Saturday, 23 June 2012

And all the colours of the rainbow fell in my eyes

I have been feeling very comic bookish, mostly due to the fact I borrowed the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy the graphic novel (a fancy word for comic) from my school library. I felt so cool when I was reading it, like I could imagine being a kid who saves up her pocket money and walks down to the comic book store every Saturday to buy one comic which she spends the rest of the week reading, normally under the covers with a torch when she's not meant to.

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy was really good and I finished it very quickly. But it was just SO random. Like randomness levels I couldn't even comprehend. Okay, not that random, but very random indeed. So I took some pictures of it and also some pictures of the Pokemon handbook as well:

Its so catchy


Here is my favourite pokemon:
His name is Bulbasaur.

Then he gets a bit TOO fancy for my liking:

I was also getting inspired by some BMX bandits vibes:

And here is my oufit today. Well, part of it anyway, because my brother, even with his brand new shiny fancy prancy camera, refuses to take photos of me. He thinks people are boring to take photos of. So here are some sneaky pictures I took of my very exciting new tights!!!!


and now also, here is my progress on my zine. It isn't very amazing and I'm not sure it's very good. But here:

it is a work in progress as you can probably see.
 And here is a watercolour painting I did in art. It literally took me ten minutes.

ANd finally.

What is the meaning of life?????


ps: soon I will post some more of my story.


  1. i've never been able to read that book. i once tried to watch the movie, & i was so confused i was like forget this. your tights are holy cute. i would so wear them. i also like what i see of your zine. go carla! :)

  2. i reckon you would like the graphic novels Ghost world and Wet Moon - give em a try! x

  3. There is this graphic novel I read and it was really good. I forget what it is called but I will borrow it from the library tomorrow and show you tomorrow night. Like ur tights. I got some new ones too! Tights..... are..... cool!! I also have sooooooooooooo many pokemon cards. Think I might make a pokemon colage. Thanks for the inspiration! LOts of Love, Charli xx