Saturday, 30 June 2012

the girl down the street said her dog couldn't bark cause a man with an axe cut it's voice box out.

Finally it is holidays and I can taste the sweet freedom of couch potatoing. The endless fantising is now reality.
Oh sweet holidays here you come
The reunition between couch and bum
And Friends waiting in the box set
Screamed "LET US OUT"
But not yet, not yet.

Wait until term is done
Becuase essays are no fun.
And no one likes studying scale,
factorising makes me go pale.

I dream of a time
When my teacher won't whine
When I write a contraction
Or misread a fraction.
When uniform doesn't envelope me
and skirts can be above the knee.

O' holidays, you let me be a lazy child.
You let me have my hair wild.
Let it sprawl messily around my head.
And spending 6:55 am in bed!

Will I have to go to school?
And obey the rule
to wear your blazer
and stick with the law?

Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore"

HA HA! bet you didn't expect that RANDOM POEM ATTACK!!! 9.5 on the Richter scale. Pretty good for an improvised poem. And that sneaky Edgar Allan Poe maneouver at the end. WOW, it probably BLEW YOUR MIND!!!! and you'd be like "DUDE! too much Awesomeness!. I need some awesome proof cream and some heavy duty sunglasses."


 I am going to show you people my hoodie, that I made at school. I think it's pretty beeping awesome.And it reminds me of hot dogs.

 Please notice the colour, mustard. Which has been described as the ugliest colour ever. And also the wicked sick awesome bro animal material for the pockets and hood. AND that snail iron on subtly placed over I whole I made when I got a bit peeved at the hoodie.

OH and last night me and my friend ( Not my friend and I, but me and my friend! ha ha take that school!Yes education I am talking to YOU!) Well ME and my friend dyed our hair temporarily last night. She did hers all blue, which didn't come out as bright as it could have, but still looks cool with some purple streaks she added. And I was allowed a grand total of 7, yes, you heard correctly ladies and gentlemen, SEVEN  STREAKS! They are in a colour called Vendetta Red and look pretty cool if I don't say so myself.

So this is the closest I am going to get to actually dying my hair probably EVER! Or at least till I finish school, which is aaaaaaages. But I would never go blonde or anything, too many people have told me how cool my hair is. Plus i would look so wierd with blonde hair. dreadlocks would be awesome though:)

Have any of you people done anything awesome with your hair??? I know Holly from the Holly Rivers Show (formerly the fashion turd) has awesome hair and has had dreads which is so so so so cool!!

I will be back soon with more awesomeness or if not some generally random poem attacks.


  1. You are cute!
    I have a new post, so if you're either interested or bored, check it out!

  2. Love your hair, love your hoodie, love your sense of humor, love your poems, love your writing, love your stories, love your pictures, love YOU! :D

  3. the hoodie is quite a sewing accomplishment. the animal print details are my fave. yay for random attack poems, & temporary hair color streaks!

  4. Oh my gosh! I love your blog! I am Maggie and I am 12 years old. I adore your blog and I hope that you will check out mine!

  5. Poem describes my life...

  6. ooohhhhh Carla... you make me laugh... you are a silly goose (is it just me or do i keep comparing you to animals... sorry)!! I love the poem!! AND MHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I HAVE SCHOOL VACATION!!! LOSERRRRR (jk, I love you)!!!! ANd you made thathoodie?!!!?!?! I thought I was cool just having made my first (super simple) tank top... I guess I'mn the loserrrrr here....

  7. I loove the hoodie, great job! I looove mustard, its the best colour not the ugliest and with red, its even better!!

  8. Hi, I nominated you for a small blog award/tag thingy called the Liebster Blog Award! Read about it on my blog!

  9. cool hoodie! I was never allowed to dye my hair in school, although my brother was allowed to blonde his.