Friday, 10 August 2012

"That head of yours should be for use as well as ornament."

Cats and unicorns and sparkle dihorrea. Hurrah!

from maisepink

this is from tumbleweedsandporcelain

All from tumblr. I think I vaguely remeber that I was stalking some of your tumblrs, but I can't really remeber which picture is from where because I tend to get a bit enthusiastic when it comes to glitter.

I am feeling pretty inspired at the moment, but the fact is I just don't have the clothes that are inspiring me. But I did finish my bejeweled leggings. AND........

they suck.

I mean, they are awesome and look completely glittermaniacish. But those stupid fake jewels fall off. Leaving a sort of a trail of sparklishness and tackyness. Which is cool, but kind of annoying as I HOT GLUE GUNNED THEM ON!!!!!!!!!!!!

yeah, glue should be ashamed of itself. as it does nothing but look squishy and decieve people into a flase sense of security that their bejeweled tights WILL be a success!

I am going ahead with my Paul Simon zine. I don't know if I will send it to him along with my letter, because I may become too attached to it.

I also bought a magazine today. It's called Yen and it's austrlaian I think. I wanted to get Lula but it was too expensive for my mum, so I am going to stop buying my lunch at school for a few weeks and then hopefully will have saved up $14.99 soon.

AND I am currently reading Sherlock Holmes A study in scarlet,  which I am finding extremely addictive and will continue to read after this.We watched the Robert Downy Jr movie version last night, but me and my brother got too scared and went to watched Friends instead.

I will return with a cat collage, because i am a little obsessed with cats now.



  1. Don't be too sad. Hot glue also fails me. Also, I am really really really really sorry times one million but shipping overseas is soooooososososo expensive. One day I will have enough money. Don't worry.

  2. I used to hate cats when I was little because in my hood they were all fat and they could barely move and they all were always coming in my yard to poop.But now how I'm getting older, I ADORE THEM.

  3. what an inspiring post !
    i go on tumblr everyday and take a peek at these pics
    and yes. suddenly get all inspired and start diy projects.
    but i'm miss lazy bones so.. the diy projects actually just occur in my head.
    love the slimy and groovy pink brain sign
    and ahw CATS AND UNICORNS.

  4. Paul Simon <3 and you HAVEEEEE to watch "sherlock" the tv series it's soooo goooooddd and with benedict cumberbatch and yea thanks for liking my blog ahahaha we should talk about Rookie and glitter sometime! :P xx