Friday, 31 August 2012

I fell in love with you before the second show

Today is the first day of spring!
well, for all my southern hemisphere homies and me:)

I love the last days of winter.
when you can smell spring in the air,
and feel it sinking into your skin.
When winter is cowering back and spring is triuimphant,
wearing it's flower crown and waving around a flag of sunshine.

So. Today will be some photo vomit. Just continuous regurgitation of pictures with some little bits of carrot too:)

Here is what i am wearing now:
I have been kind of getting into spring vibes with a little bit of eeriness. if that makes sense.
check out these swirly wirly fortune tellerish tights.
top-some shop in richmond
skirt-childhood handmedown with suns and moons on it
necklaces- charli and from a market in Cairns.

 Excuse my unhappiness. I was attempting an unimpressed attitude, but I kind of look like I am drunk.
 Here is a pendant charli gave me, it has Shiva on it, I think. And it is really super cool.
Here is a zine I am making. I cannot comprehend how people make their zines look so professional, probably fancy computer tricks.  Oh well, I'll just aim for a homemade look (that's code for: Carla can't draw/write very neatly.)
The following  kind of represent what I am being inspired by.
 mellow gold

I loved this photo shoot sooooooooooooo much. It was delightfully creepy. I am absolutely in LOVE with their eyes, when i went to see macbeth the witches wore the same contacts. THEY WERE AWESOME!
 mellow gold
 I can't remember where this is from

 same with this
(I have a feeling I have credited these pictures wrong. If you know where they are from please correct me:)
Okay, so that wasn't too much vomit actually. I was planning to show other photos but they kind of don't fit in with this.
In other news....
I played Yellow Brick Road for my music solo at school on Thursday. I played ukulele and sang and I got an EXCELLENT! woop woop. I was very excited, because i honestly thought my voice was shaking loads and I sounded too bogan and stuff.
Oh and I made another flower crown, again nothing special, but i am still in awe of the majestical powers of my hot glue gun:)

 Me and charli

 And here is a drawing in my english book, all my school books look like this inside. I was drawing this while listening of course.
Don't you shake your judgemental head at me.

I was going to show you people a story I wrote in literature, but I am too lazy to type it up, so I will show you next time:)

stay creepoish,

(president creepo the 3rd)


  1. you seem super super super awesome. Omg. Let's be friends please?

  2. I love you shiva pendent! Spring is the best season, such pretty photos too! I love them all,mso dreamy! And frida kilo just rocks life.

    xx Eva

  3. I love everything in this post!Your outfit is amazing and so your necklace!I'd really love to have a peek at your fanzine, great inspirations!
    Have a wonderful weekend and congratulations for your music solo!

  4. You're such an freakin' badass awesome girl. YAY and we're both rookies! I love the pictures...
    Thank you a lot for following my blog :) hey, let's be friends and glitter together and make flower crowns! (don't think I am a creepy stalker. which I'm not.)

  5. happy spring! Sending love from sydney ^.^
    all those pictures are like so totally cute!
    Best love ^.^
    Alexa -

  6. Pretty photos! And mastering that unimpressed look can be hard!

  7. I really like your outfit and swirly tights.


    (sorry about all these comments I'm leaving, I was behind in looking at your blog and now i am finding all these amazing posts!)

    (excuse me while i continue to leave more comments)