Tuesday, 16 October 2012


next chapter baby:

chapter 3

(there were times when I could've murdered her, but I'd hate anything to happen to her.)

Life had continued in its usual fashion in Sommerville. Except for the fact that EVERYBODY WAS COMPLETELY FREAKING OUT!

There was an extremely dense feeling of anticipation and confusion in the atmosphere. It was almost warm, like cheap cotton candy left out on a summer's afternoon. Its stickiness melted over the whole town like puss oozing out of a bulging pimple.

And no one in the whole of Sommerville was brave enough to acknowledge it.

The population, all 998 of them moved as one sluggish, hesitant group of pretenders. Everyone was silently urging someone else to do something. It seemed as if the answer was right there, just a block away, floating around casually, waiting for someone, anyone, to stumble upon it.

But no one had, and instead they all continued to make polite conversation about haircuts and golf tournaments and other things no one really needs to know about.

Dahlia's death still flickered in their minds, it tossed and turned and slithered into the small ridges between their logical thought.

The words still slowly flashed in their minds. Like a neon sign at the end of the night.


It made a clunky nagging sound at the back of their consciousness. A whinging child, pestering, pestering, pestering for some attention.

Of course, although it seemed the residents of Sommerville were more absorbed by the new IKEA catalogue, the recent baffling events had not gone completely unacknowledged.

The gaping hole in the sky still remained. Its shaggy blue edges gently dancing in the breeze.

And the day afterward the local newspaper had released a total of three items of relevance to the whole fiasco.

The first was an obituary for Dahlia. It was one page 7. Now, you must understand, page 7 rarely existed in the Sommerville Chronicle. In fact, the editor, Mr (insert name here) normally had trouble filling up the six pages that did exist with hard hitting journalism. He usually had to resort to making the writing size 16 on his computer. Or, if he was really desperate, he would allow his wife, Mrs (insert name here) to waffle on for about two pages and just label it EDITORIAL because no one ever read those anyway.

So, the town was pleasantly surprised to see a page seven in the Chronicle that morning, (even if that had to reschedule their badminton games and hedge pruning in order to read it.)

Because, the truth was, that no one really knew who Dahlia was. To them she was just a walking mess of op shop rags and flowers and wild hair.

And frankly they all just assumed she was smoking marijuana.

If anyone had bothered to think about it, it was rather sad that Dahlia had to be publically murdered by unexplained floating sharp objects before she could be taken notice of.

The obituary went as follows:

Dahlia Skog was an upstanding member of the Sommerville community. She was an quiet girl who attended Sommerville High and maintained good grades as she spent the rest of her energies on her co-curricular activities, such as swing dancing, lacrosse, Indonesian classes and still life drawing.

Her parents were immensely proud of her when she was awarded chess captain within school and also won the science fair with her fascinating diorama on the digestive system. Dahlia was a lovable daughter and sister to her parents Glen and Doreen and younger sister Babara. The Skog's lived right in the centre of town, across the road from the 24 hour Shirley Temple memorabilia store and attended church every Sunday.

Dahlia will be greatly missed by her family and friends. A memorial service will be held in the church on Sunday and a black arm band will be worn in her honour in the next lacrosse game.

Everyone who knew Dahlia said she was quite an angelic child and regret losing her to drugs.

Next week, look out for your free 8 page, coloured photo album on Dave and Rhonda's (of 3 Clover Avenue) wedding!

This of course was completely made up, except for the photo album bit.

Sommerville High didn't have a lacrosse team.

Who even played lacrosse?


 not sure this is very good.
I just realised that I think i am better at writing dramatic things where nothing much happens, and I am a bit scared to actually write like, action scenes and stuff without making them sound all dull and b grade movieish.  (in case you didn't notice, that was a useless revelation that none of you really needed to know about.)
Also, I may attempt to so that write a novel in november thing, cause my english teacher mentioned it today and I swear he was sending me telepathic messages and telling me to do it.
or maybe I just want to do it.
probably the telepathic thing.
also,also, there is this new kid at my school. even though i have, ahem, not yet talked to him, he looks super cool and my friends told me his yotube channel. I had a look and he is definitely as cool as he looks, and I was so annoyed to see people putting such poohheadconstipationfacebumheadface comments on it. i may just make a youtube account to tell him how wicked he is.
i just realised that is kind of creepy.
well, i'm a creepy sort of person.
the end
ps: mary, I am ACTUALLY going to curl up on the floor and wither to dust if your zine doesn't arrive soon, I nEEEEEED to see it to medicate me through school.



  1. Okay, okay, I will fly to Australia on my unicorn and bring you the zine. :D Seriously, it should arrive not later than thursday. I am carrying your zine around all day (it actually is my bible, sort of.)

    And your writing, Carla, is totally amazing. I love it.


  2. Such a refreshing post to read, I hope you continue and I'm waiting for part 4 already! P.S. Complimenting someone is never creepy. You're awesome.

    Hitchcockesque blog

  3. Asi dont really understand some words in your storie, lile obituary, because my english is failing i have to sayi loveee your storie and it really inspires. You should write that novel for your teacher (?) or whatever he asked you or yeah whatever you should just do it and take the chance!!!

    Omg omg omg you should send me the boy's youtube channel, do you fancy him? I also have some interesting youtube chanels from boys here in the netherlands (a boy i stalk shh dont tell anyone) you should stalk him. Stalking is fun. Ok sorry. wecouldbestalkpartnersandstuffomg