrote a speech for school about abortion and it was probably the hardest thing I've ever had to write, because it had to be only 1 minute long and my whole point was that the speech wasn't for or against abortion, but rather just discussing it. I felt I needed to just present my peers with the information because I think it is something we need to talk about as it's such a taboo. And how could I give a neutral, unprejudiced point of view in just a minute? It was hard but I think I did it in the end. I've been thinking about posting my speech for a while now and I think I will, because that's my whole point - that this should be brought to the light and discussed.
    Personally, I am against the CONCEPT of abortion - the idea of killing a baby - BUT it is definitely not that simple. You have to think about at what time a baby gets human rights? At what time does it become not okay anymore - that is, when does a baby become aware that they are alive and want to be alive? I watched an interesting video just yesterday about this. And what about a mother who has been raped? Or who is absolutely not able to care for the child? Things like the 2013 apology coming up to the mothers and children of the adoptions of the 50s-70s, and the first abortion clinic being opened in Ireland, are making me consider the whole topic of abortion again.
    But I guess in the end, this is really something I can't decide on if I haven't been in the situation.
    I hope this helped you clear your thoughts :)

  4. you still embrace your feminity without embracing abortion. I do.
    Love Sararose xox

  5. Hey Carla, I just linked you on my blog, with a picture, ya know! <3

  6. hey so I am both vegetarian (w00p) and pro-choice (or, as you say, pro abortion?)

    I think you should check out the Rookie article about abortion because a comment I write about this will be LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG.

    Also, how is not eating an animal not helping its life? It's all about supply and demand so if you don't support the meat industry, they will have less money to expand and kill more. also, I mean, when you eat meat, that's eating ROASTED FLESH, so...

    I hope that helped :)