Wednesday, 4 July 2012

There were always golden rocks to throw at those who admit defeat too late.

The holidays have been welcomed with open arms into my house. So far I have done lots of fun things including going to a ukulele shop, playing some Mario, being a grandpa and doing some interpretive dance. My cousin came to stay at our house for a couple of days, and during her stay she read me some of her physics books which were very interesting, let me do crystal healng on her and also showed me a Very Potter Musical which I find insanely addictive. 

Here are some outfits from the days when I could force someone (mum, brother) to take a photo of me (usually by bribes, pleading or brute force.)

 The day I wore this was incredibly cold. We went to a market, it was freezing and we only stayed about 20 minutes because most of the stuff was for old people (and not in a cool way) so we went shopping at Dangerfield instead.

 Mum bought me this coat from Dangerfield, which warmed me up sucessfully. The ladies in Dangerfield thought I was pretty cool, I think, but mum says they were just being nice. They nearly accidentally charged us $50 for a pair of gloves instead of $4 and mum almost nearly left her credit card in the store.

 This was the first time I tried that mismatched tights thing. I thought it was excellent!! (even if it did make my bum look a bit bulgy because of the tights wrapped around. My mum thought one colour tights would be much more elegant, but I think whoever came up with this idea is pure awesomeness and should be worshipped.
Beanie-knittted for me by an old lady who lived near us when we lived in units.
Shirt- from that vintage market I talked about.
Tights- myer
Brogues- Salvos
Necklace- A random key I found that is actually a key to my cousins house (but sssshhh they don't know that.)

AND.... here is another outfit I wore to go see a wallace and gromit thing at scienceworks. It was really fun and I sung karaoke in the shower with my mum.

 I was going for grandpa style mixed with the circus. So maybe a grandpa who used to be a circus performer and still practices juggling with oranges when no ones looking.
beanie- handmedown
shirt- from finders keepers market
suspenders- (yes I finally got some charli!) dangerfield
Pants- dangerfield
Boots- don't remember
jumper( seen in other picture)- dad's
brooch- mum's

I will be back with more stuff. Because I am going shopping with my friends tommorrow at retro star.

Oh and I started writing a poem called PUNCTUATION CELEBRATION! (you should look forward to reading it)

What is your favourite piece of punctuation? (mines a semi colon:)
Favourite word?
Least favourite word?



  1. all of these outfits are so awesome! I especially like the last one.

  2. every outfit in this post is gorgeous!!! hope to see some more soon

  3. I love all of these outfits! the quirky and cute! xx

  4. I'm in love with your suspenders!

  5. God I love this!

  6. Is that how you do the mismatched tights! Oh I feel really stupid now...
    Also I love your red coat! I love all red coats! Red coats are just the summit of a lot of awesomeness. That's awesome that you got to see the Wallace & Gromit exhibit... I have loved them since I was a kid and really want to see it. My dad took my brother and they went without me! Oh well, I'll have to go there by myself.
    By the way, I linked you from my blog:

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  8. OH MY GOD. This is amazing. And also, HOW ADDICTIVE IS AVPM? Very addictive. very.

    I absolutely love your blog even though I haven't commented much lately... I suck at keeping up with commenting... But you are so hilarious and I LOVE YOUR NEW COAT GAHHH IT'S AMAZING.

    Also, I tagged you for a tag! The rules and my Qs are really spread out because I got tagged twice... So here is the post with the rules:

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    Of course if you don't want to do it that's fine by me, but it might be kind of... (?) Fun (?)


  9. I love your outfit with the braces - it's really cool xx

  10. I just LOVE your thights. I say I love alot of things but I really mean it this time. Great post!

  11. I love the two colour tights thing! How did you wrap them around? I cut a leg off an old pair of tights a while back so I could wear it over another pair and have two colour legs, but never got around to wearing it. And one leg would be much warmer than the other.