Friday, 3 August 2012

Please don't tell me you know the rules to go by


I just wanted to show you homies all the randomness that I've been doing lately. I was actually pretty satisfied with my ability to create something this weekend instead of being lazy and playing temple run or something. I am alsorelatively proud to note that my room has developed a mesiness that reeks of creativity.

So here is a giant drawing I am doing. It is on a massive POST IT NOTE!!!! Which I think is awesome and extremely sticky indeed.

And here's some extreme PINKNESS I spotted in my room. It just needs some frolicking unicorns and rainbows and then will be a goth's worst nightmare.

This is an example of the various little knitting doodads that my auntie gave me. I don't really know what to do with them, but what to make something awesome with them. ANY suggestions?

Typewriter and socks:)
 This is an extremely awkward selfie I took on Friday. We had a casual clothes day for charity and had to wear jeans. So naturally I was very excited as casual wear is EXTREMELY rare in our school. Curse you plaid skirts!!!!! My vest and jeans are decoarted with fabric markers. I will show you the detail one day. And no one said anything mean which was good. I did catch two boys staring very confusedly at me, and I wanted to go up to them and be like "DUDE I'M WEARING A VEST, YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT. IT'S JUST LIKE A JACKET WITHOUT SLEEVES, CAPISH?!"

 This picture makes my hair look amazing. Unfortunately it has some affects on it. Apps have the power to make anything look excellent. The photo was taken by my friend on  Tuesday when my other friend decorated my hair while we were waiting for a bus.

 Tacky bracelet goodness:)
 And finally a zine I started making today:) No it is NOT about farting while you lookat art, as much fun as that would be. It focuses on the puzzling question; WHAT IS ART???

(in an extremely awesome and carlaish way of course.)

And finally finally finally a flower crown I made this week. It's nothing special, but it's fun to wear it. Apparently I look like the statue of liberty. I am searching for this awesome yellow dinosaur I have lost  temporarily misplaced. Because I want to glue it onto a crown with little trees, that I have also, um misplaced.

Don't I look gorgeous?

Please people give suggestions about zines. I am becoming minorly obsessed with scouring Etsy for cool ones and then finding they DON'T SHIP TO AUSTRALIA!!!!

Also. I am thinking of maybe perhaps changing my blog name. I am not sure yet. I can think of way awesomer names now that I am more skilled, (feel free to look at way earlier posts to see the lack of awesomeness I had back then.



  1. Nice doodling skills :)
    I love your blog name! I think it's really awesome. But if you have more awesome ideas that's really awesome too.

  2. I like your blog name but you are made of magic awesomeness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love your random blog post............

  3. I love your hair! Also you should totally turn the random pieces of knitted stuff into collars for a blouse or something, it would look so good!