Thursday, 23 August 2012

I solemnly swear I am up to no good


I am home sick today, so naturally have done some extraordinarily productuve things.

First I fed my growing obsession of cats with this collage I am making.

Of course I am still mastering the skillful art of collages, but I think this one's pretty damn good. If this was in an art gallery I would call it Intergalactic Cats.

Here is a picture that I really love for some reason. I got it when I was casually stalking Tavi on instagram.

And here are some pictures from around my room. I recently decorated my walls with some interesting doodads. I also recently persuaded my mum that blutak will NOT damage the paint. And if it does then I can paint over it with orange, which is what colour I want my room to be.

 A drawing I did
 Several pieces of awesomeness. Including a page from my Celestial Journeys calender, some ribbbons, a brooch I got my mum for mothers day, a drawing I did, A love heart hair clip, magazine pages, badges my cousin sent me from London, a page ripped from my journal and some very classy indeed stick on letters found in my room.

 A painting i scored from my auntie, because she hates it. My finger is covering the signature because someone with the same last name as me signed the painting (which is why it was bought in the first place.) And I don't want all you creepos to follow me home.

I also managed to sneak this large painting upstairs without my mum knowing, because we all knew she would go ballistic if I came home with more "junk."  I didn't tell her for about three days. I waited for a very calm moment to break the news of the newest addition of crap to my room.

 Some magazines, the official Pokemon Handbook and the popular book of girls stories from 1938.

 A drawing my friend did.

This is ripped from a magazine I bought at an art gallery. It is called Papier Mache. I was originally planning to buy GARAGE, but mt mum was looking through it and found a free condom that came with it. So I bought Paiper Mache instead and it turned out to be awesome!!! and very child friendly.

 AND...................... LULA!!!

A magazine I mentioned last post, which I paid for with my OWN MONEY!! Boo YAH!
It is like a big glossy bible of pretiness. I was very excited. But I couldn't talk at the time and so could only express my excitement my performing some incredibly innapropriate dance moves.  Which if shown in public cold potentially burn people's eyes out and permanently scar innocent children, causing them to turn to a career of crime instead of reaching their full potentials.

And now to address the subject of the Rookie meetup. As you know (and as i calmly expressed last post) they have already organised one in SYDNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And several of you have suggested I plan it. Well, I am 13. And would have no idea where and how to start planning a meetup of cool rookie folks. I don't say this often.... but I WISH I WAS AN ADULT!!!!

So I am praying that some capable but cool adult organises one in melbourne.

Or else I  may have to eat my arm off.


mischief managed


  1. Lula is sooo amazing!! I am obsessed!

  2. YOU GOT LULA?!?!?! I want one soooo bad!!! also, being creepy, your shtuff it really amazing and I want it all to hoard in a room full of cupcakes...

  3. You are so funny! :) Also, my room is orange! Super bright orange, too!

    I love the painting! And the collage! And the title of this post! *coughiamahugenerdcough*