Friday, 8 June 2012

and there's gold, falling from the ceiling of this world

I have been tagged AGAIN, by charli, so brace yourself for a random fact attack. Filled with miscellanious information you never needed to know about me. are you excited?

Here are the rules:
1.Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and then write eleven things about yourself.
3. Answer the questions for you in the original post.
4. Create eleven new questions and then tag three people to answer them.
5. Go to their blogs and tell them you have tagged them

Here is a picture:

11 facts about myself:
  • I have finally signed up to Pottermore and find it amazingly addictive. I haven;t been sorted into my house yet, but "not slytherin, not slytherin, not slytherin."
  • In a quiz I took I found that my patronus would be a badger.
  • I also found I am most like Rachel out of all the Friends characters
  • I am currently listening to Subsititute by the Who
  • I find hair disgusting when it isn't on someone's head, unless it's mine of course, then its beautiful. It is extremely creepy when people keep their kid's first haircut hair, GROSSS. throw it away. If anyone ever said "take some hair to remember me by" I would say "no WAY!" no matter what the situation and how nice the persons hair was.
  • I don't roll up my skirt at school. One of the coolest things I've seen was this school's uniform with really long skirts, everyone else was like "eww, look how long they are", but I thought it looked excellent.
  • I am horrible at bar chords on the ukulele, they always sound yucky.
  • I have a cracking finger habit and now I am always worried my fingers look very crooked, therefore when I do a peace sign, it looks unnatural.
  • I got nutella on my socks today, don't even ask how I did it, I don't remember smooshing the nutella sandwich I had on my socks.
  • I find vegemite really yum, especially with tomato as well (which is how my dad eats his vegemite)
  • I really want to eat some American snack food, if anyone sent me Captain Crunch I would be very excited.

Now the answers:

What is your favourite type of tree?
I don't pay too much attention to trees, but I would have to say a Christmas tree. I know that's not their scientific name or whatever, but the smell is excellent.

If you had a million bukaroos (dollars, in charli language) what would you do with it?
Give some to charity, buy some clothes and a holiday. But first I would lock it away so I didn't impulse buy something incredibly useless, like I don't know, a ******************

What is your most precious skill?
I have this excellent face that makes people want to punch me. But I would exactly call that precious.....

What is the best prank you have ever pulled?
I'm a prank pulling sorta girl. But once I told my brother that "rainbow duckies" was the rudest word in the world, and he belived it. Oh and once our class locked our science teacher out of the class room (well she locked herself out and we pretended not to see), but I had nothing to do with that and only find it 97 percent funny.

What do you regret most?
Not doing things because I was too scared to.

Weirdest relationship you have had or someone else has had?
I hope your not talking about romantic type relationship cause I haven't had any of those. But I'd say a girl at my school and her pet rock called fish, who has recently passed away. And has now been stolen from his resting place in the ground at school near the year twelve boys toilet.

Who is the craziest person ever and why?
YOU of course.

Favourite subject?
Art because we have the best discussions and get to paint at the same time. Maths because its fun and English because I secretly love doing grammar.
Oh and textiles because who doesn't love making clothes.

What is your good luck thing?
I have no good luck thing, lots of things I thought were good luck turn out not to be so good luck, so maybe I should get a lucky thing.

Which relative is your favourite and why?
we have discussed this Charli, I have no favourites. If I can't pick a favourite song, how could I pick a favourite person?

What makes you smile?
Friends, rainbows, llamas, people who are dressed cool, when I get refrences on tv shows and stuff, when I get comments, when my hair looks good.

Now my 11 questions:
1. Favourite movie character?
2. Best holiday ever?
3. Most embarassing thing that has ever ever ever happened to you?
4. Thing that annoys you most about people?
5. Best book ever?
6. If you were president, prime minister, emperor, queen for a day, what would you do?
7. Something you feel most passionately about?
8. Why you decided to start a blog?
9. Do your friends/family know about your blog, and how do they feel about it?
10. If you could chose to make any celebrity dissapear who would it be?
11. What do you think happens after you die?

I am tagging Nell from Majestic Pottery Unicorn, Lillie from Possibly Fiddlesticks and Eva from Style Wandering.

Now I'll leave you with this:
I saw it in the city.

I have some great photos I will show you soon:)


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