Monday, 4 June 2012

when I grow up I want to be a forrester, run through the moss on high heels

I am zonked from the weekend. For once I had hardly any couch potato time. First I went to Charli's house, in record time of two hours we took some photos, dressed up, read through notes passed during class from year 6 and had time for a quick peanut butter snack. Here's how she painted my face:
Then me and mum went to ROCK the BALLET. It was basically every classic song mushed into an epic dance extravaganza. The first half was all the lovey dovey songs with lots of looking into eachother's eyes and reaching longingly. The second half was my kind of half with lots of shirt taking offness and jumping around.
The only problem was there were some over-enthusiastic rather groovy oldies sitting next to me. The man decided to go WOOOOO at anything that impressed him, such as a person skipping onto stage. Don't get me wrong though it was pretty WOOOOish, and my mum paticulary enjoyed the athletic dancer bodies:) Here is a picture from one of my favourite dances:

brown jacket-retro star sale,
yellow shirt-salvos
velvet pants-sportsgirl,
yellow socks-sportsgirl,
boots-somewhere I can't remeber
Here's a picture mum took of me infront of the NGV. Please notice my velvet pants (!)
Then we went to my cousins house. We played dictionary, and found some interesting words and also discussed Eurovision.

On Sunday we went to a market. I was so so so happy with what I (well, mum) bought. I will definitely show you soon. The coolest things I saw, besides what I bought, was  a dolce and gabbana jacket for $400, a jacket made from a muppet (according to my cousin) and lots of lollies sitting on people's stalls.

But the highlight of my day was when this lady said she liked my style, and some other lady said I was eccentric. And that she could tell I was very bold. Then I also saw these old ladies pointing to the print on my dress, which was all these cats. YAY I was screaming in my head. Now I can't wait to wear all my clothes.

Yellow jumper-salvos,
horse badge-finders keepers market,
boots-can't remeber

Was having a major curly hair day:)

Some awesome grafitti I saw, couldn't take photos quick enough cause we were in the car.

Awesome awesome awesome yarn bombing I saw. By someone called Poppy Tonka.
So had an excellent weekend, had today off from school cause I slept in till 10:30 when normally I'm up at 6:55    :0



  1. I love the colours in your outfit! Sososososo pretty and wonderful!

  2. Thanks for your absolutely adorable comment, made my day:) xoxo (Also, OHMYGOSH your outfit!!! Amazeballs. ;)

    :P love you gorgeous!
    Can't believe your mother gave you the day off you lucky thing!

  4. Hey, have tagged you on this game thing even though u did but I wanted u to answer the questions!!!! Come to my blog and check out the questions. :-) ;-))

  5. Ah cool! That Rock the Ballet thing sounds awesome! I love performances! I really like your cat skirt! I find it super funny that a bunch of old ladies were enjoying your cat skirt as well because you know... old cat ladies who live alone with their numerous cats and shizz.

    I really like your hair, it's so pretty and natural! It reminds me a lot of this animated person's hair from this movie Brave. Wild hair rocks!

    I love your blog I'm following! And thanks for following/reading my blog too!

    xxx Eva

  6. Cat print! I love anything cat print :D

  7. your outfit is fabulous carla! i also like your graffiti & yarn bomb photos. :)