Sunday, 22 July 2012

and their tears are filling up their glasses


Today me and mum went to Camberwell markets.

Think of it like this:
All of the old people you know invite 50 of their friends to bring basically everything they have ever owned/wore/looked at in their grand old long lives and you can begin to imagine how completely awesome this was.

My mum said Camberwell is fancy and conservative, but seriously their were some awesome people there. It's nice to know that inbetween normal people there are always people that are like an explosion of colour and creativity and pure awesomeness. And it may sound wierd but sometimes I feel like I have a secret, telepathic connection with other people equally (and often beyond) my excellentness levels. Some may call this borderline stalkerish creeponess. But I still enjoy sending secret brain messages to people, even if they don't completely receive the message.

Plus for the first time EVER!!! I got the courage to ask these people if I could take a photo of them. It was scary but strangely exhilirating. Here is a picture of them, they reminded me of circus people in a 100% fantastic way!
I'm afraid the photo doesn't quite do justice to how awesome they actually WERE. But still, next time I see cool people I will ask for their picture. And if they say no I'll take a really sneaky photo of them.
Stalkerish? YES!
Creeponess? YOU BETCHA!
Still legal? LET'S HOPE SO!

So, here's what I wore today:
 AND there's my new bag from Queensland. Excuse the creepo smile.

And there's me doing some creepo dancing. I have developed a liking for butt shaking.

One of things that majorly annoys me is the fact that:

1. I have to wear school uniform.
2. Even though I love my clothes and my mum is very generous in buying new ones for me, I never really can get my feelings and ideas and inspiration into what i wear. Yeah sometimes I just put on stuff that looks pretty damn cool. But in the rare occasion I can gather all the sprawling randomness from my mind together, I can't seem to bring in across in my outfits.

I know dressing up is meant to be about fun and expressing yourself. And I enjoy being crazy, but sometimes I look at other people and people's blog and it seems like they are actually portraying a character or you can clearly see the inspiration they had. An obvious example of course is Tavi. Who I think is amazing in the way she organises all the stuff and can sum it up in an outfit. That's what I really want to start doing is actually expressing what stuff I am thinking about.

Anyway. In other news I am writing a speech on being a redhead and if anyone has crazy stories/facts/rumors about red hair please do tell.

for example: redheads gain a freckle for every soul they steal. (man, I must steal loads of souls:)

Also I really want to buy a zine online, so I would love some suggestions from my experienced zine reader superiors.

AND: I am writing a letter to Paul Simon to ask him what Mrs Robinson is about and tell him how awesome he is. Do you people reckon I should be non-lazy and buy these international reply coupons and wait 3+ months for a reply?

FINALLY: here is a song from a guy busking at the market today, I wish I had bought his cd, because google isn't letting me DOWNLOAD HIS SONG!!!! it is really annoying.

he's called eating unicorns:

now I am going to go and obsess over stuff and be carlaish.



  1. go on being carlaish, with your paul simon writing, tavi loving self! i dig the photo of the strangers. hooray for being brave! :)

  2. I love your outfit! About the tag thing, I don't really like them, sorry about not wanting to do it! They just take too long and are tedious for me. Sorry! GO PAUL SIMON!

  3. those people look so cool, I wish I had the courage to ask to take pictures of cool outfit is cute x

  4. You look lovely, and thanks for the message on my blog about the zine- it means so much that you're interested but I don't do shipping at the moment. I'm so so sorry, it would just cost too much and I'm not sure it's really worth it. Thanks so so much though, and I'm really sorry xxx

  5. Damn! Those tights are RAD. I love your writing style and awesome dance moves :)