Thursday, 11 October 2012

and somehow it stings, cause I know its the end

hello theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere.
 I have been feeling a bit unispired with what I wear lately due to the horrible fact I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR.  which probably, maybe isn't true. But I still get crazy jealous that all you guys have NO SCHOOL UNIFORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
anyway, today I would like to show you the next chapter, a very short chapter, of Suburbia is a lie. Yes folks, for once I haven't given up on a story and have actually written 4 chapters in total (woo hoo party noises.)
here we go.
(its a work in progress, okay?)
chapter 2 (silence like a cancer grows)

In a place that is the definition of vagueness there sat seven people.

This place is unlike reality. It is a blur, it is isolation, it is like Antarctica hit puberty and stuck in a bad mood swing for eternity.

Silence dripped from every corner of the room. It trickled down the walls and formed a puddle around the people. Soon it would flood the room, a sea of silence would murder them all.  All of them slaughtered mercilessly.

 Anyone could tell these seven people were incredibly important, (at least one of them had had some surgical operation or other to make them more so.) But nevertheless, awkwardness was practically emanating off them. In fact, if you listened closely, you could hear tiny, articulate voices chanting it. "Awkward. Awkward. Awkward. Awkward."

It had almost been 17 minutes. The awkwardness was more potent than ever and the immense silence was on the brink of becoming deadly. Then, a man walked into the room. He was the most important. Everybody knew it. The seven awkward, but important people knew it, the silence knew it, even the tiny, articulate voices knew it. They all straightened up, as if being ironed by an ex navy cleaning lady.

His ego filled up the room, squishing the awkwardness and the silence up against the white walls. He carried with him a single 2B pencil and a strong cup of coffee. It was one of those ridiculous coffees, not only was it a low fat extra cream monstrosity, he had also added precisely 3/17 's more milk that he usually did, because today was a Tuesday. And Tuesday was the day he liked to mix it up. All of these seemingly useless facts were noted as soon as the man walked in.

He laid down his coffee and his 2B pencil and began pacing. Pacing is a sign of being important.

"Sommerville knows." The man announced.

 did you guys hear that??? SOMMERVILLE KNOWS, dah dah daaaaaaaaaaaaah.
so, I hoped you like it. AND i will be putting on more as I write them, and hopefully i don;t give up, if I do you have permission to internet kill me or something of that nature.
also. here are some grrroooooooooovy photos I took while messing around with plasticky jewels.
okay, apparently they arent loading. so here is a video that I made. It is kind of random but i like it. don't judge me (yeah, carla, put something on the internet and then tell everyone not to judge you.)
YAY! the pictures loaded.
they were only experiments, and I am planning to do more professional ones.

in other news:
my mum found my yellow dinosaur. SHIRLEY!!!!!!!!!!
tell me what you think. about everything:)
especially the story
have a semi colonish day


  1. Awesome video and you are such an amazing writer! I like your simon & garfunkel reference there! By the way, I can't see you pictures, I don't know why! I'm sure they're super cool!

  2. Your story is so eerie and wonderful!! And the video!! GRIMES!!

  3. The writing is AWESOME. I love all the details!!!! reminds me of the writing of jkr for some reason *massive compliment*

    Also, i love the video :) kewl :)