Tuesday, 7 August 2012

heart of gold came on the stereo. Mr Young made me cry

Hello my friends!

While I was casually surfing tumblr this afternoon and enthusiastically saveing pictures, I found this picture which is completely filled to the tippity top with awesomeness. Yes it is bulging with awesomeness, overflowing with sheer pastellishness. It may not look that great, but sometimes photos and songs just make you die inside and then be reincarnated and you can't really explain why.

Here it is:

 If I wrote a novel of Suburbia is a lie, then this would definitely be the front cover. It makes me so happy because sometimes I am not good at explaining stuff and when I find something that represents it, I want to jump around and squirm around and be generally excited.

Here are some other pictures that fit into the slightly mystical, suburbian, pastel mood I have been in for the past week or two.
(I am really sorry, these are all from tumblr, but I am so lazy and didn't remember who their from, next time I will. sorry.)

I took two of these pictures.

Can you guess which ones????

ALSO. I have offically finished my first zine. It is called ART FART, and isn't terribly good, but does have a cool picture of a gorilla in it.

 I am making another one with Simon and Garfunkle lyrics in it, because I finished my letter to Paul Simon and I got a bit excited over their songs.

 Do you guys reckon I should send him my zine when I've finished, or would he be creeped?

I am also making a zine called GLASSES KICK ASSES. Which pretty much says that people with glasses pulverise. And also has nothing to do with cruelty against donkeys:)

AND. I have finalllllly started bejeweling my tights from that Rookie diy. I don't think my craft glue is working.

DO you think hot glue gunning would work??

AND. I AM SO EXCITED! because I found out that there may be an australian rookie meetup. Which is basically the best news of the decade. If they don't hold it in Melbourne I think I may go and smash Sydney in the face.

And a song I may have shown here before but I love it so much anyway. It kind of captures my mood, but not quite.

For english class we have to bring in a picture of what we think is the worlds most beautiful thing. One of my friends is bringing a mirror.

I may bring in this song.

Suburbia floats,
In a bubble of paradise.
While the rest of the world lives reality. 


  1. love the inspiration carla, I like the vibes.you should follow my new tumblr xx


  2. I adorrre that weird melty palm tree picture! It so totally is bit of suburban symbolism.


  3. I love simon and garfunkle too!

  4. I do hope that they'll have a rookie meeting in australia
    it'd be cool seeing you in their pics ♥
    did you take the first horizon pic ? that's my guess.
    but both of them are cute:)

    hot glue guns suck. i burn my finger hundreds of times = =
    but we need them. enough said.

    PS: ahw will rookie meeting ever come around asian countries (sobs spider webs