Tuesday, 17 July 2012



There have been many tags lately and awards and tagging back. I dream of a tag free world when the word will not haunt my vocabulary. No not really, they are very fun to do, but I think I am running out of facts to write about myself. Seriously people, how much random information do you think I remember about myself?!

I was tagged my the very excellent indeed gwen. SOOOOO...here are the rules followed by the last unnecessary blobs of information I can excrete from my tired brain. (ha, hope I grossed you all out by using the word excreeeete:) So i must apologise if I accidentally say facts i've already said in other tags.

1.Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and then write eleven things about yourself.
3. Answer the questions for you in the original post.
4. Create eleven new questions and then tag three people to answer them.
5. Go to their blogs and tell them you have tagged them

Eleven bits of randomness:
  1. I am scared of the dark
  2.  I dislike sappiness. which i think might be a problem later in life. at my wedding for example, during the vows: "Carla, when i first saw you your eyes sparkled like the moonlight and your sweet kind voice was like a soothing melody that whisked all my problems away, it was then I knew-"    and i'd be like: "YEAH YEAH YEAH GET ON WITH IT MATE! JEEZ!"
  3. I find ears absolutely baffling. I mean WHY ARE THEY SO STRANGE?? seriously they're all curly and sticky outy.
  4. My phone is very old and not very snazzy, I kind of like it, my ringtone is the mexican hat dance.
  5. I can crack my wrists, fingers, ankles, toes, neck and sometimes back. Which majorly grosses some people out.
  6. I like the smell of petrol
  7. Knives scare me. Recently my friend nearly killed me with one at a market. And NOT accidentally. She actually enjoys making me scared. Need I mention the QUAIL incident??!
  8. I have no middle name, I wish I did. My dad says I can have one if I want, but that would be WAY too hard to choose. If I ever have a baby I will take AGES to figure out a name. I like the name Azalea Dawn, but I'm not sure if thats too embarassing/skulduggery plesantish
  9. I am starting to scare myself with the FREAKISH amount of capital letters I am using.  They are beginning to become extremely addictive and I DON'T know if I will be able to stop.
  10. I told my table tennis teacher that I will dedicate my first novel to him.
  11. Sometimes when I read a book I get shivers and feel all weird when I read certain sentences from certain books. That sounds cheesy, but it actually happens. Does this happen to you, or am I just strange? 

OKAY now here are gwen's questions 

1. What do you like on pasta?

2. Where is your dream home? What is it like? Describe in detail.
i don't know where this dream home will be, but it shall have two storeys and should be squashy. I will paint the outside yellow and have awesome decorations in each room. My bedroom with be painted bright orange, which is the colour I want to paint my room now but am not allowed to. I would also plaster my bathroom with typewritten scraps so that the whole room is engulfed in words and you can have some entertainment while on the toilet. i would also have a pet llama called Harold and a pet unicorn, whose name is yet to be decided.

3. What do you think is the SILLIEST animal?

One of these fellas:

4. COPYCAT QUESTION: What is your favorite color combination?

Mustard and aqua. 

5. What does your hair look like at this exact moment?

I have taken my hair out from the ponytail i had it in at school. And now it is complete puffiness attack. Bordering on a afro.

6. What are your favorite words?

I like dramatic words like abyss and engulf, and also words no one uses like hornswaggle (you've got to be hornswaggling me, dude!) And also cute words like bulbous and gnome and moustache. There are more but I am too lazy/busy wondering why I think of a moustache as cute to think of them.

7. What are your LEAST favorite words?

All words are my friends.

8. Are you a member of a fan group? ex. Are you a potterhead (YES!), nerdfighter, starkid(!), hunger um gamer(?), *cough* twihard, Jane Austin...er, Catcher in the Ryeeerrer? If so, explain. ALSO! It doesn't have to be based on a book. For example, I was in a pickle club last year. We ate pickles a lot. And on a special day we all wore green.

My brother and I have attempted clubs, but ended up with three people cramped up in our shed trying to be a spy club, so no, not exactly magical famous five sort of stuff. 
I really love Harry Potter though, but my fanage is dwarfed in comparison to those DIE HARD potterheads who can like quote words and the exact page they are used. But I am working on it.

9. What do you think is a really cool skill that you do not possess?

I can't whistle. When attempting I look like a fairly odd person producing no sounds remotely close to a whistle. I also can't blow bubbles with bubble gum, which pretty much decreases my chances of being a cool rebel school girl who chews really loudly. 

10. What do you think is a really cool skill that you DO possess?

I can make this super awesome face that no one except my brother and dad can do. Many people including my dad himself, have remarked that it makes them want to slap me. I think it's excellent that I have the power to drive people to the edge of their sanity. Here is a photo:
If you can make this face I will be very excited and we can start a club. 

11. What makes you laugh?

The word lock used to make me laugh. yes as in "take Carla outside and lock the door so she never returns."

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  1. I totally identify with the random facts 1 & 2. I AM ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE WHO THINKS CRACKING BONES IS DISGUSTING! AND I'M SORRY PETROL IS TOC TO THE SICK (I mean toxic, sorry that was lame). I THINK WE CAN TAKE FROM THIS THAT I ALSO LOVE ME SOME CAPS LOCK! I am also very scared by knives and imagine them into situations unnecessarily, e.g. today my teacher was saying that everyone needed to be quiet 'or else I will get annoyed'... I thought he said 'or else I will get a knife'. I really freaked out. Yeah, intense.
    PS is it just me or does that weird animal thing have shorter legs at the back than at the front?

  2. Thank you Carla!!Your answers are brilliant,it was a great reading!!I need to find a pickle club here!

  3. Your blog is just way too cute :)
    I was looking at your outfits then i realized i finished reading the whole tag thing (and laughed a lot
    btw , I like the smell of petrol too ♥♥♥♥♥
    really love your adorable style -Ù-

  4. I just realized that i never commented on this so THANK YOU FOR DOING MY TAG I LOVE IT SLDKFJSLDKJ

    Also, I THINK I CAN DO THE FACE *0* But it makes my face muscles hurt :(

    also, mustard and aqua sounds awesome!