Friday, 11 May 2012

Scary Scientist MAN

Today I have some photos for you. They are just some random things that I have taken over the last week or so. READY? OKAY!!
A mess on my floor

Patches I sewed onto my jeans, that typewritten stuff on the yellow is a haiku I made up because I like 17 syllable poems.

A picture my cousin took of me

Vintage Camera!!!!!! (ahem, app.)

Outfit last saturday, the photo isn't very good, don't ask what I was doing with the wool, i was just in a knitting mood.
Which reminds me........

I finally put up my yarn bombing. Yes it's on my fence, which kind of defeats the purpose of illegal knitting art, but oh well. And I also learnt how to knit words into stuff, so I'm going to write RELEASE YOUR INNER GRANDMA in my next piece.  Also I have been on Etsy a lot lately and found a lot of stuff that I will probably never buy. My friend just got some floral Doc Martens and I am soooooo jealous!

Here is a list, because I feel like it:


  • I brought my ukulele to school because we are writing and performing ballads for English and I'm going to sing ours.
  • Everyone seemed to enjoy my ukulele and I even taught my english teacher some chords
  • I learning somewhere over the rainbow and big jet plane now
  • I think my yarn bombing will cause some interest in my suburb, hip hip hooray!
  • me and my brother are cooking dinner tonight
  • (voluntarily)
  • I am hoping it goes well, our dessert is called Caramel Rocky Road Ice-Cream Wafer Sandwiches!!!
  • And our "restaurant" is called Soot Gremlins

  • I can't do the school musical anymore because I am going to the Great barrier Reef during "VERY IMPORTANT HOLIDAY REHEARSALS"
  • And I made a dinosaur brooch, which was awesome and yellow, but it broke.
  • Apparently glue isn't very glueish anymore, as my dinosaur, lets call him Shirley, lasted less than 48 hours:(
Here is my outfit today, complete with velvet pants and a star wars brooch (just picture it with a wicked yellow dinosaur brooch, Shirley, too.) I was going for a palentologist grandma type person, in case you couldn't tell:)



  1. oh carla, it sounds like a happy day! yarn bombing, ukele, cooking, photo, crafting fun. yes when things break it is a bummer. so cute arein your panda ear hat.

  2. I love the velvet trousers. I'd ;love to see some of your illegal knitting x

  3. Sorry about the musical gorgeous!
    So did you know we missed round she goes!! I really need to make notes about those kinds of things :(