Friday, 31 August 2012

I fell in love with you before the second show

Today is the first day of spring!
well, for all my southern hemisphere homies and me:)

I love the last days of winter.
when you can smell spring in the air,
and feel it sinking into your skin.
When winter is cowering back and spring is triuimphant,
wearing it's flower crown and waving around a flag of sunshine.

So. Today will be some photo vomit. Just continuous regurgitation of pictures with some little bits of carrot too:)

Here is what i am wearing now:
I have been kind of getting into spring vibes with a little bit of eeriness. if that makes sense.
check out these swirly wirly fortune tellerish tights.
top-some shop in richmond
skirt-childhood handmedown with suns and moons on it
necklaces- charli and from a market in Cairns.

 Excuse my unhappiness. I was attempting an unimpressed attitude, but I kind of look like I am drunk.
 Here is a pendant charli gave me, it has Shiva on it, I think. And it is really super cool.
Here is a zine I am making. I cannot comprehend how people make their zines look so professional, probably fancy computer tricks.  Oh well, I'll just aim for a homemade look (that's code for: Carla can't draw/write very neatly.)
The following  kind of represent what I am being inspired by.
 mellow gold

I loved this photo shoot sooooooooooooo much. It was delightfully creepy. I am absolutely in LOVE with their eyes, when i went to see macbeth the witches wore the same contacts. THEY WERE AWESOME!
 mellow gold
 I can't remember where this is from

 same with this
(I have a feeling I have credited these pictures wrong. If you know where they are from please correct me:)
Okay, so that wasn't too much vomit actually. I was planning to show other photos but they kind of don't fit in with this.
In other news....
I played Yellow Brick Road for my music solo at school on Thursday. I played ukulele and sang and I got an EXCELLENT! woop woop. I was very excited, because i honestly thought my voice was shaking loads and I sounded too bogan and stuff.
Oh and I made another flower crown, again nothing special, but i am still in awe of the majestical powers of my hot glue gun:)

 Me and charli

 And here is a drawing in my english book, all my school books look like this inside. I was drawing this while listening of course.
Don't you shake your judgemental head at me.

I was going to show you people a story I wrote in literature, but I am too lazy to type it up, so I will show you next time:)

stay creepoish,

(president creepo the 3rd)

Thursday, 23 August 2012

I solemnly swear I am up to no good


I am home sick today, so naturally have done some extraordinarily productuve things.

First I fed my growing obsession of cats with this collage I am making.

Of course I am still mastering the skillful art of collages, but I think this one's pretty damn good. If this was in an art gallery I would call it Intergalactic Cats.

Here is a picture that I really love for some reason. I got it when I was casually stalking Tavi on instagram.

And here are some pictures from around my room. I recently decorated my walls with some interesting doodads. I also recently persuaded my mum that blutak will NOT damage the paint. And if it does then I can paint over it with orange, which is what colour I want my room to be.

 A drawing I did
 Several pieces of awesomeness. Including a page from my Celestial Journeys calender, some ribbbons, a brooch I got my mum for mothers day, a drawing I did, A love heart hair clip, magazine pages, badges my cousin sent me from London, a page ripped from my journal and some very classy indeed stick on letters found in my room.

 A painting i scored from my auntie, because she hates it. My finger is covering the signature because someone with the same last name as me signed the painting (which is why it was bought in the first place.) And I don't want all you creepos to follow me home.

I also managed to sneak this large painting upstairs without my mum knowing, because we all knew she would go ballistic if I came home with more "junk."  I didn't tell her for about three days. I waited for a very calm moment to break the news of the newest addition of crap to my room.

 Some magazines, the official Pokemon Handbook and the popular book of girls stories from 1938.

 A drawing my friend did.

This is ripped from a magazine I bought at an art gallery. It is called Papier Mache. I was originally planning to buy GARAGE, but mt mum was looking through it and found a free condom that came with it. So I bought Paiper Mache instead and it turned out to be awesome!!! and very child friendly.

 AND...................... LULA!!!

A magazine I mentioned last post, which I paid for with my OWN MONEY!! Boo YAH!
It is like a big glossy bible of pretiness. I was very excited. But I couldn't talk at the time and so could only express my excitement my performing some incredibly innapropriate dance moves.  Which if shown in public cold potentially burn people's eyes out and permanently scar innocent children, causing them to turn to a career of crime instead of reaching their full potentials.

And now to address the subject of the Rookie meetup. As you know (and as i calmly expressed last post) they have already organised one in SYDNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And several of you have suggested I plan it. Well, I am 13. And would have no idea where and how to start planning a meetup of cool rookie folks. I don't say this often.... but I WISH I WAS AN ADULT!!!!

So I am praying that some capable but cool adult organises one in melbourne.

Or else I  may have to eat my arm off.


mischief managed

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Soon the waves and I found the rip tide

I have not talked for 41 hours.

Yes, ladies and gentelmen. No words came out of my mouth for 41 hours. Which means I could only resort to writing everything in a mini notebook, hand gesturing vigorously and using physical violence as my way of communicating feelings (usually anger.)

This of course was for the 40 hour famine. I added 5 minutes for every word I accidentally said, so I had to add 12 x 5 minutes on, which equals 60 (in case you didn't know.)

Anyway. My weekend was slightly better than I imagined. Not talking is fun, but SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard. I went out to buy Lula and I had to just use very exaggerated facial expressions, which is always fun.

 One thing I have learnt these past 41 hours is that eyebrows can convey a plethora of emotions.

So. Here are some photos I forced myself to take at my brother's soccer.

I think you can tell that most of the awesomeness comes from an app, that requires no artisic or technological abilities at all, which is of course my kind of app.

 Not real sunlight.

Not real leaves

 Not real condensation

Are you loving how I am just ruining the magic of these photographs??

Not real word things.

I truly realised how hard it is to take photos of yourself by yourself.

But I'll just pretend this photo is all artistic and abstract and totally intentional.

I love this effect.

It would make an animal carcus look awesome.

Not real water splashes

 This photo is completely 100% original and unedited.

It's greeeeeeaaaat, no?

And here are some super cool drawings I did one day.

I've had an obsession with eyes and hairy legs lately.

 And inverted crosses too:)

 Marvel at the ability of Filter Mania 2 to transform a Harry Potter page into an old fashioned witchcraft book!

And finally here is a photo of me after I started talking again!!! I was so relieved and excited that I started talking in this horrible Texan accent (I've never even met anyone from Texas) and playing around in my dad's old old old old old car. I was saying stuff like "SHUT UR PIE HOLE!" and "WE'LL RIDE THIS BABY ALL THE WAY TO TEXAS" and "THAT LOOKS LIKE HEAVEN ON A STICK!"

And everyone started wishing for next years 40 hour famine.

Here, I am being a stud and checking out a SUPER smoking chick while lounging cooly in my SUPER swish sportscar (hurrah for alliteration!)

And there's my brother in the background, eating pizza, wishing he was as cool as I am.


I think it is also worth mentioning that this is my 100th post.

And I think it is even more worth mentioning that:



words escape me.



on calmer notes, I have to perform a solo for my music class.

I am going to do something on the ukulele and sing too.

What do you intelligent people think I should do?????

preparing to eat her own face off.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Dear World,
 I  would like to thank you immensly for making my tuesday enjoyable. My english teacher said badass and my brother showed me this video:

sincerely Carla

Ps: the video has nothing much to do with anything. Apart from the fact it is extremely GROOOOOOOOOOOOVY indeed.

PPS: yes indeedio

Friday, 10 August 2012

"That head of yours should be for use as well as ornament."

Cats and unicorns and sparkle dihorrea. Hurrah!

from maisepink

this is from tumbleweedsandporcelain

All from tumblr. I think I vaguely remeber that I was stalking some of your tumblrs, but I can't really remeber which picture is from where because I tend to get a bit enthusiastic when it comes to glitter.

I am feeling pretty inspired at the moment, but the fact is I just don't have the clothes that are inspiring me. But I did finish my bejeweled leggings. AND........

they suck.

I mean, they are awesome and look completely glittermaniacish. But those stupid fake jewels fall off. Leaving a sort of a trail of sparklishness and tackyness. Which is cool, but kind of annoying as I HOT GLUE GUNNED THEM ON!!!!!!!!!!!!

yeah, glue should be ashamed of itself. as it does nothing but look squishy and decieve people into a flase sense of security that their bejeweled tights WILL be a success!

I am going ahead with my Paul Simon zine. I don't know if I will send it to him along with my letter, because I may become too attached to it.

I also bought a magazine today. It's called Yen and it's austrlaian I think. I wanted to get Lula but it was too expensive for my mum, so I am going to stop buying my lunch at school for a few weeks and then hopefully will have saved up $14.99 soon.

AND I am currently reading Sherlock Holmes A study in scarlet,  which I am finding extremely addictive and will continue to read after this.We watched the Robert Downy Jr movie version last night, but me and my brother got too scared and went to watched Friends instead.

I will return with a cat collage, because i am a little obsessed with cats now.


Tuesday, 7 August 2012

heart of gold came on the stereo. Mr Young made me cry

Hello my friends!

While I was casually surfing tumblr this afternoon and enthusiastically saveing pictures, I found this picture which is completely filled to the tippity top with awesomeness. Yes it is bulging with awesomeness, overflowing with sheer pastellishness. It may not look that great, but sometimes photos and songs just make you die inside and then be reincarnated and you can't really explain why.

Here it is:

 If I wrote a novel of Suburbia is a lie, then this would definitely be the front cover. It makes me so happy because sometimes I am not good at explaining stuff and when I find something that represents it, I want to jump around and squirm around and be generally excited.

Here are some other pictures that fit into the slightly mystical, suburbian, pastel mood I have been in for the past week or two.
(I am really sorry, these are all from tumblr, but I am so lazy and didn't remember who their from, next time I will. sorry.)

I took two of these pictures.

Can you guess which ones????

ALSO. I have offically finished my first zine. It is called ART FART, and isn't terribly good, but does have a cool picture of a gorilla in it.

 I am making another one with Simon and Garfunkle lyrics in it, because I finished my letter to Paul Simon and I got a bit excited over their songs.

 Do you guys reckon I should send him my zine when I've finished, or would he be creeped?

I am also making a zine called GLASSES KICK ASSES. Which pretty much says that people with glasses pulverise. And also has nothing to do with cruelty against donkeys:)

AND. I have finalllllly started bejeweling my tights from that Rookie diy. I don't think my craft glue is working.

DO you think hot glue gunning would work??

AND. I AM SO EXCITED! because I found out that there may be an australian rookie meetup. Which is basically the best news of the decade. If they don't hold it in Melbourne I think I may go and smash Sydney in the face.

And a song I may have shown here before but I love it so much anyway. It kind of captures my mood, but not quite.

For english class we have to bring in a picture of what we think is the worlds most beautiful thing. One of my friends is bringing a mirror.

I may bring in this song.

Suburbia floats,
In a bubble of paradise.
While the rest of the world lives reality.