Wednesday, 26 September 2012

I don't care if Monday's black, Tuesday, Wednesday heart attack


me and my bestie tried these flower eyes today. We were just practicing and ran out of time because we were eating pizza and watching funny x factor auditions:)

BUT coming soon will be some completely awesome and flowery photos.

here is some excellent mess on my floor. I think it looks very nice and photo worthy.

also, what do you think of these glasses. They are my nonna and nonno's, but I might get new glasses.
Bigger glasses......

 i know, i know, my eyes are terrifyingly massive.
and finally, here is some writing I did a few nights ago:

I want to write these words.

Let them free.

Let them roam the walls, infest between the cracks in the floor.

But it is painful, there is a tragedy that comes with every letter. Every stroke on the page wrenches and twists my heart until it explodes.

A bloody mess of greif.

My arteries flopping over the white floors, slowly crawling away, abandoning me once again. Their crawl is reluctant but inevitable.

And the rest of my body is left.

A lifeless prison. My pale skin stretched unwillingly, pinned to my fragile bones. My organs piled inside me, a pre ordered, organised life. My guts dribble out, oozing through crevices and miniscule holes.

They sprawl across the desolate floor.

It is cold, but a better life than inside a bleak carcass.

Where the shrill wind screeches and wails and begs for an escape, where meaning is lost in an ominous blackness.

don't ask me to explain it.

I don't even know.

see you in a week:)


  1. You are a seriously talented writer. I got such an intense image in my head from this. wow.

    Also, I love the eye thing! it looks SOO cool!

    And yeah. My floor looks like that too... :)


  2. You are going to be a great writer. You paint masterpieces with words.

  3. who says your writing has to have an explanation? i like the flower eye fun. :)

  4. AH. CARLA. You're so so so so so so so so adorable/amazing. And a rookie on top of that? WHELLLLLLL oh my giddy aunt. This is just too good to be true.
    On that note, I nominated you for this award thingy for people who have less than 200 followers, but are nonetheless freaking amazing bloggers.
    Here's a link to my blog post explaining whatchu gotta do (that rhymed):

  5. wow that flower eyelash thing is AWESOME and your messy floor is a great photo I should use my messy desk as inspiration! xx

  6. Wow so awesome!
    I love your writing - it's so mystery and wonderful (: such a masterpiece. seriously.
    Also, I wanted to try those petal makeup since I saw it on rookie, but somehow, I never found the time. It looks so great on you! So cute. We should do this together! And glitter your room, by the way.
    And I love your messy floor. Messes are so much more inspirational than tidied-up and cleaned rooms! (Ya, that's my excuse for the terrible mess in my room. Inspiration.)
    Anyways, you are soo awesome. And I love your new layout. And I will link your blog on mine today (: